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3 Rules Behind The Most Successful Products - SC Moatti, Mighty Capital

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How do you go about creating products used by billions of people? What are the rules every business needs to know to build great products in an always-on world? The more connected we are, the more we expect from technology. Our phones, apps, smart watches and other tech gadgets have essentially become the new extension of ourselves. The challenge is to channel innovation in a way that make us better humans. Silicon Valley visionary, investor and award-winning bestselling author SC Moatti shares the 3 rules behind the most successful products.

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3 Rules Behind The Most Successful Products - SC Moatti, Mighty Capital

  1. 1. The Product Formula The 3 rules behind the most successful products scmoatti.com | sc@mighty.capital | @scmoatti
  2. 2. About SC Moatti • Founding Partner @ Mighty Capital • Founder @ Products That Count • Board member @ Opera software • Bestselling author, lecturer @ Stanford B-school • Prior: exec @ Facebook, Nokia & EA, Stanford MBA, MS in EE
  3. 3. The consumer journey
  4. 4. Product/market fit
  5. 5. The 50 shades of product/market fit
  6. 6. The Body Rule
  7. 7. Focusing design elements (efficiency) Onboarding Single-task Navigation Performance Gesture Expanding design elements (wow) Pull Push
  8. 8. Beauty and efficiency: the thumb test
  9. 9. Beauty and wow: the mom test
  10. 10. The Spirit Rule
  11. 11. The essence of mobile: identity + context
  12. 12. Meaning and personalization: forming bonds
  13. 13. Meaning and community: norms & rituals
  14. 14. Internal and external filters
  15. 15. The Mind Rule
  16. 16. From mad men to math men
  17. 17. From mad men to math men
  18. 18. Source: VentureBeat, 2015. Tools are proliferating
  19. 19. The art & science of growth
  20. 20. The mobile growth model • Define success • Map your funnel • What if I told you….
  21. 21. There is no funnel 24
  22. 22. 3X tool: shortcut
  23. 23. 5X: hook
  24. 24. Becoming mobile-first is a cultural transformation
  25. 25. The cost of a mistake before mobile LOW HIGH
  26. 26. The cost of a mistake after mobile LOW HIGH
  27. 27. Selective insulation
  28. 28. Case study @ Facebook: notifications Notification platform: centralized with mobile team Notifications content: owned by each product team (aka vertical) Messaging: independent team (WhatsApp)