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Using HTML5 to Build Mobile Apps

Native apps are great, but if you want your app to reach as many people as possible, HTML5 is your ticket. In this session, we'll explore the different ways HTML5 can be used to build and deploy mobile apps, as well as the tools that can make the job easier.

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Using HTML5 to Build Mobile Apps

  1. 1. Mobile appsare important.
  2. 2. FACT:Facebook paid $1,000,000,000 for a simple photo sharing iOS app
  3. 3. FACT:Mobile app revenues will double this year to $12 billion.
  4. 4. FACT: 17% of the world’s populationhas an active mobile broadband subscription.
  5. 5. FACT:Tablet sales will increase nearly 100% this year.
  6. 6. FACT:Lightweight OSs will surpass traditional OSs in 2014.
  7. 7. FACT: Smartphone shipments nowregularly exceed PC shipments
  8. 8. FACT:82% of time spent with mobile media happens via apps.
  9. 9. Mobile appsare important.
  10. 10. @toddanglin +@burkeholland
  11. 11. The case for HTML5The choices with HTML5 The tools for HTML5 The limits of HTML5
  12. 12. Native “Hybrid” Browser SDKHighly targeted Highly reusablePlatform skills Standards skills
  13. 13. ObjC Java Poly*UIKit XML Poly* Xcode Eclipse* Eclipse*
  14. 14. FACT:On average, CIOs report that they support 3.5 mobile platforms in 2012
  15. 15. JSHTML Any IDE
  16. 16. 80% 1bof all mobile apps HTML5 mobilewill use HTML5 by web browsers by 2015 2013
  17. 17. Native Apps HTML AppsMobile AppsMobile Sites Custom Sites Responsive Sites
  18. 18. Fundamental HTML App Challenge: Making things look “right”
  19. 19. One Size fits all vs. native• Fat guy, little jacket• Fine tailored suit• Wrong suit, wrong job
  20. 20. Do you want your app to be a snuggie or a suit?
  21. 21. Web DataViz Mobile
  22. 22. Mobile
  23. 23. DEMO: BUILD AN APP
  24. 24. 1. Media Queries for resolutions2. Favorite icons & Startup image3. Clipping Masks and Icons4. Add To Homescreen5. Avoid CDNs*
  26. 26. HTML5 “Native”Looks right. * Feels right. * Available offline. * Installable. * In App Store. X Runs everywhere.  XPremium APIs X 
  27. 27. AccelerometerCompassDevice InfoGeolocationStorageCameraNetworkEventsMediaCaptureContactsFileNotification
  28. 28. HTML/JS/CSS AppNative Shell + SDK Proxy Native App
  29. 29. DEMO: CORDOVA
  30. 30. No Silver Bullet• Not right for every app
  31. 31. Hybrid Experience CostNative Web Performance Agility Middleware [Forrester]
  32. 32. Mobile apps are important. HTML5 is a reach multiplier.Kendo UI is a productivity multiplier.
  33. 33. www.KendoUI.comThat’s it!anglin@telerik.comholland@telerik.com
  34. 34. KendoUI♥HTML5
  35. 35. Appendix Slides(Additional Research Data)