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Reconnect - Luxury Sustainable Island Resort

Hi LinkedIn, I hope you are doing amazing today! I am very happy to finally share this quick presentation of Reconnect - Luxury Sustainable Island Retreat with you all! 

This document is a public version of the investor pitch deck (excludes the financials).Please feel free to ask me anything about it and the project in general in the comment below 

After securing the 1st stage of investment, we are now starting the 2nd stage, which is the last one that will let investors directly own shares of the company.

☀️For all inquiries: hi@reconnect.id

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Reconnect - Luxury Sustainable Island Resort

  1. 1. Empowering human beings through transformational & sustainable island development. WATCH THE VIDEO !1
  2. 2. We now live in a 
 Transformation Economy COMMODITY GOODS SERVICES EXPERIENCES TRANSFORMATION 2000’s Today80’sOld World !2 “Users today are constantly growing into someone new, in every moment of every day.” — Jasmine Bina, Brand Strategist at Concept Bureau
  3. 3. !3 We are living in a different era The Progression of Economic Value by B. Joseph Pine & James H. Gilmore, The Experience Economy
  4. 4. Humans now desire transformational life experiences Exclusive 
 Locations Personalised Moments Memorable Activities Meaningful
 Impact Sustainable Living !4 “People are now looking for experiences, services, and products that help them to become better versions of themselves. This mission to be healthier, wealthier, and happier is leading to the rise of the Transformation Economy.” Chris Sanderson, Co-Founder of The Future Laboratory.
  5. 5. !5 Introducing With yourself. With each other. With nature.
  6. 6. With Yourself Yoga Meditation Intention Setting !6 With Each Other With Nature ConversationExploration Group Circling Island
 Living Wildlife
 Observation Environment
  7. 7. Discover Buka Buka Island !7
  8. 8. Buka Buka Island, Central Sulawesi - 30min from the local airport of Ampana - 7.5x closer than resorts in the Togean Islands Features 28 resorts, 7 hours away by boat, 
 with 97% occupancy during the high season Inside a Gulf, in calm waters - No history of earthquake* - No history of tsunami* 
 * in the past 100 years. Geology !8 Location
  9. 9. Island’s features !9 Buka Buka Island is an untouched paradise, featuring white sand beaches, thousands of coconut trees, and beautiful wildlife. You can walk around the whole island or even sail its calm waters, playing with dozens of dolphins which visit us frequently. In addition to this, Buka Buka Island is only 30 minutes away from the airport, and is one of the only islands around to receive phone signal.
  10. 10. Challenges !10 To develop Reconnect on Buka Buka Island, we needed to overcome some major challenges, as at present the entire island remains undeveloped. Fresh water is scarce on the island, so we will use a new solar desalination technology which will provide up to 5 cubic meters of water every day. Our electricity will be sourced directly from the sun, and sufficiently stored for sun-less days. Even the boat we will use to transport the guests and explore the ocean around the island is fully autonomous and will not require any fossil fuel. Emission-free, noise-free.
  11. 11. The Project !11 Sustainable Resort From the electricity to the water, through permaculture and waste management, sustainability is at the heart of Reconnect, by design.
 Reconnection Retreats
 A fully immersive and transformative experience where participants are 100% taken care of from their arrival at the airport to their departure: accommodation, food, water activities, yoga, circling, etc.
 Community Empowerment We are not here to take and bring back home, we are here to learn, give and share. We keep closely connected to local and global communities for us to empower each other.
  12. 12. !12 Layout Plan 1 - Villa (2-4pax) 2 - Bungalow (1-2pax) 3 - Spa 4 - Restaurant 5 - Lobby 6 - Diving Center 7 - Yoga Shala 8 - Swimming Pool 9 - Staff House 10 - Technical Buildings 11 - Access Jetty 12 - Coworking Space 13 - Permaculture Garden 1st development 2nd development 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 8 7 6 4 5 9 10 11 12 13
  13. 13. !13 Restaurant & Lobby Capacity: 45+ people Material: bamboo
 Durability: 20+ years
  14. 14. !14 Beach Front Villas Capacity: 2-8 people Material: local wood
 Durability: 25+ years
  15. 15. !15 Private Bungalows Capacity: 1-2 people Material: local wood
 Durability: 25+ years
  16. 16. !16 Yoga Shala Capacity: 25+ people Material: bamboo
 Durability: 20+ years
  17. 17. !17 Sustainable Technologies Zero Waste Approach Solar Panel Grid Solar Powered Boat
 Solar Desalination Rain Water Collection Plastic Recycling Permaculture Developing a remote untouched island requires to be creative, and to incorporate
 some of the latest technologies available for a sustainable and durable development.
  18. 18. !18 Solar Powered Boat Thanks to our collaboration with a local startup, Reconnect will be the first resort in Indonesia to transport its guests around in a 100% solar powered and autonomous boat.
  19. 19. !19 Solar Desalination From sea water to drinking water,
 Reconnect will be supplied
 with all the fresh water it needs, 
 100% powered by the sun.
  20. 20. Meet the team! Thomas Despin Co-Founder & CEO
 • Founded the Hustlers Villa • Grew an eCom Co to 6 fig. In 1yr • Partner at Bali Beans • Operating in Bali for 3 years Amber Gavaghan Co-Founder & COO
 • 6yrs in Luxury Tourism Industry • International Hospitality Manager • F&B Manager • Yoga & Meditation Instructor Galuh Azizah Legal & Business Admin
 • Works with resorts in Sulawesi • Founded Indo Expat Consulting • 5yrs working with National & Local Governments !20
  21. 21. Why should you invest in Reconnect? 
 1) Sustainability Co-create with us a paradise, designed to respect and empower nature and human beings. We don’t only give back what we take. We also multiply it.
 2) Meaning
 Today’s World challenges are unique and imminent.
 Make an impact and help us addressing them at a small scale, for a global impact.
 3) Opportunity In the World, Indonesia is the 2nd fastest growing economy of the G20 after China.
 In Indonesia, you join us in a developing region, where the demand for tourism exceeded the offer in 2018. !21