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EAL Lydie Charlot

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Some simple tecniques to help EAL students settle in their first year along with some theory of EAL.

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EAL Lydie Charlot

  1. 1. EAL English as an Additional Language
  2. 2. Objectives • To raise awareness about EAL pupils • To make the difference between the different types of EAL learners • To know how to help and support EAL learners access the curriculum in the classroom.
  3. 3. The big guy: Cummins
  4. 4. For us = no quick fix!
  5. 5. EAL=SEN=NO!!! • Cognitive ability is not the problem • Language is the only barrier to accessing the curriculum • Some EAL may be SEN, but the rule is to wait at least 6 months before testing. • It is an asset to speak more than one language.
  6. 6. Two types of EAL learners • Newly arrivals: come to us with very limited or no English.
  7. 7. • Advanced learners: they have been in the country for a number of years (at least 2-3). They sound fluent, pronunciation is good. They use different languages in different context: home=first language, school=English. They have learned to switch from one to the other. They have adapted to the culture, they know the social rules.
  8. 8. General tips for newly arrival EAL pupils •Sitting plan: close to front, but not at the front; buddy them up with someone who shares the same first language (if possible) for the first 6 weeks.
  9. 9. • After 6 weeks pair them with a strong English peer model. • Visuals: pictures, photos, gestures, signs… • Questions: closed! Simple Yes/No. • Reading activity: highlight the words they know. Read text 3 times. • Simplified version needed? Differentiation. • Key words: list, translation…
  10. 10. • DO NOT PANIC!!! If he/she isn’t offering any English. Silent period can last up to a year. • They are learning more than you think!!! It’s a lot better for them to be in your lesson than one to one.
  11. 11. What do I do?! • I have a first one-to-one assessment. • I refer them to County, EAL specialist then assesses their level in English. I pass on the report to staff. • GCSE Polish, Greek, Russian, Portuguese, Bengali and this year Cantonese and Mandarin. • No exams for Latvian, Lithuanian, Hindi…
  12. 12. • Ran different cultural projects • Others: I have ran different projects with most of them at some point. • Meeting once a month with EAL co- ordinators from Bridgwater. • Starting to work with English department.