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Podcasting Power

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Presentation on the power of podcasting by Donna Papacosta to the Company of Women, Toronto, April 18, 2017

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Podcasting Power

  1. 1. The Power of Podcasting Company of Women @DonnaPapacosta April 18, 2017
  2. 2. Do you listen?
  3. 3. The golden age of podcasting? •  Serial: 5 million+ listeners; tremendous engagement •  Podcasting has experienced growth every year •  Brands producing podcasts •  Increasing number of networks •  Platforms like Patreon let listeners support podcasters
  4. 4. Examples of networks
  5. 5. Simple definition of podcasting: Internet radio show The Power of Podcasting @DonnaPapacosta
  6. 6. Difference between any old audio and a podcast: Podcast is serial; you can subscribe. @DonnaPapacosta The Power of Podcasting
  7. 7. Benefits to listeners •  Time-shifted •  Portable •  Free content •  Educational, entertaining
  8. 8. Benefits to producers •  Can reach a niche audience •  Easier to produce than video •  “Intimacy of the earbuds” •  Can be repurposed, repackaged for other content use
  9. 9. All kinds of podcasts •  Internal training/learning •  Leadership/CEO messages •  Interviews/group discussions •  Entertainment/comedy/sports •  Politics •  Business/finance •  Charity/nonprofit •  Events/conferences
  10. 10. Internal podcasts
  11. 11. Event podcasting
  12. 12. Podcasts – part of your content marketing The Power of Podcasting @DonnaPapacosta
  13. 13. Why podcasts for content marketing? •  Portable, time-shifted •  Human touch of audio; in your ears •  Multimedia grabs people •  Complements text and other communications
  14. 14. It’s NOT just about technology and gear. The Power of Podcasting @DonnaPapacosta
  15. 15. Yet good sound and editing matter. The Power of Podcasting @DonnaPapacosta
  16. 16. Quick recommendations: audio editing •  Audacity or Adobe Audition (Mac and PC) •  Garage Band (Mac only)
  17. 17. Quick recommendations: microphones Audio Technica ATR2100 Blue Yeti
  18. 18. Quick recommendation: portable digital recorder – Zoom H4N
  19. 19. Search engines don’t index audio. So write show notes! The Power of Podcasting @DonnaPapacosta
  20. 20. Before you start, be sure to firm up objectives and measurement. The Power of Podcasting @DonnaPapacosta
  21. 21. Typical workflow •  Plan episode, including guests; write outline •  Record and edit •  Mix in music, if using •  Save as MP3; upload file (with ID3 tags) to Libsyn or other host •  Publish podcast as part of a blog post (use Simple Podcast Press plugin on WordPress) •  Share the podcast via social media
  22. 22. News.Trafcom.com
  23. 23. Please keep in touch! Donna Papacosta donna@trafcom.com 647-919-4761 Sign up for newsletter of communications/ social media tips at trafcom.com @donnapapacosta