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THE SAFEST WEB SEARCH http://www.perfectsear.ch/?refid=7afe7cea

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THE SAFEST WEB SEARCH http://www.perfectsear.ch/?refid=7afe7cea

  1. 1. PRIVACY <br>On today's Internet where anything goes, companies are facing huge pressure to profit from your personal information. <br> <br>PERFECTSEARCH doesn't store your IP address, use tracking cookies, or make a record of your searches. <br> <br>By using PERFECTSEARCH, you are casting a powerful vote for a private Internet <br>where people can access information anonymously <br>without fear of government surveillance or reprisal. <br> <br>Privacy is not just a word, it's our promise to you. <br> <br>Additionally, we reward you with valuable DEALPOINTs for using the PERFECTSEARCH. <br> <br>You can use DEALPOINTs for FREESHOPPING.<br>
  2. 2. SECURITY <br>Let's face it, the internet can be a scary place where your personal information is in high demand by those who will use it for no good. <br> <br>Your search session with PERFECTSEARCH is protected through powerful SSL encryption so no one <br>- not hackers, not your ISP, not even the federal government - can eavesdrop on your searches. <br> <br>We don't keep any information about the people who search through PERFECTSEARCH <br>or what they search for, so your personal information is safe. <br> <br>We take your security seriously.<br>
  3. 3. VARIETY <br>There are two types of searches on PERFECTSEARCH; <br> <br>Search-G allows you to see results &quot;enhanced by Google&quot;. <br>However, we remove all identifying information from your query and submit it anonymously to Google for you. <br>We get the results and return them to you in total privacy. <br> <br>Search-M displays results from multiple search engines. <br>Major search engines now &quot;personalize&quot; or &quot;pre-screen&quot; the search results they serve you, <br>based on what they know about you from data mining; <br>with PERFECTSEARCH, you get clean, anonymous, non-filtered results every time, because you search in total privacy. <br> <br>THE SAFEST WEB SEARCH<br>
  4. 4. Join Free <br>THE SAFEST WEB SEARCH <br>http://www.perfectsear.ch/?refid=7afe7cea<br>