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Open Gdansk - Analitics Conf - Gdansk

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Presentation of the project Open Gdańsk in English at a conference in Gdansk Analytics Conf 13 December 2015

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Open Gdansk - Analitics Conf - Gdansk

  2. 2. OPEN DATA, REAL MONEY 270 British companies, using, producing or investing in open data, has a combined annual turnover of over 92bn GBP. Citymapper – public transport routes in 29 cities – sells products or services using open data Pew Research: 84% of Americans with a smartphone have used open data through applications NASA open satellite imagery of the Earth’s surface benefited the U.S. economy by $1.8 bilion Source: https://medium.com/@ODIHQ/the-economic-impact-of-open-data-what-do-we-already-know-1a119c1958a0
  3. 3. BENEFITS OF OPEN DATA FOR GDP Quantified benefits of open data various studies show between 0.4 and 4.1 % of GDP
  4. 4. OPEN DATA IN GDAŃSK. BACKGROUND High expectations on transforming the city for better Boosting innovation and development of new applications Ongoing process of metropolization and integration in the region How to increase levels of trust, engagement, participation? Need for transparency Need of engaging residents in the new ways, looking for new solutions for old problems
  5. 5. OPENNESS MANIFESTO OF GDANSK According to the Constitution of the Republic of Poland every citizen has the right to obtain information about the activities of public authorities and persons performing public functions; Everyone has the right to access public information in accordance with the law on access to public information; Publishing information in open and structured forms allows citizens to analyze and re-use; 
  6. 6. THE OPENNESS POLICY Official policy of Gdańsk – Mayor’s Regulation No. 306/2014 Gdańsk shares data-sets if possible (IT and legal conditions) Bottom-up approach OUR DATA-SETS •RE-USE: data accessible and free to use in any way •CREDIBLE and UP-TO-DATE •COMPLETE – no hiding of information •MACHINE-READABLE: automated processing in applications, websites •CRUCIAL issues: finance, public information, data facilitating life
  7. 7. CITY EXPENDITURE LIST ALL city spendings are updated and published daily
  9. 9. CITY PRICE LIST How much things in the city cost? Interactive, graphic, easy-to-understand Focus on detail www.gdansk.pl/cennik
  10. 10. ACCESS TO PUBLIC INFORMATION All requests and answers published on the Internet immediately Raising awareness: residents can ask, the city hall has to answer
  11. 11. ENCOURAGING THE USE OF OPEN DATA The city develops its own web applications to show the potential of open data CONDITIONS - our applications should be… •Simple to use •Solving residents’ problem •Created on little or no cost •Open source – free to re-use by other cities and all interested parties EXAMPLES?
  12. 12. WHERE TO PLANT A TREE? Show where to plant a tree – pin it on the Google Maps www.bandgdansk.com
  13. 13. Throw It Away Data on collecting waste, recycling on the Google Maps www.wyrzuc.to
  14. 14. OPEN SOURCE Source code of our applications available on GitHub
  16. 16. CIVILHUB.ORG People have the power External web platform to connect officials and residents „City Facebook” Direct way to access officials to discuss city issues Only real people, no trolls, no haters Open source solution, developed by a NGO, free to download
  17. 17. THANK YOU otwartedane@gdansk.gda.pl