Sugar,Diabetes Ka Rohani Ilaj

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  • Sugar Control is a scientifically advanced combination of Chromium Polynicotinate, amino acids and herbs, designed as a nutritional aid for those individuals concerned with sugar balance. Sugar se peda hony waly awamil ko khatam kar k Lablby ko Deactivate karta hai. You can also be a Sugar free person being Used this Product. 60 Capsules Price @ 600 PKR You can contact us at:
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Sugar,Diabetes Ka Rohani Ilaj

  1. 1. Assalam o alekum In many books i have found the following treatment for diabetes... 1 sugar and cancer patients... rabbi anni massa niyad durru wa anta arhamur rahimin...recite daily 21 times on water twice a day in the morning and evening and drink that water. 2 for diabetes daily for 2 1/2 months recite it 3 times on water in the morning and drink and three times again in the evening rabbi ad khilni mud khala sidkinw wa akhrijni mukhraja sid kinw waj all li mil la dunka sultanan naseer salam o alalikum i have some infomation about how Ayat e Karima which is useful in different kinds of disease and i would like to share with you and all our brothers of like minded and request you and all to pay full respect and make suggestion and correction which will be appreciated. there is another unani way of treatment for the Diabetic. you may try by consulting any well wisher Hakim. it is published by refering to the shaik of Tabuk (Saudi arabia). Material required : 1) 100grms : Wheat Flour(normal, not white) 2) 100grms : Jau (Barley) 3) 100grms : Kalongi (Black Seeds, Habba al Baraka) 4) 100grms: Gond from any Shop of Dawa Saaz Prepartion: Crush little all the seeds etcs and mix al together in a non silver vessel and add around 8 glasses of water and let it boil for 10 mins. let it be cool down by it self at room temp and filter it by any clean cloth and collect
  2. 2. liquid and store it in a glass jar /bottle. take reading of blood sugar before starting tratment Durtion of treatment : 2 weeks Treatment :: drink one cup (75ml) daily before break fast regularly for one week and drink alternate day same quantity for another one week. then measure blood sugar Seek Shifa from our belovement lord after every good deeds. Be iznillataala you may get Shifa soon. and feed back to me directly by mailing to me. and keep remeber us in your prayers. don;t forget to see attached clips for Ayat e Karima. thank you very much AAMIL TOUQEER ABBASS... MOBILE: 03239598124 .. EMAIL: . WEB SITE: