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Designing Trusses for Wind in Kansas

Making truss design much safer and durable to withstand mother nature in Kansas.

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Designing Trusses for Wind in Kansas

  1. 1. Winds take a toll on structures Designing trusses for Kansas winds www.timberlaketrussworks.com
  2. 2. Kansas is notorious for prairie wind
  3. 3. Causing millions in damage
  4. 4. That's why truss manufacturing is so important! Designed to: -sustain high pressure winds -keep people safe -withstand Kansas weather
  5. 5. How do we do it??
  6. 6. WE CALCULATE: Main Wind Force Resisting System (MWFRS) and Components & Cladding (C&C)
  7. 7. Building codes require withstanding 90-mph winds for inland areas...
  8. 8. BUT...
  9. 9. We design for wind speeds around 100 and 110 mph!
  10. 10. Less of this:
  11. 11. More of this:
  12. 12. Making sure we consider building usage categories and building exposures
  13. 13. Building usage: Category 1: Building with low hazard to human life Category 2: substantial hazard Category 3 & 4: critical facilities and substantial hazard
  14. 14. Building exposure: Exposure A: located downtown/city centers Exposure B: urban & suburban surrounded by similar buildings & trees Exposure C: open areas with scattered obstructions Exposure D: unobstructed for at least a mile over flat land
  15. 15. We DON'T take safety and durability lightly!
  16. 16. Discover the difference in Kansas
  17. 17. www.timberlaketrussworks.com