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Tom Hood, CPA, CITP, CGMA	CEO	MACPA & the Business Learning Institute	The Future of CPAs,Accounting  andFinancial Professi...
Tom	  Hood	  CEO	  of	  MACPA	  &	  BLI	  •  Named	  Fourth	  Most	  Influen2al	  Person	  by	  Accoun2ng	  Today	  •  Top	...
www.SlideShare.net/thoodcpa	  @tomhood	  @MACPA	  Download	  today’s	  slides	  at	  …	  6/6/13	   T	  
hQp://macpa.cnf.io	  Ask	  and	  answer	  ques2ons	  throughout	  the	  day	  here…	  Conferences.io	  was	  used	  to	  e...
Respond to a Poll	Ask a Question	Vote up a Question	hQp://macpa.cnf.io	  6/6/13	   T	  
Insights	  to	  Ac2on	  	  “One	  without	  the	  other	  is	  either	  useless	  or	  destruc2ve”	  6/6/13	   T	  
Source:	  WTF	  What’s	  the	  Future	  of	  Business	  by	  Brian	  Solis	  What	  I	  have	  been	  thinking	  about	  6...
GASB	  Whitepaper	  hQp://cpa.tc/2gx	  	  6/6/13	   T	  
Business	  Not	  for	  Profits	  NGOs	  Government	  Different	  Worlds?	  6/6/13	   T	  
http://www.burrus.com	Inattentional blindness
The	  new	  “Big	  Four”	  +	  1	  +	  3	  • Economy	  • Globaliza2on	  • Workforce	  • Technology	  +	  Health	  Care	  6...
6/6/13	   T	  
6/6/13	   T	  
• Change• Complexity• Compliance• Convergence• CompetitionMANAGING THE “SEA” CHANGE6/6/13	   T	  
Compliance	  -­‐	  Standards	  •  Interna2onal	  –	  IASB	  &	  IFRS	  •  FASB	  &	  PCC	  •  AICPA	  &	  FRF	  –	  SME	  ...
Health	  Care	  is	  major	  issue	  Source:	  Thomson-­‐Reuters	  	  6/6/13	   T	  
And	  opportunity	  6/6/13	   T	  
XBRL	  FASB	  Industry	  Taxonomy	  Project	  •  Develop	  industry	  specific	  taxonomies	  •  BeQer	  suited	  for	  eac...
Accoun&ng	  bodies	  hail	  G20	  emphasis	  on	  public	  sector	  repor&ng	  	  DATA	  Act	  &	  Financial	  Industry	  ...
#SocialAccoun2ng	  6/6/13	   T	  
@hhsgov	  @hhsdigital	  @healthdatagov	  @CDCGov	  @CMSGov	  @NIHforHealth	  @HIMSS	  @HITNewsTweet	  6/6/13	   T	  
Workforce	  #4Genera2ons	  6/6/13	   T	  
Workforce	  #TalentWar	  6/6/13	   T	  
Business	  Not	  for	  Profits	  NGOs	  Government	  Different	  Worlds?	  6/6/13	   T	  
6/6/13	   T	  
#IIRC	  hQp://www.theiirc.org	  6/6/13	   T	  
IIRC	  Value	  Crea2on	  Process	  6/6/13	   T	  
CGMA	  &	  COSO	  Balancing	  Risk	  &	  Innova2on	  hQp://cpa.tc/2qf	   hQp://www.coso.org	  6/6/13	   T	  
Source:	  DeloiQe	  CFO	  Signals™	  survey,	  fourth	  quarter	  2012	  6/6/13	   T	  
Business	  Not	  for	  Profits	  NGOs	  Government	  When	  Worlds	  Collide	  6/6/13	   T	  
HHS	  Strategic	  Plan	  1.  Strengthen	  Health	  Care	  2.  Advance	  Scien2fic	  Knowledge	  and	  Innova2on	  3.  Advan...
#CFOsSaveTheWorld	  Through collaboration, ourCFO community managesfinancial accountability,compliance, and riskacross HHS ...
CGMA – CIMAThe global value-added financial professional6/6/13 T
KSAs	  hQp://www.BLIonline.org	  	   6/6/13	   T	  
hQp://cpa.tc/2qh	  	  6/6/13	   T	  
#AdaptorDie	  #BendAdop2onCurve	  • Technology	  &	  Caveman	  • CC	  >	  EC	  • L	  >	  C	  • CPA	  as	  Ar2st	  6/6/13	 ...
Technology	  &	  the	  Caveman	  6/6/13	   T	  
“In	  a	  period	  of	  rapid	  change	  and	  increasing	  complexity,	  the	  winners	  are	  going	  to	  be	  the	  pe...
#CC>EC	  #	  1	  Skill	  is	  CollaboraEon	  #	  2	  Skill	  is	  CommunicaEon	  according	  to	  2012	  IBM	  Global	  CE...
#Ar2st&CPA	  •  Lots	  of	  ways	  to	  mess	  up!	  •  Heat	  is	  needed	  to	  shape	  the	  glass	  •  Long	  setup	  ...
A leader sjob is todefinecontext andprovidehope andinspiration..."
Tom	  Hood,	  CPA.CITP	  CEO	  Maryland	  AssociaEon	  of	  CPAs	  Business	  Learning	  InsEtute	  (443)	  632-­‐2301	  E...
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#CC>EC  #  1  Skill  is  CollaboraEon  #  2  Skill  is  CommunicaEon  according  to  2012  IBM  Global  CEO  Study  6/6/13   T  

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