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Love marriage vs arrange marriage

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  2. Contents - some idea about love marriage - it’s advantages - it’s disadvantages - some idea about arrange marriage - it’s advantages - it’s disadvantages - conclusion
  3. Love marriage Love marriage is the ones where two people fall in love & decide they want to share that love for the rest of their life, in a committed and long marriage.
  4. Love marriage Advantages : Strong relationship Mutual understanding Combined decision making Offer more independence and freedom
  5. Love marriage Disadvantages: Refused by family Facing financial problems Matter of religion Considered as a taboo amongst people Sometimes discord arises Childhood marriage
  6. Arrange marriage A marriage which is arranged by formally a boy & a girl’s liking and two families decision, this type of marriage is called arrange marriage.
  7. Arrange marriage Advantages : Well understanding : - in husband & wife - in bride & her new family - between bride & bride groom’s families Parents make wise decision for their child. Long lasting relation (maximum time) Offer more protection & security to the woman Society accept them warmly
  8. Arrange marriage Disadvantages : Understanding problem Takes time to settle Internal family problem Dowry problem
  9. Conclusion A marriage is built on a very strong foundation consisting of trust, care and honesty. This foundation is built when two people have given up their love and entrusted it in. So I think there is nothing like an ideal marriage. It’s all about the way you perceive your marriage.