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Neoway Business Solution (English)

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Neoway is a company born in Brazil, which also fully operates in United States, Portugal and is valued in 600M US$. Our success is bonded to our values and commitment on making our clients sell more, with lower cost, and also prevent loss/fraud.

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Neoway Business Solution (English)

  1. 1. [ Big Data for Business ] Enhanced Lead Generation and Market Intelligence
  2. 2. www.neoway.net [ Why Neoway? ]
  3. 3. www.neoway.net [ 500 + NEOWAY CLIENTS ]
  4. 4. www.neoway.net Aquisition Brazil Construction Data Leader 2002 2013 2014 2015 2016 Produto SIMM - Portobello Project Joint Venture Developing new products for banks with leading Brazilian stock market Looking to the Future: - Market Consolidation - Strategic Partnerships - Acquisitions - Brand Recognition - Distribution Channels1.0 Auditado pela PwC Growth 20172012 2.0 60 Customers Strategic Investors Strategic Investment [ Company History ] Strategic Investor (Asia) Founding 94 170 316 +500 International Expansion Evolução do SIMM - Lead/Sales Management - Risk/Fraud Prevention - API for Developers and Data Scientists
  5. 5. www.neoway.net Jaime de Paula Founder and CEO, Neoway [ BOARD MEMBERS] César Gomes Jr President, Portobello Kevin Efrusy One of first investors in Facebook and GroupOn Eric Acher Founder, Monashees Capital
  6. 6. www.neoway.net Marcelo Kayath Co-CEO of Investment Banking [ BOARD MEMBERS] Andrew Prozes Former CEO, LexisNexis Renato Ribeiro Director of Investments, Temasek
  7. 7. www.neoway.net Source • Captcha Code Brea • Load Balance • Random Navigation • Entity Extraction • Multiple IPs • INPUT Intelligence Data Process • History Generation • Data Cleansing • Standardization • Enrichment • Geographic Code Data Nucleus API Connectors • Data Science • Expected Profit • Expected Revenue • Viability of Opportunity • Economic Group • Clustering • Recommendations • More than 300 proprietary variables Statisical Modeling Sales Suite Search Leads Dashboard Conector Maps Prevention Suite Pathfinder Webcheck [ The Neoway Platform ] DMM™, LEGAL ASSESSMENT, DATA ETHICS
  8. 8. www.neoway.net Neoway in Data/Software Market Information Services Software & Tech Companies
  9. 9. www.neoway.net Gartner Cool Vendor 2016 – Global [ Awards and Recognition ] Great Place to Work One of the best software companies to work for – Brazil LIDE Entrepreneur Technology Company of the Year – Brazil DMM First Brazilian company to be evaluated. Love Mondays Best software company to work for in Brazil ABEMD CRM - Database and Loyalty 2015 CRM - Database and Loyalty 2016 CRM - Best of the Best 2016 Especialidade CRM and Loyalty 2017
  10. 10. www.neoway.net [ International Recognition ] “A compelling reason to adopt Neoway is the fact that the platform combines a host of modern data processing and analytics technologies that many organizations hope to deploy but still struggle with, and eventually fail to leverage. The IT organizations that struggle to help their users in the analysis of external data could clearly benefit from Neoway's offering.” - João Tapadinhas, Gartner Global Analyst
  11. 11. www.neoway.net