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The Evolution of Using Social Media in Class

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Prepared for the 2013 NEASC conference. Dr. Chrystal Denmark Porter spoke to attendees about how she became an early adapter of using social media in her classroom. She outlined for participate tools that she has used to allow her students to be "producers" rather than just "consumers" of technology.

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The Evolution of Using Social Media in Class

  1. 1. • Dr. Chrystal Denmark Porter Associate Dean of the Graduate School Endicott College
  2. 2. In the beginning… -Learned DOS -Consumed—>Modified —> -Produced
  3. 3. Collegiate! Expectation Chrystal Denmark Porter, Ph.D., Ed.S. The purpose of the study was to describe the expectations that millennial generation students had regarding their collegiate experiences, focusing on student responses about studentfaculty interaction and course learning (Porter, 2007). -Continuation of research about teaching excellence within the discipline of Sport Management
  4. 4. • Edutainment • Using traditional methods to design a course and deliver course content through traditional formats may not, many cases, be the best method instructors should use if they are truly interested in the students learning process (Oblinger, 2003). • The modern system of higher education includes salient features: an open and flexible system, direct and easy access to every learner, a broad based and futuristic visionary stream of learning, edutainment and infotainment and student-centered learning, that is more emphasis on insight and knowledge than mere information collection, new knowledge with a personal touch and need and utility-oriented learning (Popli, 2005).
  5. 5. We published a book! lulu.com
  6. 6. And another one… lulu.com pbworks.com
  7. 7. “A true teacher will look you dead in the eye, call you out of hiding and celebrate with you in the joy of standing in your truth.” –Iyanla Vanzant
  8. 8. • Finding the balance between want and need! –Students –Faculty –Institution (i.e. resources, mission) –Outside factors (i.e. accreditation agencies)
  9. 9. “It’s amazing, yet we are not amazed.” –Kevin Kelly
  10. 10. “We have to get better at believing in the impossible.” –Kevin Kelly
  11. 11. • References • Oblinger, D. (2003, July/August). Boomers, genxers, & millennials: Understanding the new students. Educause, 37-47. • Popli, S. (2005). Ensuring consumer delight: A quality approach to excellence in management education. Quality in Higher Education, 11(1), 17-24. • Porter, C. D. (2007). Collegiate expectations. Longview, Texas: College Strategies.