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12 tactics to control team exercises part 2

Haven’t you ever been in a situation when tensions in the groups ended up changing the course of an exercise? It is important to define the team activity scope and objective, therefore establishing your type of facilitation during the course of the exercise. After determining the purpose and outcome of the training activity you may use the following tactics to lead the exercise in the desired direction:

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12 tactics to control team exercises part 2

  1. 1. 12 tactics to control teamexercises during a trainingcourse – part 2
  2. 2. Try improving the procedure of thegame by adding fun game aspectsthat give it a more playful look, suchas surprise twist or bonus points. Atcertain points in the activity, pausethe exercise and revise the process.Accept suggestions from theparticipants to improve theprocedure.7. In order to have focuson the structure
  3. 3. Establish a scoring system in order to recognize and rewardefficiency and performance. At certain points in the activity,pause the exercise and revise the results. Stress theimportance of reaching the objectives and results of theactivity.8. In order to have focus on the results
  4. 4. 9. In order to pay attention toindividual needsIn case participants are atdifferent levels of knowledgeand skills, try creating balancedteams regarding these aspects.Challenge the more timidparticipants to activelyparticipate by offering extraresponsibilities andinformation.
  5. 5. In every group and audience you canidentify the participants with dominantcharacters. Make use of their energyby giving them additional roles, suchas writing on the flipchart or keepingscore. Verify that each team hasregular process checks so that everyneed in the group is satisfied.10. In order to pay moreattention to group needs
  6. 6. Set specific actions to enhance attention before importantannouncements, such as turning off the lights. You may usefellow facilitators among the participants and teams toensure external control.11. In order to increase external control
  7. 7. 12. In order to increase internalcontrolAssure participants that you area facilitator and should not beseen as an expert. Whenasked a process question,such as: “What should we donow?” , redirect the questionto the entire group: “Whatwould you like to do now?”
  8. 8. For more training andteam-building exercisesand advicevisit:http://trainersadvice.com/resources/trainers-