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How to Become a Better Speaker

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Does the fear of public speaking keep you up all night? Well, you don't need to suffer any longer.

This presentation will give you the confidence and tips you need to become a better speaker and transform yourself in a 'Steve Jobs' style master.

I've collected all the tips and tricks I've picked up on my speaking travels and also from watching my clients speak at conferences.

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How to Become a Better Speaker

  3. And…Wow Audiences
  4. There is NO Magic Fix. It takes practice!
  5. Stages of Mastery Novice Seasoned Jobs LikePractice More Practice Lots of Practice
  7. Learn from the best WATCH TED TALKS
  8. “Learning is remembering what you’re interested in.” ~ Richard SaulWurman (TED Founder)
  9. Recommended Talks Sir Ken Robinson Schools Kill Creativity Jane McGonigal Gaming Can Make a Better World Richard St. John 8 Secrets of Success
  10. PechaKucha X 20 Images 20 Seconds
  11. X20Slides 20Secs
  12. PechaKucha
  13. Apps You can practicewith! iPhone: Peeky Android: Ignite & Pecha Kucha Timer Use it to perfect your Ignite & Pecha Kucha talks (or even normal slide talks, if you use a cyclic timing). Peeky is a presentation app designed to work with the Pecha Kucha style presentations.
  14. Toastmasters Toastmasters has been around since its formation in 1924! It is a non-profit organisation that is designed to help people develop the arts of speaking, listening and thinking. There are number of local groups that meet up worldwide.
  15. Here are some HELPFUL TIPS
  16. START LOCAL Networking Events Speak at Business Conferences Chamber of Commerce or Business Organisations 1 2 3
  17. NETWORKING Most Events Include a 1-2 Minute Intro Build your confidence there!
  20. GLOSSOPHOBIA The fear of Public Speaking Public speaking is considered the greatest feara person can have, evengreater than the fear of death.
  21. 74 %of people suffer from speech anxiety American National Institute of Mental Health
  22. DON’T WORRY Everyone gets Nervous It’s completely natural
  23. So let’s give speakers A BIT OF A BREAK!
  24. Get rid of the Fear Practice your talks in front of colleagues and friends Why not start monthly talks in your organisation?
  25. Here are some SPEAKING TIPS
  26. “There's zero correlationbetween being the best talker and having the best ideas.” — Susan Cain Do check out her TED Talk –The Power of Introverts
  27. Every Great Story Has a great… Beginning Middle End
  28. YOUR AUDIENCE Understand
  29. Visualise Presenting your talk
  30. This promotes CONFIDENCE!
  31. Walk yourself through it Shadow Boxing Presenting
  32. FAIR WARNING (Not) for the faint hearted!
  33. Have Someone RECORD YOU
  34. Get out in Front of your audience
  35. Get a Clicker Investing into a presentation clicker will help you move away from the computer or lectern. This will give you a more natural speaking style. You can get a good one from Amazon.
  36. Make Eye Contact With the audience. Don’t be shy!
  37. VOCALISE TO THE Back of the room
  38. IF YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE USE YOUR HANDS (Be careful not to over animate if you’re nervous)
  39. Get Naked Learning to speakwithout any presentation slides or presenternotes. Go Read Garr’s Book Now!
  40. What NOT TO DO
  41. START by telling a JOKE!
  42. DON’T respond to interruptions or sudden questions
  44. Don’t Turn Your back to the audience
  45. LOTS OF BULLETS POINTS Please try not use… • I’m going to kill this talk • One point after another • Are you falling asleep yet?
  46. DON’Tact like a Rock Star
  47. UNLESS YOU’RE… This Guy!
  48. Don’t Apologise For technological mishaps They happen to everyone!
  49. Remember it Just Takes Practice! Novice Seasoned Jobs LikePractice More Practice Lots of Practice
  50. We’re Inspired by these people: Nancy Duarte Garr Reynolds Slides That Rock! Eugene Cheng Emiland De Cubber Empowered Presentations Jesse Desjardins
  51. Thank Youthepresentationdesigner.co.uk
  52. WHO SAID presentations had to be BORING!
  53. View Our WorkVisual Presentations that Make an Impact
  54. Click Here for a Free Quote Interested? If you would like to enquire about our presentation design services…
  55. Our Credits: Some Iconsfrom AwesomeSlash Picture