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Gdansk model of generating innovation

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Gdansk model of generating innovation and the role of the municipal office, city hall in Gdansk

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Gdansk model of generating innovation

  1. 1. Innovation
  2. 2. Lack of fundsInability to cooperate Copyright People, human mentality Law system What restricts us?
  3. 3. What makes a city cool? What attracts? What is commented, liked, photographed? What are obstacles?  Open, innovative city
  4. 4. Startups (118) Accelerators (6) Incubators (9) Coworking (8) Investors (9) Consulting (5) Hackerspaces (4) Events (3) mapa: openstreetmap.org A tri-city ecosystem - a start-up metropolis
  5. 5. Pomeranian Science and Technology Park in Gdynia www.ppnt.pl/pl/startup Science and Technology Park in Gdansk www.gpnt.pl/oferta/inkubator AIP incubators www.aipgdansk.inkubatory.pl Gdansk Entrepreneurship Foundation - STARTER www.inkubatorstarter.pl O4 - space for startups in Olivia Business Center The new idea: CLIPSTER in private-public partnership Parki i inkubatory
  6. 6. Starter Rocket www.starterrocket.pl Startup – pre- incubation programme www.ppnt.pl/pl/startup/ Submit project www.blackpearls.vc/ submit-project Startup Road Show www.startuproadshow.pl Pre-incubation and acceleration programmes
  7. 7. • 3camp • Geek Girls Carrots • 3HackParty • InfoShare Startup Zone • Wolve Summit • Aula Polska • Startup Your Weekend • Creative Mornings – Starter • Startup Mixer and Business Training – AIP • Mornings at Gdansk Science and Technology Park • Startup Weekend Space – space technology 2–4.10.2015 • StartupEVE – Black Pearls VC • THE NEW ONE: Space Startup Weekend Events and community building
  8. 8. THE NEW ONE: Polish Final of CESA InfoShare Smart Metropolia Innovative Europe Conference Blog Forum Gdańsk Conferences and awards
  9. 9. People with right attitude and open mind at key roles Openness fans in the local government CDO – chief  data officer CTO – chief technology officer Right people in right place
  10. 10. Open public data, Big Data Open Gdansk Transparency Cooperation with business, NGOs, universities We deliver data, services are developed externally BIHAPI competition (cities, OrangeLAB) hackathons New thinking of officials, national-level government Open data for governing the city
  11. 11. Public procurement law as an obstacle Our contractor should understand that New approach of government required Long-term cooperation and open source have many advantages: Freedom to choose supplier More efficient spendings Clean code Open Source
  12. 12. GdanskBAND.com Waiting lines in the city hall Map of Maintenance (5 years experience) Real-time timetablesWyrzuc.to Open data applications for solving problems
  13. 13. Technology and dialog with residents Mayors Challenge CityLAB CivilHub Pimp up your city – mapping and engagement Mayor’s attitude is crucial
  14. 14. Digital document management Gdansk Contact Center GdanskLAB – innovations created in the city hall Smart City, Smart City Hall
  15. 15. Gamification for HR management Training in Design Thining for employees www.gameerer.com Smart City, Smart people
  16. 16. Quests – new ideas for sightseeing in Gdansk Cooperation with BlastLAB – beacons for navigation in the Internet of Things
  17. 17. Mapping social issues for better decision-making Department of Analytics and Social Development Department Residents – improving quality of life in Gdansk Mapping
  18. 18. The greatest innovation is the one done almost with no money Be ready to absorb funds through the network of partners The Smartest City
  19. 19. Networking: private sector, science, venture capital, institutions, NGOs Openness to cooperation: not every idea can be developed, but every idea should be considered Openness – key to success1.
  20. 20. Open source - Github Code of our “city price list” was downloaded by several dozen of local governments open source 2. Openness – key to success
  21. 21. Approach to technology determines various kinds of investments We need no more old-style approach to promotion Smart means smart citizens – educated, IT savvy, cooperating with other residents and the city hall Smart doesn’t mean a great “command center” full of sensors and CCTV, but a better use of already existing resources and services Smart like Helsinki or like Bejing?
  22. 22. 90% 1,2 m OF RESIDENTS OUR GOAL: TO BE LIKE ESTONIA E-RESIDENCE 2015 70k foreigners has e-residency, an electronic identity which doesn’t equal citizenship E-TAX, E-SCHOOL E-ELECTIONS, E-TICKETS E-BUSINESS Mapa: NordNordWest/wikimedia of citizens with eID
  23. 23. tomasz.nadolny@gdansk.gda.pl Twitter Facebook Snapchat Google + www.gdansk.pl/otwartygdansk Let's stay in touch!