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Employee appraisal comments sample

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Employee appraisal comments sample

  1. 1. 1 Employee appraisal comments sample
  2. 2. 2 Based on: performance review comment samples Updated To: top 200+ performance review comment samples On: Mar 2017
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  4. 4. Top performance review ebooks: • azjobebooks.info/download-ebook-2465-performance-review- phrases • performancereview360.info/download-top-78-performance- appraisal-forms • performancereview360.info/download-ebook-12-tips-to- succeed-in-performance-review 4
  5. 5. 1. Attitude Performance Review Examples 5 When hiring customer service focused staff, I used to remark that I can train job knowledge, but I can’t train attitude. Having the right attitude for a job is a crucial part of “fit” for a role. In this section of the employee evaluation, you’re reviewing the employee’s attitude on the job, dealing with customers, co- workers, managers, and his employees. Attitude performance appraisal phrases highlight how the employee has expressed himself and how he reacts to adverse situations.
  6. 6. Ranking standard: EXCELLENT: FREQUENTLY EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS • Has had a positive impact on the attitudes and performance of his fellow employees through his can-do approach to work • Is certain of her ability to get any job done and done right • Has yet to encounter a project that he can’t handle FULLY COMPETENT: MEETS EXPECTATIONS • Is always ready to jump in and get the job done • Seeks opportunities to show what she can do • Actively seeks the more challenging tasks • Rarely if ever says “I can’t” UNSATISFACTORY: • Has a “can’t-do” attitude • Is more likely to undo a project than do it • Says “no” before hearing all the facts 6
  7. 7. Positive review samples: • Peter always has such a positive mind-set. We are frequently pleasantly surprised by Ted’s posture during difficult times. • Peter frequently seems to have a positive outlook and we appreciate his stance on difficult decisions. • Peter’s attitude is one attribute which is positive. • Peter has a way of thinking about things that we appreciate. His willingness to share positive thoughts is refreshing. • Peter is quick to congratulate coworkers and builds an atmosphere of trust with his team. 7 Do you love running? This is a useful running material for you: http://runningsecrets247.blogspot.c om/2017/04/free-ebook-18- running-secrets.html
  8. 8. Negative review samples: • Greg has a sporadic bout of attitude problems which affect his coworkers. • Ken is normally a very affable guy, but under times of pressure, he succumbs to it and needs to work on his choice of language and volume level of his voice. • When the pressure is on and there is a choice to blink or not, Jack too frequently blinks. • Mary is a good manager, but her mood changes too often for people to keep track of. • Jennifer is an asset in many ways, but her attitude needs to be kept in check. • Periodically, Holly has an attitude shift which can have a negative effect on the team. 8
  9. 9. 2. Attendance Performance Review Samples You can’t perform if you don’t show up! Attendance and punctuality performance review phrases discuss both an employee’s ability to keep to his work schedule, but also his overall attendance. Is he frequently late to work? Does he take long breaks? Is his lunch hour really two hours? Attendance employee evaluation samples, such as the ones below, focus on these attendance issues. 9 Do you love MMA fighters? This is a useful free ebook for you: http://mmafighter247.blogspot.com/ 2017/04/12-tips-to-become- professional-mma.html
  10. 10. Ranking standard: EXCELLENT: FREQUENTLY EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS • Can be counted on to give 110 percent under all circumstances • Keeps his commitments and works with fellow employees to help them keep theirs • Automatically works extra hours if that’s what it takes to get the job done right FULLY COMPETENT: MEETS EXPECTATIONS • Can be counted upon for steady performance • Demonstrates consistently solid performance in all aspects of her work • Handles projects conscientiously from start to finish UNSATISFACTORY: CONSISTENTLY FAILS TO MEET EXPECTATIONS • Disappoints employees who depend on her • Makes promises that he doesn’t keep • Guarantees that deadlines will be met, but consistently misses them 10
  11. 11. Positive review samples: • Jim attends every days to deal with responsibilities • We can rely on Heather. He has no problems with attendance • Bill always makes sure that his employees take part in their lunch schedules and breaks. • Kevin complies with company standards for attendance and punctuality. • Julia begins each day after she refreshes it and ready to face with any challenges • Holly gives thoughtful care to others when scheduling time off. 11 Do you love Model Train? This is a good useful material for you: http://modeltraintips247.blogspo t.com/2017/04/free-ebook-18- model-train-tips-for- beginners.html
  12. 12. Negative review samples: • John frequently leads meetings over the time limited. Bill should finish his meetings on time to improve this • John always takes breaks longer than he is allowed • John receives too many personal phone calls during the day • John used personal days more than he is allowed and was frequently attend here when needed • John does not prompt to work, even though she is warned many times, she does not comply with the attendance policy • John is frequently late for work during the winter months and give out unsatisfactory reasons into his schedule 12
  13. 13. 3.Communication Employee Evaluation Samples How key is communication in the workforce today! Many employers have moved to hiring a lot of virtual employees and keeping open communications is a crucial part of one’s job performance. In the communication performance appraisal section of the employee evaluation, look for examples of how an employee communicates with their teammates and clients. Communication performance review comments discuss how well an employee communicates and how effective his communications are. 13 Do you love Wing chun? This is a good useful material for you: http://wingchunexercisea2z.blogspot .com/2017/04/free-ebook-14-secrets- to-learn-wing-chun-faster.html
  14. 14. Excellent: frequently exceeds expectations • Has very readable writing • Hits the perfect level of detail • Writes to the point, rather than around it • Has raised the writing in her department to a new level • Sets the standard for excellent business writing • Carefully crafts all his writing • Is always well organized with her written work • Selects the appropriate writing style for different readers and situations • Holds the interest of others in his writing • Is a clear and articulate communicator • Has an outstanding vocabulary, but never overdoes it • Generates a great deal of interest whenever she speaks • Communicates easily with everyone • Effectively reads subtle cues and body language 14
  15. 15. Marginal: occasionally fails to meet expectations • Uses a writing style that can be difficult to understand • Hasn’t shown interest in becoming a better writer • Procrastinates on projects that involve writing • Sends e-mail messages that are unclear • Writes too much on every project • Has writing that lacks adequate detail and specificity • Doesn’t listen carefully enough, and communication suffers as a result • Provides too much detail • Doesn’t provide enough detail • Uses e-mail style for formal written business communications • Needs to listen more and talk less 15 Are you true bike-lovers? This is a good useful material for you: http://bikeloversa2z.blogspot.c om/2017/04/top-12-bicycling- tips.html
  16. 16. Unsatisfactory: consistently fails to meet expectations • Writes with numerous grammatical errors and typos • Takes a long time to get to the point • Ignores punctuation • Is a grammatical nightmare • Tends to ramble • Tends to mumble • Uses inappropriate terms and expressions • Is insensitive to others in her comments • Is unaware of messages that his body language is sending • Produces work that always needs significant editing • Often uses the wrong words • Rushes when writing, and it shows • Doesn’t pay attention to the cues and body language of others • Doesn’t listen 16
  17. 17. Positive review samples: • David keeps managers and coworkers informed of his work progress. • Barry reports necessary information to his coworkers. • Allison is excellent at keeping written information about her assignments and projects. • One of Jim’s strengths is his use of candor and effective communication with his employees. • One of Jane’s core strengths is her ability to immediately connect with someone. • Brenda is very competent communicator. • Tom clearly communicates with his employees and they understand his expectations. 17 Do you love basketball? This is a useful material for you: http://basketballsecrets247.blogsp ot.com/2017/04/10-secrets-to- become-better-basketball- player.html
  18. 18. Negative review samples: • Tim continually attempts to withhold information from team members. • Peter has proved to be an ineffective communicator. • Jim does not effectively communicate – both written and verbal communication must be improved. • Tony does not adequately share information as required in his role. He has a tendency to keep things close to the vest. • Jim’s ability to explain complex topics is insufficient due to his unwillingness to share information with others. • Jack needs to share department and corporate goals in a more timely and complete manner. Jack’s employees do not understand what the company is doing. • Lyle does not articulate his position very well during meetings. • George’s position requires him to have sufficient technical skills, however, he does not speak up during technical meetings to discuss potential solutions. 18
  19. 19. 4.Cooperation Performance Appraisal How well does the employee cooperate with fellow team members, managers, and customers? What kind of attitude does he show? Cooperation employee evaluation statements delve into the details of how well the employee gets along with others. These sample cooperation performance review phrases examine how the employee exceeds or meets cooperation expectations and for those employees who are Negative review for cooperation. 19 CB Pirate, the best online course to help you in making $10k/month from Clickbank (one of largest online marketplace). Source: http://makemoneya2z.info/10kPer MonthCourseFromClickbank
  20. 20. Positive review samples: • Frank can be counted on to carry out assignments with careful follow- through and follow-up. • George helps form alliance between his staff members to foster a team first environment. • Randy excels at any project he is involved with as he can form effective teams. • Whenever we have a difficult situation, we know we can bring Ryan into it as he can bring disparate groups of people together. • Julia is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done – even perform tasks or jobs that are not her own. 20
  21. 21. Negative review samples: • David has been known to enter into a shouting match with fellow employees. • Jeanne is often the last to offer assistance or help out in times of need. This feeling is common among Jeanne’s coworkers and management team. • John takes on new tasks with ease, but when it comes time to communicate with other team members and train them on these tasks, John does not perform very well. • Jennifer is too cautious – she is afraid of confrontation so she does not step out to assist when it’s necessary. 21 Do you love body art? $1 trial for over 30k Unique Tattoo Designs. For more detail, please visit: http://tattoodesigns68.blogspot.com/ 2017/04/30k-tattoo-designs.html
  22. 22. 5. Creativity and Innovation Performance Many jobs afford some level of creativity for employees to express themselves. The creativity performance review paragraphs focus on how employees use this latitude in their job performance. Innovation is a key attribute for many jobs and the performance review phrases really explore how well an employee innovates in his job. 22
  23. 23. Excellent: frequently exceeds expectations • Productively integrates people, processes, and systems that seemingly don’t go together at all • Takes concepts that are cast in stone and then shatters, reshapes, or redefines them to generate more productive ideas and solutions • Excludes seemingly essential components to open the door to a wider range of creative solutions • Is open to totally different ideas, assumptions, and strategies • Isn’t afraid to make mistakes • Doesn’t give up in the face of doubtful comments by others who observe her unorthodox style 23 Are you bowling-lovers? This is a good useful material for you: http://bowlingtips247.blogspot. com/2017/04/top-10-bowling- tips.html
  24. 24. Marginal: occasionally fails to meet expectations • Avoids yesterday’s problem-solving strategies • Enjoys working on projects that require creative thinking and solutions • Has attended training sessions that focus on creative thinking and problem solving • Uses his excellent observational skills to find overlooked pieces of data that can open up entirely new ways to solve problems • Has an unconventional problem-solving style that yields better-than- conventional results • Is always looking for new and productive ways to use everyday items 24
  25. 25. Unsatisfactory: consistently fails to meet expectations • Is far more comfortable thinking inside the box • Rarely challenges assumptions • Is unwilling to change her thinking style, regardless of recent questionable decisions • Refuses to attend programs that focus on creative thinking • Only takes on projects that can be handled with very conventional thinking • Avoids projects that call for creative thinking • Regards the concept of thinking outside the box as a fad 25 Do you love golf? This is a good useful material for you: http://golfsecrets247.blogspot.co m/2017/04/top-10-golf-swing- tips.html
  26. 26. Positive review samples: • Emma’s ability to change direction when required is an asset to the team. • Tom is an innovator at heart – his skill at inspiring new ideas is an asset to our team. • Jim has an imaginative personality and is very resourceful in times of need. • Bill adds an artistic flair to everything he produces which makes his projects much more fun than most. • Tim thinks outside the box when crafting solutions. • Greg demonstrates a key ability to craft creative solutions to problems. • Holly shows ingenuity when facing difficult situations. 26
  27. 27. Negative review samples: 27 • Jean does care about the creative side of her team and always ignores the innovate employees reporting to her • Rachel does not encourage her team to make solutions creatively • Frank has seemed to be a rigid manager, but if he thought in a more flexible way, it would do him well • Eve is unwilling to work issues outside of her skill set any more. This her troubleshooting ability and her career development • Henry does not usually innovate. If he does, it is reluctant • Trent can not make new ideals • Wendy is not flexible to create new ideals when we need
  28. 28. 6. Customer Service Performance Review Samples 28 Everyone has a customer. If you have a job, you have a customer. Customer Service is a key attribute in every job – especially so in customer facing jobs. Customer service evaluations can be difficult as you may have to get creative with your performance evaluation phrasing, but the samples below really highlight how to write about customer service on the employee appraisal. Do you love salsa dance? This is a useful free ebook for you: http://SalsaDanceSecrets247.blogspot. com/2017/04/top-14-secrets-to-learn- salsa-dance.html
  29. 29. Positive review samples: 29 • Works very well with clients as well as all staff members • Has a very warm rapport with everyone she comes in contact with • Follows up with clients to ensure no one feels forgotten or lost in the process • Clearly enjoys the “people” aspect of his position • Consistently answers the phone with a smile and a friendly hello • Readily admits when she doesn’t know the answer to a particular query • Outlines the steps that she will take to resolve a problem • Receives ongoing positive feedback from clients—both verbally and in writing
  30. 30. Negative review samples: 30 • Receives ongoing substandard customer satisfaction scores • Does not manage customer expectations by explaining reasons for delays • Has difficulty saying no or tactfully telling customers that they must wait their turn • Refers too many customer queries to management for final resolution • Has received numerous customer complaints for failing to follow up as promised • Cannot yet demonstrate sufficient knowledge of company products • Misses opportunities for cross-selling and overcoming initial objections • Is unwilling to adapt his tone and personality to fit a particular caller’s style
  31. 31. 7.Performance appraisal phrases – critical thinking Critical thinking means making reasonable judgment based on actual details and your thinking process. It is more about “thinking about thinking” rather than “thinking about solution”. In critical thinking, you make judgment whether something is true, false or either or neither. 31 Do you love survival foods? This is a useful free ebook for you: http://survivalfoods247.blogspot. com/2017/04/10-tips-to-make- 42-survival-foods.html
  32. 32. Ranking standard A person having critical thinking skill shall have ability to: • Understand problems and know how to address those problems in an appropriate manner. • Understand the importance of the problem and know which problem should be dealt with first • Collect relevant information to resolve the problem. • Understand implied meanings and values of the problem or problem solving method. 32
  33. 33. Positive review samples: 33 • Before submitting a solution, John always thinks it over. • John equips himself analytical and critical-thinking skills and he can uses them to deal with problems. • In order to find out the most suitable solution for a problem, John considered carefully various sides of a situation. • John always has a quick answer for any issue. He always brings out a timely solution. Do you love gardening? This is a good useful material for you: http://gardeningtipsa2z.blogspot.com /2017/04/free-ebook-22-gardening- techniques-to-grow-organic- food.html
  34. 34. Negative review samples: • John always seems to be hurried and does not think twice when making decision. • John never cares about the situations that can be happened when he makes decision. • John does not consider the possible situations when making decision. • John never thinks any problem twice and he is too hurried to carry out his decision. • John never finds out the most suitable solution to the issue. His ideas are not outstanding. 34
  35. 35. 8.Performance review phrases for decision making 35 Decision making skill is crucial to a person in relation to their ability of self- managing. Decision making skill relates very closely to one’s ability to take responsible for what he/she is doing in his/her life. It is the most important skill that a leader should have. A person with good decision- making skill will be able to set goal and know the way to keep their goal on the track. They are confident in their approach to make sound decisions. So, what are the descriptions of such a person with good decision-making skill? Do you want to go back a high school body? You can ref course of Kareem Samhouri here.
  36. 36. Positive review samples: • Be able to make sound fact-based judgments; • Be able to work out multiple alternative solutions and determined the most suitable one; • Be objective in considering a fact or situation; • Be firm to not let the individual emotion and feeling affect on the made decision; • Be decisive in hard case scenario and times; • Be supportive and encourage others to work well with him/her. 36
  37. 37. Negative review samples: • Apply complex and impractical approaches in solving problems; • Fail to make a short-list of solutions recommended by direct units; • Be paralyzed and confused when facing tight deadlines to make decisions; • Make too much complaint on the content of the job; • Tend to apply a single and rush decision-making approach; • Avoid conflicts at work in relation to decision making process. 37
  38. 38. 9. Ethics Employee Evaluation Samples Ethics may not seem like a difficult topic, but many managers struggle to come up with the right words to use on the performance review. Ethics is an area it is often difficult to review for, but using these ethics performance review phrases, you should be able to find the right words to express to your employee – whether they score high for ethics, or find themselves ethically challenged. 38 Free useful ebook to become stock millionaire: http://millionairesecrets247.blogspot .com/2017/04/free-ebook-15-secrets- to-become-stock-millionaire.html
  39. 39. Positive review samples: • Bob is one of the most morally sound employees I have ever met. His firm stand on principles is to be commended. • Bill follows all company policies and sticks by the letter of the rules and the intent of the rules. • Bryan is not only trustworthy, but has high ideals for how he wants those around him to behave. • John is very good at understanding his fiduciary responsibility to the company. 39
  40. 40. Negative review samples: • On occasion, Paula has made misleading statements that have needed to be corrected. • Ethics in business dealings internationally must be carefully considered and Bill is often too loose with managing his employees in this area. • We’ve had some accusations from customers that Bill has lied in certain dealings and this is a trend that cannot continue. • Though George meets the letter of the law as far as our ethics policy is concerned, he frequently doesn’t meet the intent of the law. 40 Do you love violin? This is good free ebook for you: http://violintips247.blogspot.com/ 2017/04/free-ebook-12-secrets-to- learn-violin-faster.html
  41. 41. 10. Interpersonal Skills Performance Review Phrases Interpersonal skill is your ability to communicate and work well with surrounding people and work under a lot of pressure. Many employers consider this is the most important soft skill that an employee should have. As a result, it position in a performance appraisal is very crucial. This section shall provide employer with appraisal phases for evaluating interpersonal skills. 41
  42. 42. Positive review samples: 42 • Greg can get into conversation with anybody. He can relate to people around him very well • Harry can connect with anyone he want • Peter is nice and gentle. He relates with others very well • In a inconvenient environment, Ryan is able to connect with people and encourage them to do a great job. This is the reason why we appreciate him • Jim has good relationships with others and they always speak highly of him • Mary is highly appreciated by coworkers because she is positive and willing to listen • Jack makes people feel comfortable when they are around him. He is very important to our team for his natural ability • Bill improves himself and works well with coworkers
  43. 43. Negative review samples: • Julie directs fast but has bad attitude with her feedback • Ryan has given up a wake of bad relationships in his career path. • Paula seems to be shy when she’s around others and does not take care good relations with her co-workers • Tim can not tell “ friend ” from “ coworker ”. He only care about friendships and not build good working relationships • Fred should keep on cultivating good relationships with others around him • Greg has related with his coworkers not well • Tim does not understand that having good working relationships with others in a team is very important 43
  44. 44. 11.Leadership Performance Appraisal Phrases Performance Review Phrases on Leadership Skill can be very diversified as leadership is a core quality of a manager which may be the main subject of certain performance review processes. One having leadership skill is not necessarily a manager. Such a person can be an employee as well and in such cases, he/she shall be a great asset to the organization. 44 Do you love cooking? Do you want to burn your fat without exercise, ridiculous diet rules…you can follow this program: http://souprecipes247.blogspot.com/ 2017/04/fat-burning-soup- recipes.html
  45. 45. Excellent: frequently exceeds expectations • Has outstanding team-building skills • Builds a team-oriented attitude among all her employees • Has taken a marginally functional department and converted it into a highly productive team • Uses specific exercises to further strengthen his team • Manages a department that is well known for its high level of teamwork • Has an extraordinary ability to turn a group into a team • Pulls employees together into a cooperative, supportive, and highly successful team • Creates a team-oriented environment 45
  46. 46. Marginal: occasionally fails to meet expectations • Recognizes and rewards team- oriented behaviors and actions • Consistently emphasizes the importance of teamwork in the department and company at large • Is highly effective in bonding employees together • Is a solid team player • Builds highly productive teams • Generates positive measurable outcomes as a result of teamwork • Sets consistently high expectations regarding teamwork among her employees 46 Useful material for magic lovers: http://magictricksa2z.blogspot.co m/2017/03/14-secrets-to- become-famous-magician.html
  47. 47. Unsatisfactory: consistently fails to meet expectations • Engaged in behaviors that turned a successful team into several splintered factions • Provides no recognition or rewards for teamwork • Stays physically removed from his employees • Never works with the group as a whole • Communicates to the group primarily through reprimands • Makes no effort to be part of the team • Focuses on her own needs, rather than on the needs of the team • Interrupts team meetings with comments and behaviors that are far off topic 47
  48. 48. Positive review samples: 48 • Organize, give direction, guidance and feedback to the subordinates/colleagues; • Maintain an open communication among employees; • Encourage the employees to take responsibility for their performance; • Distribute the resource in appropriate manner depending on the priority of assignments; • Establish a corporate culture of reliability and caring; • Envision the employees of the action plan; • Gain the employee’s respects; • Be responsible for his/her own staffs;
  49. 49. Negative review samples: 49 • Exaggerate the seriousness of a problem; • Make the employees confused by different directions/guidance; • Disregard the policies of the company and tend to work by himself; • Rarely prepare to participate in discussion or meetings; • Rarely show appreciation for a good-performance; • Do not rely on his/her leadership instincts to manage others. Useful material for singing lovers: http://singingtipsa2z.blogspot.com/ 2017/03/15-secrets-to-become- famous-singer.html
  50. 50. 12.Problem Solving Skills Employee Evaluation Examples Problem Solving is a highly intellectual-mental process and is considered the most complex skill the each person should have. It is a cognitive process involving modeling the problem and combining various skills in dealing with a certain situation. Problem Solving is a fundamental skill of management and leadership in addition to decision making ability. While decision making is more personal in nature, problem solving may be improved and trained. 50
  51. 51. Excellent: frequently exceeds expectations • Uses an arsenal of creative strategies to productively solve a wide range of problems • Consistently generates outstanding solutions to the most demanding problems • Focuses on solving problems, not on symptoms • Has powerful analytical skills that she applies to every stage of the problem-solving process • Establishes workable, prioritized, and highly effective problem- solving plans for each problem, instead of instantly jumping in and trying to solve them all • Varies his problem-solving style to meet the nature and demands of the problem itself • Approaches all problems with confidence and the expectation that she will generate solid and innovative solutions • Actively seeks out problems that require the most creative thinking 51
  52. 52. Marginal: occasionally fails to meet expectations • Defines and understands problems before attempting to solve them • Is a tenacious problem solver • Has a broad range of problem- solving skills that he applies effectively to all problems and problem situations • Is confident in her creative methods and unafraid to take a stand • Creatively works his way around, over, under, or through obstacles in the problem-solving process • Solves problems before they become crises 52 Useful material for guitar lovers: http://guitartipsa2z.blogspot.c om/2017/03/14-secrets-to- become-pro-guitarist.html
  53. 53. Unsatisfactory: consistently fails to meet expectations • Employs problem-solving techniques that end up generating even more problems • Creates more problems than he solves • Overlooks or underestimates problems until they’ve become major issues • Analyzes minor issues and lets larger problems fester and grow • Decides on the solution to a problem before starting her analysis • Comes up with solutions that are incorrect, insufficient, and invalid 53
  54. 54. Positive review samples: • John is very good at analyzing any situation and works out a solution to such situation. • John always defines a problem clearly and seeks out various solutions. • John always thinks twice before making his decision. • John keeps everyone update of what is going on within the company. • John is prepared to face with complex situations and always able to work out suitable solutions to offer to the managers. 54 Useful material for piano lovers: http://pianotipsa2z.blogspot.com/ 2017/03/14-secrets-to-become- pro-pianist.html
  55. 55. Negative review samples: 55 • John seems to struggle hard to work out a solution to any difficult matter. • John cannot stand along facing with any tense problem. • John easily loses his focus when standing in front of a complex situation. • John fails to provide the managers with necessary information when a problem arises. • John repeats his mistakes over and over again. He doesn’t know how to learn from failure.
  56. 56. 13.Teamwork Skills Performance Appraisal Phrases Teamwork is when many people work in a group and cooperate together to do a job and achieve a common goal. Cooperation means a group member knows to joint effort with others, take their strength to compensate for his weakness. If there is competition among members, there will be no teamwork. The role of a leader in a team is crucial to the success of teamwork. He must orient each member to a common goal and figure out way to develop their abilities and skills. 56
  57. 57. Positive review samples: 57 • John has a high spirit of teamwork. He readily cooperates with his team members to get the job done. • John is very good at encouraging other members to do the job with the best effort. • John respects every team members. • John appreciates it very much new ideas of his team members. • John is very active in asking for opinion of his team members before making a decision. • John is reliable to his team members and expects the same from his team members.
  58. 58. Negative review samples: • John doesn’t have a good relationship with his team members. He sometimes refuses to accept their opinion. • John may be a person of independence. He is not suitable to teamwork task. • John doesn’t want to share his information with others in relation to the job. • John is inactive in cooperating with others. 58