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Improving seo through social tfma

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Tim Grice talks about integrating SEO with social media to maximise campaign results.

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Improving seo through social tfma

  2. 2. Social Media + Link Building • Social signals are being counted as a ranking factor • Impact still very low in comparison to links • Combining social into your SEO activity is difficult - Hard to target commercial pages - No certainty in terms of links - Difficult to acquire anchor text
  3. 3. SEOmoz
  4. 4. The Issues • Average piece of content was around 100 links • Anchor text was diverse but not targeted • Great for building domain authority but very difficult to justify “Hey, we have no rankings but have a domain authority of 65!” • We need to find a way of combing signals
  5. 5. Maximising Impact Social/Content Source Authority Agree on Unique Idea Publisher Content Content Create Viral Push Story to Published with Content Sourced Blogs Link Monitor Alerts for Submit to social Link Syndication sites Opportunities
  6. 6. Key Points • Are users realistically going to share content on your site? If not, reach out to an authority publisher. • Seek feedback on ideas before launch • Try to use commercial keywords in your title • Prime 10 – 15 bloggers before go live and provide them with a unique piece of content to publish • Develop relationships with people on Twitter, Facebook, Digg & Reddit etc….
  7. 7. Link ability vs. Share ability Share Ability Link Ability
  8. 8. What Works?
  9. 9. Use Internal Data
  10. 10. Send To Your Writers
  11. 11. Tweets as Links? • Giveaways and competitions • 1872 tweets • 10th most shared page
  12. 12. Infographics • 66 links • 119 Tweets • 115 Facebook likes
  13. 13. Search Plus Your World• Sharing is important for long term visibility and organic traffic
  14. 14. SEO + Social • Increase organic traffic through sharing • Increase rankings through creation of effective social signals • Increase followers and shares using competitions, infographics and surveys
  15. 15. Social + Commercial
  16. 16. 3,500 new Twitter followers
  17. 17. Competwition.com
  18. 18. Twitition.com
  19. 19. Tools
  20. 20. More than rankings… • Organic traffic through shared referrals and brand • Increase in followers / reach • Relationship development which can be used for future campaigns • Increase in referral traffic and brand awareness SEO is about driving traffic that converts and developing relationships that can leverage campaigns.
  21. 21. Questions? • www.seowizz.net • www.blogstorm.co.uk • www.branded3.com • twitter.com/tim_grice • tim.grice@branded3.com