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Rough ideas of a layout

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Rough ideas of a layout

  1. 1. This is an example of a rough layoutof my magazine front cover it has asimple colour scheme of black, redand two shades of grey with a whitebackground.There is a clear masthead situated atthe top of the page with the logo ofthe magazine slightly lower. Howeverthe first thing people will see is themain images in the middle of thefront cover. The colour of the font is different to the boxes which makes it stand out and easy to read.
  2. 2. This is another rough design ideafor the magazine cover there is afew features and differentdesigns included on the page. Forexample the main story box has aunique design with a splattereffect as the border.The masthead is on a warpedangle tilting up to the right.This gives an informal feel tothe front cover.