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4iP Introduction - Tom Loosemore

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Tom Loosemore presentation in Channel 4 Cinema on Wednesday 15th July 2009

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4iP Introduction - Tom Loosemore

  1. 1. 4 Innovation for the public Tom Loosemore 15th July 2009
  2. 2. What is 4iP? 4iP is an innovation fund to stimulate public service digital media across the UK. In English, that means supporting great ideas for websites, games and mobile services which help people improve their lives.
  3. 3. 4iP funding • 4iP is a three year pilot, with Channel 4 investing £20m • Structural Partners – RDAs committing up to £5m in Scotland, Yorkshire & West Midlands. •Strand Partners – Committing over £1m in ‘themed areas’ Arts Council of England (Digital Arts) NESTA (Innovation)
  4. 4. 4iP’s areas of interest •Digital democracy: new ways to let everyone keep an eye on money and power •Hidden gems: helping people discover stuff which could change their lives •Amplifying voices: new ways to empower those communities media couldn’t previously reach. •Wise crowds: connecting people who need to know stuff with people who know it already •Tools to make trouble: developing disruptive media tools, then putting them in the hands of people that need them most.
  5. 5. How do we decide? • Will it deliver 4’s public purposes? • Will it stir things up in 4-like fashion? • Will it meet a user need? Will it scratch an important itch? • Is it 100% native to digital networks, with its centre of gravity in participation or collaboration? • Can it thrive without ongoing financial support from 4iP? • Can it thrive without cross promotion from linear TV? • Will it scale well if it attracts a large user base?
  6. 6. 4iP principles Is about this.. But not this… networks broadcast participation / collaboration viewing people audiences open closed evolving pre-packaged less is more more is more catalysing ongoing support conversation couch potato
  7. 7. Mapumental mapumental.channel4.com
  8. 8. Help Me Investigate HelpMeInvestigate.com C o lle c t , M o b ilis e & Udeconstructing and demystifying investigative journalism • n c o v e r • an interactive newspaper which is wholly investigative • providing the tools and platform for ordinary people to organise, manage and pursue an investigation - developing knowledge about the structures around them as they go. Region: West Midlands Funding partners: C4 & Screen WM Business model: Partnership with W h y 4 iP ? newspaper • Sourcing the wisdom of the crowd • Holding those in power accountable • Providing tools to make trouble
  9. 9. AUDIOBOO Key themes: rethinking journalism, tools to make trouble C a p t u r in g & s h a r in g a u d io o n t h e m o v e • AudioBoo is an iPhone application, website and API • AUdioBoo allows users to record and share audio from their mobile phones • AudioBoo captures the location of the recording making the recording browsable by location • The API will allow other sites and services to call recordings by location or subject Region: LONDON Funding partners: NONE Business model: Software as a service, premium application W h y 4 iP ? • Being free to the user, AudioBoo champions alternative voices and fresh perspectives. • With a powerful API the service could be used by any number of websites to stir things up in a 4 like fashion. • The spoken word is a powerful thing, easily lost. We very rarely record it, store it or ‘re-use’ it in any way. Online digital web services like AudioBoo can address this.
  10. 10. You Booze You Lose Key themes: mobile games, health & wealth W h a t ’ s le f t o f y o u r liv e r ? • An iPhone/iTouch game that lets you see what’s happening now as you drink yourself to death • Keep track of your alcohol consumption, how much it’s costing your wallet, waistline and liver • See how much pure alcohol you consumed this week, month, year… and see what’ll happen to you later in life Region: Scotland if you keep it up Funding partners: C4, Scottish • Produced by Digital Goldfish Ltd, Dundee Screen, Scottish Enterprise Business model: Download W h y 4 iP ? game free in Europe, $0.99 • Fun and engaging way to change people’s lives R.O.W • Puts the hardware to work for real, not for gimmicks http://www.flickr.com/photos/studiobeeldruis/2352913120/
  11. 11. PatientOpinion.org Key themes: amplifying voices , discoverability, health & wealth T r ip A d v is o r f o r h o s p it a l a n d h e a lt h c a r e s e r v ic e s • Amplifying patient feedback on local hospitals and services • Wisdom of the crowd, helping to improve health services Region: Yorkshire Funding partners: C4 Business model: Selling patient W h y 4 iP ? feedback to PCT’s • It can thrive without ongoing financial support from 4iP or TV promotion • Champions alternative voices and fresh perspectives • To inspire change in people's lives http://flickr.com/photos/robyn-gallagher/1703065142/ • (nicely) making some trouble to help improve
  12. 12. SchoolofEverything.com Key themes: tools to create trouble, discoverability R e o r g a n is in g e A platform a informal learning that connects those with • d u c for t io n something to teach with those wanting to learn • 4iP is returning, alongside an enviable line-up of angel investors and the Young Foundation, to fund a second seed capital round • This funding will see the business build revenue streams and product functionality Region: London Funding partners: 4iP, Young Foundation and assorted W h y 4 iP ? business angels • Huge potential to disrupt traditional means of accessing Business model: Equity learning, using the transparency of the internet to empower choice • The platform is underpinned by a management team, board of directors and business plan geared to growth and
  13. 13. TALK ABOUT LOCAL Key themes: amplifying voices, rethinking journalism T e a c h in g p e o p le t h e p o w e r o f s o c ia l m Aetrainingia that teaches people how to develop a powerful • d course online voice for their neighbourhood. • It’s legacy will be hundreds of independent community sites across the country, owned, maintained and updated by local volunteers.It’s an enduring network of online training materials for publishing online Region: NATIONAL Funding partners: YORKSHIRE UK ONLINE CENTRES W h y 4 iP ? Business model: Sponsorship • To stimulate local voices: The emphasis of the sites created will be on locality based websites • To enhance a sense of place: Local media binds houses together into communities. Local websites help develop, enhance and maintain a local sense of place and identity. • To improve accountability: Giving voices to local activists through local media holds those with money and power to account.
  14. 14. 4iP & UnLtd Key themes: amplifying voices R e a c h in g n e w id e a s a n d t a le n t a t a ‘• Ag r afunded programme t s ’ at least 60 l jointly s s r o o to support le v e individuals developing digital media projects in their communities • Spanning two years and four themes; the first of which will be new forms of journalism and civic engagement Region: England • Combining the digital media expertise of 4iP with Funding partners: 4iP and UnLtd’s extensive local network to fund ideas that might UnLtd – The Foundation for otherwise never see the light of day Social Entrepreneurs Business model: Partnership with public other fund W h y 4 iP ? • Providing the first break for new digital media talent; giving them an opportunity to make their voices heard whilst improving their communities
  15. 15. Yoosk Key themes: amplifying voices , tools to create trouble, journalism T h e le a d in g o n lin e p la t f o r m f o r t h e p u b lic t o q u e s t io n a n d r a t e t h o s e w it h p o w e r a n d in f lu e n c e . • Working within accountability and e- democracy sector • Provides a solution for all public figures and bodies to engage, and be seen to engage, with the public they serve. Region: West Midlands • Offers individuals the opportunity to ask Funding partners: C4 direct questions they’d never have the Business model: Software as a service to government chance to in person W h y 4 iP ? • Digital democracy • Amplifying voices
  16. 16. Festivals Edinburgh Key themes: amplifying voices , discoverability, mobile games M a k in g t h e w o r ld ’ s b ig g e s t a r t s f e s t iv a l f• e eand Festivals Edinburghsunite ina call to action, 4iP l a lit t le m a lle r offering indies a chance to make Edinburgh’s 12 Region: Scotland summer festivals easier to navigate. Starts this Spring. Funding partners: C4 and • More findable art, comedy, music and theatre Festivals Edinburgh, Scottish Screen Business model: none W h y 4 iP ? Investment: none • There are too many hidden gems in Edinburgh’s world famous festivals – this helps find them at the right time, for the right people, in the right place. • Opportunities to harness millions of audience opinions to reveal true talent