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Philippine contemporary literature

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Philippine contemporary literature

  1. 1. Philippine Contemporary Literature
  2. 2. Japanese Period Filipino literature Themes – life in the province Poetry – nationalism, country, love, faith, religion, arts Types of poems – haiku, tanaga, karaniwang anyoTVVillafloresPhilippine Contemporary Literature
  3. 3. Japanese Period Plays  Translations of English plays  Dramatic Philippines – organization of Filipino playwrights  Panday Pira – Jose Maria Hernandez  Sa Pula, Sa Puti – Francisco “Soc” Rodrigo  Bulaga – Clodualdo del Mundo  Sino Ba Kayo?, Dahil sa Anak, Higante ng Patay – Julian Cruz BalmacedaTVVillafloresPhilippine Contemporary Literature
  4. 4. Japanese Period Francisco “Soc” Rodrigo  Senator, playwright, broadcaster  Commissioner of the 1986 Constitutional CommissionTVVillafloresPhilippine Contemporary Literature
  5. 5. Japanese Period Short Stories  Lupang Tinubuan – Narciso Reyes  Uhaw ang Tigang na Lupa – Liwayway Arceo  Lunsod, Nayon, aat Dagat-dagatanTVVillafloresPhilippine Contemporary Literature
  6. 6. Japanese Period Literature in English  Journalistic in nature  Carlos P. Romulo:  I Saw the Fall of the Philippines  I See the Philippines Rise  Mother America  My Brother AmericansTVVillafloresPhilippine Contemporary Literature
  7. 7. Japanese Period Literature in English  Like the Molave  How My Brother Leon Bought Home a Wife  Literature and Society  His Native Soil  The Good FightTVVillafloresPhilippine Contemporary Literature
  8. 8. The Rebirth of Freedom Literature – struggle of mind and spirit Newspapers flourished  Free Press, Morning Sun, Daily Mirror, Evening News, BulletinTVVillafloresPhilippine Contemporary Literature
  9. 9. The Rebirth of Freedom Poetry In English  Love of nature  Social and political problems  Prose and Poems – Nick Joaquin  Have Come, Am Here – Jose Garcia VillaTVVillafloresPhilippine Contemporary Literature
  10. 10. The Rebirth of Freedom Filipino literature  Japanese brutalities, poverty of life, brave guerilla exploits  Magazines and newspapers re-opened  Bulaklak, Ilang – Ilang, Sinag TalaTVVillafloresPhilippine Contemporary Literature
  11. 11. The Rebirth of Freedom Palanca Awards  Award giving body in literature – Carlos Palanca Sr  Kuwento ni Mabuti – Genoveva EdrozaTVVillafloresPhilippine Contemporary Literature
  12. 12. Period of Activism Martial Law – The seed of activism The Bloody Placards - Makibaka The Literary Revolution The Bomba Films The First Quarter StormTVVillafloresPhilippine Contemporary Literature
  13. 13. Period of Activism“That first quarter of the year 1970…Itwas a glorious time, a time of terror andof wrath, but also a time for hope. Thesigns of change were on the horizon. Apowerful storm was sweeping the land,a storm whose inexorable advance noearthly force could stop, and the nameof the storm was history.” . . . Jose LacabaTVVillafloresPhilippine Contemporary Literature
  14. 14. The New Society Themes – development of the country  Green Revolution  Family planning  Proper nutrition  Environment  Drug addiction  PollutionTVVillafloresPhilippine Contemporary Literature
  15. 15. The New Society Stopped pornography Stopped school newspapers and organizations Revived the cenaculo, the zarzuela, and embayokaTVVillafloresPhilippine Contemporary Literature
  16. 16. The New Society Poetry  Themes – patience, native culture, nature and surroundings Play  Metropolitan Theater, FAT, CCP  PETA, Repertory Philippines, UP Repertory, Teatro Filipino,TVVillafloresPhilippine Contemporary Literature
  17. 17. The New Society Radio and TV  Si Matar, Dahlia, Ito ang Palad Ko, Mr. Lonely  Gulong ng Palad, Flor de Luna, Anna Liza, Superman, Tarzan PlayTVVillafloresPhilippine Contemporary Literature
  18. 18. The New Society Films  Pista ng mga Pelikulang Pilipino  Maynila… Sa mga Kuko ng Liwanag  Minsa’y Isang Gamu-gamo  Ganito Kami Noon…Paano Kayo Ngayon  Insiang  AguilaTVVillafloresPhilippine Contemporary Literature
  19. 19. The New Society Comics, Magazines, Newspapers  Economic progress, discipline, culture, tourism  Pilipino, Hiwaga, Extra, Klasik, Lovelife, Espesyal  Liwayway, Kislap, Extra Hot, Bulaklak, Jingle Sensation  Bulletin Today, Times Journal, People’s Journal, Balita, Pilipino Express, Philippine Daily Express, Evening Post, Evening ExpressTVVillafloresPhilippine Contemporary Literature
  20. 20. References http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francisc o_Soc_Rodrigo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Qu arter_StormTVVillafloresPhilippine Contemporary Literature