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Drum label printer - Dura Label Graphic Pvt

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Duralabel Graphic is the best label, Sticker Manufacturers in India & Bangladesh. As labelling is an imp. factor in today's market for a product & company.

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Drum label printer - Dura Label Graphic Pvt

  1. 1. Drum label printer • The importance of proper label design and production increases substantially when chemical labels are involved. For safety and compliance purposes drum labels need to clearly design and display content of containers and they can't fade overtime. • Dura label drum label printer facilitates efficient, cost-effective, high volume production of industrial strength GHS large format drum and chemical labels. • These drum labels require a high level of detail including product identifiers, hazard and warning notices and supplier identifier. • With Dura label drum label printer user can able to obtain all benefits of inkjet printing without high cost. • Drum labels produced by drum label printer are resistant to facing and water damage. we will help you learn about drum label printer and how it will help you transform your production process of printing drum and chemical labels.
  2. 2. • A out of proportion amount of manpower is spent on backbreaking painting or stenciling onto steel or plastic drums. And result is shabby looking label that easily becomes unreadable once exposed to elephants. • In short drum stenciling is a time consuming & shabby process, leading to wastage of man hours. •  Dura label drum label printer is a high speed, continuous form laser printer designed for drum labeling. Drum label printer have a convenient & cost effective solution for your drum labeling needs. • This color drum labels printer allows you to get your printing done faster, reduce printing cost, eliminates inventories of pre- printed label stock & customize your drum labels as needed • The Drum label printer makes printing chemical drum  labels quick and easy. Its ergonomic design includes a user- friendly control panel that provides instant job status, and access to toner is simple and intuitive. The continuous label design allows for longer label print jobs and eliminates unmanageable stacks of cut sheet labels.
  3. 3. • Dura Label Graphic Pvt Ltd. Address : 17,18,23,24 1st Floor, Vora Ind. Estate No. 1, Navghar, Vasai (E), Mumbai Thane - 401 210. Maharashtra. India. Tel/Fax : 91-250-2392971 / 2393901 Email: sales@duralabel.net marketingteam@duralabel.net • Website : http://www.duralabel.net