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Nd stem forum decade 1 summary

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A 1-page overview of the first 10 annual Collaborating for Research, Education and Commercialization Fora at the University of Notre Dame.

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Nd stem forum decade 1 summary

  1. 1. The Collaborating for Education and Research Forum has been a gathering place for Michiana K-12 teachers and university outreach professionals for the past ten years. Drawing an average of 150 participants, the annual Forum is becoming a centerpiece of professional identity for Michiana STEM educators at every level. Better than 95% of program participants have agreed that the Forum is effective in achieving its goal of promoting Integrated STEM Community in Michiana. The Forum is a showcase of opportunities to collaborate across traditional educational divides, whether school-to-school, district-to-district, or K12-to- university. Participating individuals and programs have at least three ways to connect with one another: over information tables at the lunchtime Collaboration Bazaar, in response to “requests for information” forms in each participant packet, or by following up on the contact information distributed in a full-color pamphlet highlighting the full range of University STEM outreach opportunities. Local participation has been consistent and deeply rooted: the forum has had over 450 unique participants; more than 200 K-12 teachers have attended a Forum and at least one other STEM outreach event; all but 3 of the more than 130 Michiana K-12 schools with which we have record of any outreach activity have been represented by teachers at one or more Forums. In addition to highlighting STEM outreach programs, each Forum is an occasion to highlight issues of importance to regional educators. In 2017, the 10th consecutive Forum (michianastem.org/ForumX) focused on efforts to integrate STEM education and workforce development, especially in manufacturing. Speakers included Brian Wiebe, co-chair of the Michiana Partnerships Workforce committee, who described the Pathways approach to integrating STEM education and workforce development; Kate Lee of the South Bend Regional Chamber of Commerce, who introduced manufacturing internships for high school students and teachers; and George Twaddle of Ivy Tech, who highlighted the technical college role in State-wide efforts to integrate Pathways to manufacturing. The Forum series was launched with funding through the Notre Dame extended Research Community (NDeRC), an NSF-sponsored GK-12 program, and has continued as a collaborative effort of multiple University offices and programs. Support for the Forum is drawn from sponsoring Colleges, Departments, Centers, and programs. Highlights from past Forums can be found at michianastem.org/forums.