Safe food for local and global consumption saint

26 Jul 2015

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Safe food for local and global consumption saint

  1. Safe Food for Local & Global Consumption UMFCCI, Yangon – 1st March, 2014 Presented by Saint Yi Htet B. E. (Chemical); Diploma in Food Technology (YTU) Master in Public Administration (LKYSPP, NUS) A Member of Myanmar Transitional Platform (Singapore) Disclaimer: The presenter is currently working as Senior Plant Hygiene Executive at a multinational food manufacturing company in Singapore. This sharing is made on her personal capacity as a citizen of Myanmar, not representing any business organization.
  2. 26/7/2015 2 Food Safety
  3. 26/7/2015 3 Outline - Vision - Current & Upcoming Food Safety Issues - Food Laws in the neighboring countries - Example of Food Law Enforcement - Impact on Public Health - Way Forward
  4. Access to SAFE FOOD Vision
  5. 26/7/2015 5 Current & Upcoming Issues
  6. 26/7/2015 6 Current & Upcoming Issues
  7. Regulatory Authority Consumer Industry Effective Food Safety Management System Safe Food Universities, Research Centers, Conferences Legislation& Enforcement Awareness Responsibility 26/7/2015 7 Fundamentals of Food Safety
  8. 26/7/2015 8 Food Laws in neighboring countries Thailand Malaysia Indonesia Singapore Main Law Food Act 1979 : To protect consumers from health hazards … unsafe food such as impure/ adulterated / substandard food Food Act 1983 To protect the public against health hazards … Unsafe food in respect of composition, false labelling and misleading advertisement, importation, warranties and defences. Act No. 7 of 1996 on Food To ensure food availability … on safety, quality and nutrition To create an honest and responsible food trade Sale of Food Act : To secure the wholesomeness and purity of food, fix standards for food To prevent the sale of articles which are dangerous or injurious to health This act defines food, prohibits the sales of foods which are contaminated, unsafe or unfit for human consumption as well as pre-packed foods which are not properly labelled or labelled in a misleading manner. It also requires food manufacturers in Singapore to be licensed. Supporting Laws: Describe the procedures for application for various licenses food packaging, incidental constituent, food standard Tobacco, cigars and cigarettes in advertisement, Supporting regulation on labels and food advertisement Focuses on the procedural matters for food establishments, the cleanliness of food establishment and food handlers
  9. 26/7/2015 9 Myanmar National Food Law
  10. 26/7/2015 10 Authority and Strengths for Enforcement The authority of Regulatory Body is in question!
  11. 33 incidents 204 affected 15 hospitalized Closure of 38 outlets & factory Fines 5,000 SGD Approximately 1 month cleaning & disinfection 26/7/2015 11 Food Safety Enforcement: An Experience
  12. 26/7/2015 12 Food Safety Enforcement: An Experience
  13. 26/7/2015 13 Strengths & Facility needed for Food Safety Food Safety Management System Infrastructure
  14. 26/7/2015 14 Impact on Public Health
  15. Singapore, 1960s 26/7/2015 15 Way Forward – where did they start?
  16. 1960s – PPD improved livelihood of farmers; introduced farm licensing 1970s – focused on R&D; upgraded Jurong Fishing Port; upgraded labs 1980s – agro tech parks; established integrated FS program 1990s – resulted in ample supply of primary food to Singapore; facilitated trade 2000 and beyond 26/7/2015 16 Way Forward – how did they do?
  17. 26/7/2015 17 Way Forward – where should we start? Street Foods/ Vendors Cottage Industry/ SME Agriculture/ Livestock Grade A Excellent Cleanliness & Food Hygiene
  18. 26/7/2015 18 Way Forward – What must we do now? Commitment! - Complex Food Safety Issues need to be regulated - Legislation is in place - Effective Enforcement requires Authority, System & Infrastructure - What we need is … Where can MTP members contribute? Information/ Best Practice Sharing, Policy planning, monitoring, evaluation and review!