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June Klein started as a FinTech and Internet pio-
neer at Federal Reserve B...
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June Klein interview Most Innovative Financial Technologist

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June Klein, founder of Technology & Marketing Ventures, Inc. wins Most Innovative Financial Technologist Award from Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence

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June Klein interview Most Innovative Financial Technologist

  1. 1. Awards2015 In n o vat i o n E xc e l l e n c e June Klein started as a FinTech and Internet pio- neer at Federal Reserve Bank, Citibank, JPMor- ganChase, Merrill Lynch plus IBM and is further grounded with a MBA in Finance/Marketing, Ad- vanced Tech degrees and Corporate Governance certificates. This led her to launch Technology & Marketing Ventures, Inc. where she integrates and blends innovative disruptive technology so- lutions into a holistic experience. TMV’s mission is to help companies prosper from changing competitive landscapes by executing strategies, developing ventures and monetiz- ing technologies. Her current Electronic-Board- roomTMVi® Solution is focused on Paythru. Since 2009, Paythru has been revolutionizing mobile retail strategies in UK, Germany, France, Turkey, South Africa and recently USA. Per PWC research, Paythru’s UK and Germany solutions are already in the Post-Modern retail evolution stage and we are bringing this proven expertise to the USA which is only in the Modernization phase and looking at Europay-Mastercard-Visa mandates for October 2015. Paythru is differen- tiated because it: • Was built from scratch knowing that the smart- phone is the consumer’s Point-Of-Sale choice for the future. • Has integrated mobile marketing with m- payment transaction platforms… only entity in Gartner’s magic 4th quadrant and exemplifies McKinsey’s highlighted critical addition factor for the payments industry success. • Is open cloud-based, vendor neutral, proven scalable, white label with roadmap or custom- ized solutions. • Has a PCI DSS Level 1 v3 compliant Payment Gateway and therefore operates to this interna- tionally acknowledged security level as standard plus includes tokenization and authentication patents. “No one does all of the pieces in a travel shop- ping hub ecosystem, but Paythru does more than anyone else and works collaboratively to ensure the best experience, the right solutions and reasonable profit. If you are in the USA, Paythru delivers ‘next practices’ since it is already too late for ‘best practices’.” founder JUNE KLEIN www.tmv.com +1 212 628 2178 you@tmv.com W: T: E: theamericas Technology & Marketing Ventures Inc MOST INNOVATIVE FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGIST USA