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Web Publishing with WordPress Across the Curriculum - WP Campus16

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The web created the first universal publishing platform but schools, of all levels, are still having students submit paper or “electronic documents” for grading and review. Academic work lives in private, closed systems, never exposing students to the opportunity of external feedback.

This session will propose a different approach. We require incoming college freshmen to become publishers during their first few weeks in school. They create websites and use that publishing platform to post personal reflections, current event updates … and all of their assignments. The website becomes a repository for what will be a portfolio of assignments by the time a student graduates.

Our approach could work for any discipline, but it will take a change of mindset and the acquisition of new skills and infrastructure. It’s time to change the culture of education by creating college graduates that are media literate, proficient web publishers and good digital citizens.

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Web Publishing with WordPress Across the Curriculum - WP Campus16

  1. 1. Web Publishing with WordPress Across the Curriculum WPCampus 2016 Sarasota, Florida
  2. 2. Web Publishing for Teaching
  3. 3. My Journey
  4. 4. Goals •Web Mediate the Details •Keep it Simple •Make it Accessible •Model Behavior
  5. 5. •Syllabi •Schedules •Assignments •Resources Home for Administrivia
  6. 6. Course Content Strategy
  7. 7. PROJECT DATE CLIENT Course Home Page
  8. 8. PROJECT DATE CLIENT Syllabus
  9. 9. PROJECT DATE CLIENT Schedule
  10. 10. PROJECT DATE CLIENT Assignments
  11. 11. PROJECT DATE CLIENT Resources
  12. 12. PROJECT DATE CLIENT About Me
  13. 13. Good for Instructors •Simple updates of “Evergreen” content •Always current course information •Most Current information about the subject matter •Students can’t lose the syllabus
  14. 14. Things I Do •List student websites •Social media publishing •Interconnect class websites •Post once-ish a week •Use template pages
  15. 15. List student websites
  16. 16. Connect courses through social media
  17. 17. Blogging Is Hard
  18. 18. Page Templates
  19. 19. Been There, Done That
  20. 20. Not so much
  21. 21. In Progress •Course website workshops •WordPress Network Install •Three instructors using course sites
  22. 22. In the Works •Automatic Install of Course Site Pages •Promote Use by All Faculty •Free Hosting for Faculty & Course Websites
  23. 23. Web Publishing for Learning
  24. 24. Who
  25. 25. PROJECT DATE CLIENT Millennials
  27. 27. What
  28. 28. PROJECT DATE CLIENT Progress Reports
  29. 29. PROJECT DATE CLIENT Current Event Posts
  30. 30. PROJECT DATE CLIENT Assignments
  31. 31. When
  32. 32. PROJECT DATE CLIENT Freshman
  33. 33. PROJECT DATE CLIENT Sophomore
  34. 34. PROJECT DATE CLIENT Junior
  35. 35. PROJECT DATE CLIENT Senior
  36. 36. PROJECT DATE CLIENT Graduate
  37. 37. Students = publishers •Required course element •Implemented across the entire concentration
  38. 38. Why
  39. 39. Copyright & Fair Use
  40. 40. Free Expression
  41. 41. Writing mechanics
  42. 42. Online identity
  43. 43. Online publishing
  44. 44. Internet culture
  45. 45. Cultural sensitivity
  46. 46. Where
  47. 47. PROJECT DATE CLIENT Built at WordPress.com
  48. 48. PROJECT DATE CLIENT Self Hosted Wordpress
  49. 49. How
  50. 50. PROJECT DATE CLIENT Freshman site structure
  51. 51. PROJECT DATE CLIENT Senior site structure
  52. 52. Basic knowledge
  53. 53. What Works •Real world experience •Foundation for their online presence •Two year head start
  54. 54. Still to Come •Free Hosting for Students In the College (2,000) •Short Course (1 Credit Hour) in Website Building
  55. 55. Takeaways
  56. 56. •Keeps courses organized, consistent and flexible •Easy to create new course sites For Us
  57. 57. •Creates good online habits •Each assignment builds their portfolio For Them
  58. 58. Questions?