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Psychology of colour

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Psychology of colour

  1. 1. Psychology of Colour TOMAS MANN MCLEOD
  2. 2. White White the colour that represents what is considered perfection. The colour meaning of white is purity, innocence, wholeness and completion. The shirt of the maid is white, this was done in order to illustrate the kind nature of the maid, the character profile of the maid is that she is a kind, innocent, young woman willing to go out of her to help other. I attempted to illustrate this using her clothes.
  3. 3. Green Green is the colour that represents positivity. The colour meaning of green is growth, positivity, selfresilience and nature. The dress of the maid is green, this was done in order to show that there is more to her than just an innocent pure young woman, she is also self-resilient, a woman who is prepared to stand up for herself if she needs too.
  4. 4. Purple Purple is the colour that represents the unknown. The colour meaning of purple is creativity, mystery and imaginative. These three have all been used purposefully in order to build the character profile in the length of the title. The colour of the shirt that Mr Rogers wears is purple; this has been used in order to emphasise the mystery that surrounds Mr Rogers – Who was on the other end of the phone? What did the message say? Why is he acting so hysterically? Is this the first time that this has happened?
  5. 5. Black Black is the colour that represents death. The colour meaning of black is death, uncertainty, secretive and hidden. The tie of Mr Rogers is black, this has been used in order to foreshadow possible future events in this action thriller – death in inevitable, it also demonstrates the secretive character that is Mr Rogers.