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Toocoo Media - We've changed the way you sell online

Direct response marketing online is not as hard as you’ve been led to believe. But it’s also not as easy as some make it sound. Real success is both an art and a science.

An end-to-end solution is the only way to build a profitable online business that will last.

We offer a turnkey online sales and marketing platform for product manufacturers. We help you acquire customers, design campaigns, and provide customer service, product fulfillment and management of day-to-day operations. And we can do this across multiple countries.

Just bring us a great product and we do the rest!


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Toocoo Media - We've changed the way you sell online

  1. 1. A Better Way to SellJune 17, 2013
  2. 2. A Better Way to SellRetail is Not Designed for SellingAverage Sales Conversion Rates• Specialty Retail 10%• Department Store 12%• Online Store 2%* DeloitteTraditional retail is focused on stockingproducts not selling them
  3. 3. A Better Way to SellOnline is the Ideal Channel for SellingOnline Sales are 95% Based on ImpulseBased on 3 emotions, FEAR, GREED andNOVELTY• Examples:• Weight loss• Anti-spam and firewall• Electronic cigarettesVSProducts and services must be aligned with properdemographics. Find the right audience at the righttime (buying mode)Women31 to 65Weight LossMen31 to 49Performance50+Chronic Pain
  4. 4. A Better Way to SellMoving Product Not Stocking InventoryToocoo Sales Conversion Rates• Beauty 20%• Nutrition 18%Our only focus is selling product direct toconsumer quickly and cost effectively
  5. 5. A Better Way to SellWhat We’ve Done024 Pain Management System• 4,500 Net New Orders per Month• $200+ average Customer Lifetime Value
  6. 6. A Better Way to SellThe Many Middlemen of Selling OnlineConsumerWebsite--TrafficSourceAd Network--AggregatorAffiliateAffiliateNetworkAdvertiser
  7. 7. A Better Way to SellTurning Browsers to Buyers : Affiliate Sales ModelConsumerWebsite--TrafficSourceAd Network--AggregatorAffiliateAffiliateNetworkAdvertiserStill many links in the chain
  8. 8. A Better Way to SellEliminate the ComplexityConsumerWebsite--TrafficSourceAd Network--AggregatorAffiliateAffiliateNetworkAdvertiserOwn the process from end-to-end
  9. 9. A Better Way to SellHow it Works: From Click to Sale in Less Than 5 Minutes…
  10. 10. “We match the right product with theright customer, at the right time”Ad placement Product PageOnline PaymentShippingReceive ProductA Better Way to SellTurning Browsers to Buyers : Toocoo Sales Platform
  11. 11. A Better Way to SellWhat We’ve DoneTruvisage Anti-Aging Skin• 27,000 Net New Orders per Month• $69 average Order Size
  12. 12. A Better Way to SellJune 17, 2013