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Telecom strategy review 2015: Europe (part 2)

  1. Telecom Strategy overlook 2015 Europe: Part 2 TMT Venture
  2.  About  Orange SA  Telenor Group  Vimpelcom  Contacts Quick look at telecom strategy from market leaders by It’s our next market research of global telecom strategy 2015 presentation cycle. We would like to cover all regions and it would be about 18 companies reviews. It consist of companies overview with key stats and cover main topics of companies strategy. We use companies annual reports, market reports and other internet trusted sources. This report finish our European market overview. Orange SA, Telenor Group and Vimpelcom are our second reviewed companies. Best regards, Ivan Zakharov Expert at
  3. Orange SA, formerly France Telecom SA, is a France- based European mobile operator. Orange SA has a 50% share in a British telecom operator EE.  HQ: Paris, France  Subscribers: 268M (+9%)  Revenue: $43.4B (-3%)  EBITDA: $13.4B (-3%)  CAPEX: $6.2B (+1%)  Employees: 157 000 Orange in 26 countries Mobile services (206M sub.) Landline (36M sub.) Broadband (18M sub.) PayTV (8M sub.) Revenue 2014 split by key markets, % 49% 10% 7% 11% 23% France Spain Poland Africa Other
  4. CAPEX and M&AGeography Highlights Consumer Enterprise Services  Offer richer connectivity in both mobile and fixed line services  Deeper and stronger presence in existing markets  Reinvent the customer relationship  Unified video content service for key markets  Enterprise expansion - M2M and cloud solutions  Diversify by capitalising on its assets  Triple the average data speeds on its fixed and mobile networks  A single Orange customer service number with interactions history  Smart and Megastores with test spaces for customers  Launch Voice over WiFi  Increase the penetration of smartphones  Launch premium services – “The First”  Leadership in M2M services worldwide, The Group wants to be present across the entire value chain  Develop mobile, flexible and collaborative work tools  The private and hybrid cloud for multinationals  Cyber-defence  More then 10% of revenue form IT services  Use of BigData inside of the company to provide more personalized services  Spread across a Europe the Orange Cash service which now is growing fast in Africa (13m users)  Develop Orange TV services across Europe (new TV interface “Polaris”, TV stick)  Launch new video channels, gaming and sports services  Improve revenue growth in France and effectively compete with low-cost player Iliad  Develop Spain operations after acquisition of Jazztel  95% 4G coverage in Europe  Mobile phone coverage to 80% of the population in Africa  Prioritize investments based on their impact on the customer experience  Migrate to the Internet protocol (IP)  Expand high-capacity fixed service to increase 5x times and full 4G coverage  M&A activity:  Sell UK asset - EE  Selective M&A policy focused on existing footprint  Investments in startups program
  5. Telenor Group is one of the world's largest mobile telecommunications companies with operations in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Asia. Group also own 33% in Vimpelcom.  HQ: Fornebu, Norway  Subscribers: 201M (+9%)  Revenue: $17.0B (+0%)  EBITDA: $6.2B (+7%)  CAPEX: $3.6B (+25%)  Employees: 33 000 Telenor Group in 13 countries Mobile services (196M sub.) Landline (1M sub.) Broadband (2M sub.) PayTV (2M sub.) 23% 11% 16%12% 38% Norway Sweden Thailand Malaysia Other Revenue 2014 split by key markets, %
  6. CAPEX and M&AGeography Highlights Consumer Enterprise Services  Develop into a digital service provider  Internet for all – coverage, content and monetization  Strengthen the relationship with current customers  Keep cost efficient operations  Lead in M2M, Online Classifieds and Financial Services  Disciplined and selective M&A  Best in Basic Voice and Basic Internet Services  Reduce the number of plans by 70% and make them data centric  Bite-sized and service based pricing in developing markets  Marketing campaigns and free trials  Increase smartphones penetration and stimulate device upgrades through low price device campaigns  Lead in M2M through partnership with automotive, industrial, heavy industry companies  Implement OpenID service for Ecommerce, Classifieds, Banks and etc.  Partner with social media and entertainment players to stimulate usage  Bring relevant content and services to people to stimulate reasons to use the Internet  Use of BigData inside of the company to provide more personalized services  Make Local Impact from connecting everyone and driving vital services like Financial Services, mHealth, etc.  Return to growth in Thailand  Improve fixed broadband performance in Norway and Sweden  Overcome barriers to internet usage in Bangladesh  Enable basic internet services for the masses in India  Implement cluster based operating model across all operations  Fuel M2M development in APAC region  Increase network investments in Thailand and Myanmar  Keep CAPEX expenditures on rate 18% of revenue for next 2 years  Share network in Europe  M&A activity:  Sell VimpelCom stake  Selective M&A on existing footprint  Investments in Online Classifieds and Financial services
  7. Vimpelcom is one of the world’s largest integrated telecommunications services operators. Key brands are "Beeline" and "WIND“.  HQ: Amsterdam, Netherlands  Subscribers: 231M (+2%)  Revenue: $19.6B (-13%)  EBITDA: $8.0B (-4%)  CAPEX: $4.3B (-1%)  Employees: 56 000 Vimpelcom in 14 countries Mobile services (222M sub.) Landline (3M sub.) Broadband (6M sub.) PayTV (1M sub.) 40% 25% 9% 6% 6% 14% Russia Italy Algeria Pakistan Ukraine Other Revenue 2014 split by key markets, %
  8. CAPEX and M&AGeography Highlights Consumer Enterprise Services  Become #1 or #2 on key markets (also with M&A)  Development of asset-light model (share network)  New revenue streams – Data, Fixed-line and B2B  Significant OpEx optimization  Reinvent complex traditional Telco model to simplified digital customer experience  Provide new more data-related and bundled plans  Develop 3G and 4G coverage (VoLTE)  Increase the penetration of smartphones  Customer-centric transformation  Shift to own-branded stores distribution and growth in new channels  Develop fixed-line proposition with fiber network and IPTV service  Significant SME opportunity, particularly in emerging markets  Focus on B2B customer satisfaction:  customer service quality and functionality  bundled tariff plans  Develop services:  M2M,  IP VPN and Anti DDos,  Fleet management systems  Development of new services in Mobile commerce and mAds  Partnership with content services to stimulate 4G data plans, like Yandex.Music, WhatsUp  Use of BigData inside of the company to provide more personalized services  Outsource backend services and platforms  Focus on existing footprint, with selective in-country consolidation  Transform Algerian business unit  Disposal of non-core assets in Laos and Zimbabwe  Focus on network improvement on key markets to get best quality results  Wi-fi points investments  Share and/or sell infrastructure if it is possible  Migrate entire fixed network to the Internet protocol (IP) for all customers  M&A activity:  Sell non-core assets  Consolidation on key markets
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