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Why take a content marketing workshop with Donna Papacosta?

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Benefits of attending Donna Papacosta's content marketing workshop, September 27, Oakville, Ontario. Co-sponsored by Silicon Halton. https://successfulcontentmarketing.eventbrite.ca/

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Why take a content marketing workshop with Donna Papacosta?

  1. 1. Why take a content marketing workshop with Donna Papacosta?
  2. 2. Because you want to attract prospects.
  3. 3. And cold calling is ineffective.
  4. 4. Because braying about what you do doesn’t work.
  5. 5. And NO ONE cares about your mission statement but you. CONTENT MARKETING
  6. 6. Because you want to generate word-of-mouth buzz.
  7. 7. Because prospects want to know: Can you solve their problem? CONTENT MARKETING
  8. 8. Because content marketing helps you get better SEO.
  9. 9. Because you want to be known as a thought leader.
  10. 10. Because you need more business.
  11. 11. Because social media without great content is like PB without J. CONTENT MARKETING
  12. 12. Because people say... "Lots of useful, practical information... I am eager to put into action what I learned today.” "Excellent. I will definitely recommend this workshop to my network.” ”Donna is extraordinarily knowledgeable and generous in her sharing of information ... As always, very professional and well done!"
  13. 13. Because we’ll have fun!
  14. 14. Content marketing workshop September 27, 2013, Oakville, ON Donna Papacosta donna@trafcom.com 905.844.7645 trafcom.com @donnapapacosta http://successfulcontentmarketing.eventbrite.ca/