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Watch Ironman Again! And Learn 5 Awesome Lessons!

5 practical lessons one can learn from the IRONMAN!
And I am dedicating this slidedeck to my dearest friend Yaseen Munshi! I believe he is a real life version of Tony Stark! :D

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Watch Ironman Again! And Learn 5 Awesome Lessons!

  1. 1. I am a Philomath by Nature! Inspired to be a Polymath! Aspired to be the Living Stream! a Social Entrepreneur by Passion! a Non-formal Educator by Profession! & a Psychologist by Education!
  2. 2. I am big fan of Comics and Anime! And I am not alone in this field! People like me are called! Fanboys and Otakus!
  3. 3. It is just that I am an educationist too! I have started to realize that most of the anime and cartoons they give positive messages and stories to the kids and adults!
  4. 4. That process is called, “Vicarious Learning”. Most of the Superheroes and their teams are based around Universal Values!
  5. 5. I’ve decided to capitalize on that feature and I am designing presentations that tap into that potential and give a us another reason to Love, Cartoons, Anime and Comics!
  6. 6. rd part of Iron By the way I disliked the 3 Man! But I love most of his comics! The major reason is, becoming like him is very much possible! I and many other people out there can actually relate with him!
  7. 7. Now I am asking you to watch his movies again and if possible do watch his cartoon series from the 90s too! Read the comic series too if possible!
  8. 8. And you will find these 5 and many other qualities everywhere! Qualities that were imbued in him by simple people like us! i.e. Writers and Artists!
  9. 9. Observe them and Absorb them!
  10. 10. 1. Survivability
  11. 11. Tony Stark is a Survivor! He survived toughest conditions when abducted! And still lives with shrapnel in penetrating his heart!
  12. 12. The reason behind his Survival is, Sheer Will Power!
  13. 13. Do you have sheer will power! Stand for something! Something Noble!
  14. 14. Develop a Personal Vision and Mission based on Personal Values and Virtues!
  15. 15. Then stand for them! They will give you the Conviction! And a reason to Survive!
  16. 16. 2. Evolution
  17. 17. Tony believes in evolving continuously! He evolved his armor twice in his first movie! Getting better every time!
  18. 18. Currently we have witnessed 42 suits only in the Movies! And there many more in the Comics!
  19. 19. The lesson here is keep on progressing, don’t stay still! Stagnation is a burden!
  20. 20. Redesign it! Rethink it! Every thing about you! Your wardrobe! Your writing style! Your speaking style!
  21. 21. Keep on enhancing your CV! Your presentations! Your style of speaking and Communication!
  22. 22. You know I have redesigned my slides based on the feedback generated from slideshare!
  23. 23. And left some my old slidedecks on Slideshare unchanged so I and everyone could see how much I am evolved!
  24. 24. One more thing! Do apply KAIZEN on your activities! It will help you improve exponentially!
  25. 25. 3. Aesthetics
  26. 26. Do you remember the color scheme of Iron Man’s Armor?
  27. 27. Yes! You are right! It is Gold and Red!
  28. 28. Tony pays attention to Aesthetics always! Whether it is his car, or suit of Armor!
  29. 29. Always be aesthetical! a.k.a Be Stylish! This is what that is gonna make you Unique!
  30. 30. 4. Autodidactic
  31. 31. Autodidactic means selflearning! He learns from everything! Events! Enemies!
  32. 32. Do you learn from your experiences? In fact Do you learn from others’ experiences?
  33. 33. Experiences good or bad both are valuable! They always trigger us to Reason! To Think!
  34. 34. Always employ strategic thinking prior to and after making a decision!
  35. 35. Do employ, SWOT Analysis! KAIZEN! Socratic Dialogue! Total Quality Management! To what ever you do!
  36. 36. Study books! Research journals! Keep the Saw Sharpen! Keep on Learning!
  37. 37. 5. Transparency
  38. 38. Tony is very strict about ethical practices! He once fired an employee for generating profit by following unethical practices!
  39. 39. Corruption always creates disparity and poverty in the society! Whether it is on personal level or Organizational Level!
  40. 40. Always remain transparent and innocent in your Businesses!
  41. 41. I am sure you are now feeling pumped up and charged! Do follow these lessons or better yet find your own ones!
  42. 42. Do you know an other IRON MAN fan?  Share this presentation with him or her! They will be delighted!
  43. 43.  And do ask questions or share your thoughts!
  44. 44. We are Googleable  + 9 2 - 3 2 - 1 2 5 3 7 2 5 0 andeel.ali@youthparliament.org.pk thinktank1987@hotmail.com Facebook.com/ Blitz.Bureau h t t p: / / t w i t t er. c o m /B l i t z B u r e a u