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Content marketing handouts IABC world conference 2014, Donna Papacosta

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Handouts from presentation by Donna Papacosta on content marketing, IABC world conference, Toronto, June 10, 2014

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Content marketing handouts IABC world conference 2014, Donna Papacosta

  1. 1. Content Marketing Simplified Donna Papacosta Trafalgar Communications Oakville, ON, Canada #IABC14  
  2. 2. Story of Marcus Sheridan
  3. 3. Soon they became the #1 pool company. CONTENT MARKETING #IABC14 @donnapapacosta
  4. 4. What Marcus Sheridan did not do: Pump out brochures. Brag about their pools. Make cold calls. #IABC14 @donnapapacosta
  5. 5. Content marketing defined: Creating and publishing relevant, valuable material that attracts and retains a clearly defined audience. #IABC14 @donnapapacosta
  6. 6. It must have an objective. It can’t be sales-y. #IABC14 @donnapapacosta
  7. 7. Content marketing is NOT about YOU.
  8. 8. Can you solve their problem? CONTENT MARKETING #IABC14  @donnapapacosta  
  9. 9. #IABC14  @donnapapacosta  
  10. 10. Content marketing is not new: 1895 example from John Deere #IABC14  @donnapapacosta  
  11. 11. Today: Circulation of 1.5 million, 40 countries, 12 languages
  12. 12. Benefits of content marketing Get better SEO. Build word-of-mouth buzz. Be known as helpful thought leader. Generate leads. #IABC14 @donnapapacosta
  13. 13. Best practices Know your audience. Be sure your website works. Make content easy to share. Curate!
  14. 14. How to get started Think about how you can help. Reach beyond text. #IABC14 @donnapapacosta
  15. 15. Check the website for more on content marketing. Donna Papacosta Toronto, Canada donna@trafcom.com 905.844.7645 trafcom.com @donnapapacosta