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Globolstaff linkwheel

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Globolstaff linkwheel

  1. 1. • Link wheel is one of the link building technique involved in building links to your site from different web 2.0 websites, where the process of link building differs from other strategies.
  2. 2. • In Link wheel we create unique content and submit to web 2.0 properties by getting atleast 2 backlinks from each web 2.0 websites to your site and also these web 2.0 sites link to each other in circle.
  3. 3. • This kind of linking is really liked by Google because it looks natural and also a website which has unique and interesting content receives much links.
  4. 4. • Benefits of GlobolStaff link wheel services:• - Enjoy link juice coming from high authority web 2.0 properties - Get fresh, original and relevant contents - Keyword(s) will be on the contents with proper keyword density - Helps bring traffic to your site - Helps bring SERP up no matter how competitive the keywords are - Build strong links with the power of high authority web 2.0 properties
  5. 5. • What you will get:• - Permanent one way backlink - Guaranteed do-follow anchor text/keyword - Web 2.0 properties PR4-9 - You get "ALL" articles for every web 2.0 - All will be submitted to leading RSS feeds - All will be pinged to about 50 or more sites
  6. 6. • BASIC PACKAGES: The rate : $1.20/node Here are several kinds of linkwheel that we offer for you to choose. 1. Linkwheel with 6 nodes: we can build 3-4 wheels per day. 2. Linkwheel with 12 nodes: we can build 2-2.5 wheels per day. 3. Linkwheel with 24-25 nodes: we can build 1 wheel per day.
  7. 7. • PREMIUM PACKAGE:  $99.95• We will write a 450-word article and create 19 additional variations of the primary article. These 20 variations of the article will be used to create a total of 20 web properties forming the link wheel (20 links).
  8. 8. • We then submit each of your 20 web property to over 20 top social bookmarking sites (20 x 20= 400 links). Next, we submit mixed RSS to over 20 top RSS sites (20 x 20= 400 links).
  9. 9. • This is the kind of organic link structure that Google likes to see. A LinkWheel enables a business to occupy several spots on the top of Googles Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) for properly optimized niche websites.
  10. 10. • HOW TO ORDER:• Choose package and Click Hire Us button to send us your requirements for your work.• Pick your main keyword and domain you want to promote - be clear which keyword belongs to which URL• Send paypal payment on address: sales@globolstaff.com – put your keywords and domains into message – leave your current mail contact, so that we can contact you
  11. 11. • Important to Note: We do not provide services for Illegal, Pornography, Adult, derogatory language, casinos, gambling, some dating sites, prescription and other drug-related, websites promoting hacking, hate or other questionable or offensive websites.