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TOEIC Training Reading Comprehension 860 - tincanban.com

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TOEIC Training Reading Comprehension 860, Như tiêu đề Cuốn sách này sẽ giúp bạn được 860 điểm Reading trong kỳ thi TOEIC với nhiều chủ điểm bài học
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TOEIC Training Reading Comprehension 860 - tincanban.com

  1. 1. Park Seong-Uk '1HẪì_ỉl ẨI'HâP- ‹Iìf-1; › NNH “1'HU1 tìậl “llv::n Trí v`ỉị*L
  2. 2. ĨOEIC ĨRAINING READING COMPREHENSION 860 Copyright © 2010 Darak'lon, Inc. Published in Vietnaln, 2011 This edition ÍS published ín Vietnam under a license Agreement bet'Ieen Darak'JOn, Inc. Korea and Nhan Tri Viet Co., Ltd. Vietnam througlì lmprima Korea Agency, Korea. All rights reserved. No part of this publicatíon may be reproduced, stored ín a retríeval System, Or transmitted, in any form Or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopyìng, recording, or olhenvíse, vÍthout the prior 'lrỈtten permission Of the copyright ovner.
  3. 3. ' -I' 'lệ 'in nFI'il-'lil-III'-I' , 1 _I Im ụll ỂỈ Ùiủ TĨỆHĨI hữilhl I ' "' I-ln I I n 'ÍFIÌIỊỐJ Ẻìửülự u u u m cỊul'Í'- liliihitậ II I I IIr',I;Il1'l”IlI IIỊ ụẳ IW IÌỆỆ l_"`”'“"“Í ưầl IIẸIẮỌ ' - u 'Ế Ĩll' ' - ,.ẳẺÌI'H ãlhŕŕụ "`”'Ịnl"Ư' ' I!!-l`Ii Ư'-I 'uuu'InII!n'lul'ullu'I'B`lanằIu 'I I -
  4. 4. Foreword The TOEIC Test ~ Test of English for International Communication - a standardised test giving reliable results, measures proficiency in international business English at intermediate and advanced levels. It provides an accurate measurement of the English capabilities of non-native speakers. The TOEIC test measures and certifies listening, reading and grammar proficiency in international business English. The TOEIC tests: ' Help businesses build a more effective workforce. There is, nowadays, a high demand from leading global corporations for employees to communicate effectively in English. That is, employees must be able to communicate across borders and Cultures with co-workers and Clients. 0 Allow employers to make hiring decisions, promotions, transfers depelìding on job Seekers' qualifications and English language proficiency, 0 Enable universities to better prepare students for the international Workplace. ln brief, organizatíons and job Seekers around the world trust TOEIC Scores to help them get ahead of the competition. TOEIC is a Very Challenging examination, and Unfortunately, many Students find it hard to aclìieve the score they need. One reason for this is that the TOEIC questions use many challenging words, So students need a considerable number of business vocabulary items. The other reason is that TOEIC questions challenge students in a Very logical manner. Many students are not comfortable with this type of thinking, which can make the test Very Challenging. The maximum Score on TOEIC is 990 points. A reasonable score is above 700 points, a good score is anything above 800 points, and a great score is anything above 900 points. Being aware of the practical demand of learners, we have designed the Series TOEIC RC and LC - 730 and 860 whose questions are taken from the most recent TOEIC tests with the aim of helping those who want to achieve the score of approximately 700 - 900 points. This series of books is hopefully a very benefícial and rewarding material for class use with the assistance of an Ínstructor or for self-study. Tips to help you prepare for the TOEIC tests: 0 Listen to music - Music helps you acquire the rhythm and stress patterns OI spoken English. ' Listen to the radio and watch TV and films - This helps you pick up the lalìguage, and does not bore you either! ' Use the language - Set aside half an hour each day to comnìunicate only in Elìglish. If you Carì't do this face to face, send regular e-mail messages. ° Read - Reading is the best way to improve your Vocabulary. Read newspapers, magazines, websites, novels, and non-fiction books. Choose something that genuinely interests you and isn't too challenging. ' Write - Try keeping a daily journal where you Can practise using rìew words and expressions. This helps reinforce sentence Structures and vocabulary. There are no Shortcuts -the only way to get a high score is by Working hard, practising constantly and patieritly to improve your English abilities. May you soon achieve your desired goal! Park Seong-Uk 4 TOPIC Training Reading Crìirìiìrelzensitìlì 860 I,^ỉ`x"`.'I'(.l IIì,:l`lII II.*Ỉí,`I .-.”tlỉII
  5. 5. TOEIC Test Format There are two separate TOEIC tests: traditional Listening and Reading test and additional Writing and Speaking test. These two types of TOEIC test are administered independently and thus you need to register, pay fee for them separately and get separate test score reports. Check vlith your employer/ company or your university/college what type of TOEIC score report they want (Listening and Reading only or both tests) before taking the test. Also check with the test site if they offer Writing and Speaking test. Technology requires you to have all 4 English language skills for Workplace success. TOEIC Listening and Reading Test The TOEIC Listening and Reading test is a paper-and-pencil, multiple-choice assessment. There are 2 timed Sections of 100 questions each. Section I: Listening Listening skills are required for face-to-face communication, meetings, videoconferencing, teleconferencing, podcasts and telephone Conversations. Test takers listen to a variety of questions and short conversations recorded irì English, then ansxver questions based on what they have heard (100 itenìs in total). Ơ Part 1: Photographs 0 Part 2: Question & Response - Part 3: Short Conversations 0 Part 4: Short Talks Section ll: Reading Reading Skillsare required for e-mail, written reports, newsletters, letters, memos, PowerPoint presentations and other forms of business coinmunication. Test takers read a variety Of materials and answer 100 items in total at their own pace. - Part 5: lncomplele Sentences ' Part 6: Text Completion 0 Pan 7: Reading Comprehension Test Length The test takes approximately 2'/2 hours, with: 0 45 minutes for Section I Ơ 75 minutes for Section ll 0 score scale: 5 - 495 for each section (1 O - 990 for botlì) 0 approxinìately 30 mirìutes to answer biographical questiolìs W"/fxI.lìlIrìlìIli`JiŕỀt.‹r,›lìl 5
  6. 6. Contents TRAINING COURSE A STUDYING TYPES 0F QUESTIONS PARTS 5&ó I.earning Kei' Points UNIT1 Clloosing the right ivord class 151 frequently-tested nouns in the TOEIC tests . . . . ĩĩt 145 frequently-tested verbs in the TOEIC tests . . 1.` 122 frequently-tested adiectives in the TOEIC tests _ , , IJAJ 75 frequently-tested adverbs in the TOEIC tests ., . ,. ,. . . , . 'rtíẳ Progress test . ạ^-“1 UNIT 2 Clloosing the right i'0rd class 1. Nouns , , .'-E2 I. Posilions of nouns 2. Nouns relerring to people and things Iabstract ideasl 3. Count nouns vs, Uncount nouns li. Compound nouns 2. Adverbs , Jĩ I. Adverbs mudifying verbs 2. Adverbs modífying adjectives 3. Adverbs modilying adverbs ll. Adverbs before lígures 3. Adjectives I. Attríbutíve adjeclives 2. Predicative adjectives Progress test ,, . , . . ái: UNIT 3 Verb forms 1. Partíciples . 4“'3 I. Participles modifyỉng Iìouns 2. Partícipial phrases 3. Partlciples as Conìplements 2. Active and Passive verb forrns e - I. ldentifyilìg active and passivc fornìs 2. Passive lornì Of active Sentences vlith t'lo objects 3. Tovinfinitives v “- I. Verbs 'lllh to-inlinìtives as objects 2. To>ÍnfÍnitíveS as adverbs 3. Verbs ìvith to-ínlinitives as object conìplernents 4. be + adjective + to-lnlinitlve 6 TOEIIỊ Ĩrziiliilìçj lleadliig L`r:rvt_rìrelEl'›EilìtI 860 4. Tenses and subjunctive mood I. Past, Present, Future 2. Present perfect 3. Past perfect 4. Future perfect 5. Exceptíons to agreement of lenses Ó. Perfect subjunctive 7. Past Subjunctive 5. Gerunds . . .':- I. Verbs vlỉth gerunds as objects 2. Gerunds as objects of prepositions Progress test ,, .. . . . UNIT 4 Prepositions 1. Meanings of prepositions . 'Ề ` i. Preposilions of time 2. Prepositions of place, direction 3. Prepositions ol cause, reason Ả. Prepositions Of concession 5. Other important prepositions 2. Expressions followed by prepositions I. Verb + preposition 2. Verb 0 noun + preposítion + noun 3. be + adjectíve + prepositíon lo. Noun + preposition 5. Prepositional phrases Progress test UNlT5 Conjunctions 1. Subordinating conjunctions . ”v ' I. Subordinating conjunctions starting an adverllìặll Clause ol linìe 2. Subordinating conjunctions starting an adverblal Clause ol concession 3. Subordinating conjulìctioiis starting an adverblal Clause of condition 4. Subordinating conjunctíons starting an adverbial Clause ol reasoiì 5. Subordinating conjurictions starting a TTOUII Clause ó. Subordinating coniunctions Starting an advei`bial Clause Ol purpose or result l.l".'l‹'.'.Iìl líll Ill ll.'lL,`l .l.,l Il ii
  7. 7. 2. Correlatíve Conjunctíons, C0-ordinating Conjunctíons. Conjunciive adverbs ìljủ I. Correlatỉve conjunctions 2. Covordínating Conjunctions 3. Conjunctive adverbs Progress test . , . ĩíl/` UNITÓ Pronouns 1. Personal pronouns . , III I. Possessive adjectíves 2, Reflexive pronouns 3. Objective pronouns lơ. Subjectíve pronouns 5. Possessive pronouns 2. Demonstrative pronouns, Demonstrative adjectives . . . . I 1.1 I. those vlho + verb 2. thatithosel OI + noun/noun phrase 3. Indeíínite pronouns I I( I, ati/many/each/every/any 2. one/anotherlthe otherlsi/othersleach other/ one another Progresstest . . . r , .. ,.Iì°- UNIT7 Relative pronouns 1. Relative pronouns I. Retative pronouns - Subjectíve case 2. Relaiìve pronouns ` possessíve 3. Relatỉve pronouns ~ objective case 4. Relatíve pronoun - What 5. Retative adverbs 2. Compound relative pronouns & Compound relative adverbs I. Compound retative pronouns 2. Compound relatìve adverbs Progress test UNIT 8 Comparisons 1. Comparative form , I. more + adjective/adverb + than 2. Adverbs modifying Zl comparatíve form 2. Superlative form . . . . . . . the + supErlati'e form DI an adjectíve/adverb 3. Comparison OI equality as + adjective[adverb ơ as Progress test , . TRAINING COURSE B ASSESSING YOUR PROGRESS PARTS 5&ó Practice Tests PRACTICE TEST 'I T , . . ="“.^ PRACTICE TEST 2 , . . . l~'›f- PRACTICE TEST 3 PRACTICE TEST 4 TRAINING COURSE C PRACTISING T0 ACHIEVE YOUR DESIRED SCORE ACTUAL TESTS ACTUAL TESTÍ , , . Ĩ7; ACTUAL TEST 2 _ ;n .i ANSWER KEY I".I'“/.ITIIỈIIÌILI l`"íL=i.( ‹,ì› l'I ACTUAL TEST 3 I,í"I r`3L ,IỆ-Ĩĩ It`!`V" Lgtị- IL`'.‹ Colltents 7
  8. 8. About This Book TRAINING COURSE Ả STUDYING TYPES OF QUESTIONS & LEARNING KEY POINTS ln this section, types of questions together with essential grammar points that Can frequently be seen in the TOEIC tests are Classified and sys- tenìatically presented. Clear examples are also included so that you can familiarise yourself with these typical questions in Parts 5 & 6. Types of questions are arranged in order of their frequency of occur- rence in recent TOEIC tests. First, you do a multiple-choice question; --E then learn the related grammar points. n"`TT°m ĩ ' A Summary of important points are presented or explaìned. Essential Hưng_ files list possible words and expressions together with illustralive exam- ples. You Should learn these by heart in Order to improve your ability of choosing the correct options for your coming test. IZTA_ ICC_ _R_ - - E This part aims at lìelping you to check your progress after learning the Frỹ-“br-=s“›sĩt“sv “ “”] previous parts. Note that the tests vith more questions given include ._::_A_,_.g____ types of qtlestions that are most frequently seen in the TOEIC actual V ` tests. 8 IEIÌIIKE lr.:ì `-`V I! Rflẫrlíllllfl (,ri^rỊìiA,=l:i-':iS`r`iì Fìiĩtll `v'ul`-"-""-I IlIVllẫIIIII'‹lr' 'Ỹ = "
  9. 9. TRAINING COURSE B PRACTICE TESTS OF PARTS 5816 This section contains 4 practice tests of Parts 5 and 6, whìch have the Same degree of difficulty as that of actual tests. By doing these tests, you can evaluate how much progress you have made after learning items Ìn Training Course A. TRAINING COU°RSE C ACTUAL TESTS RELATED T0 YOUR DESIRED SCORE Three actual tests that have recently been given are presented in this section for you to check your result. If you have studied the two pre- cedíng sections carefully, you Can now be delighted to see your actual progress. [IụauL‹lg_Ị:..Aự ŕ !üg*›!gIP.Ễ " , , J Í
  10. 10. . .v ,vx Il..llI v4lllI'ìlu.ỸvIÙ.Ị !l,μ.`lItuIsIÍlyrIt μl.l‹4t...I .ulll .ễỉaụịả .D9nm.vl‹.W.1aụ3wp›ì.gxíụs l.l1JrJna, ..px D.É,›ẾN›..Gụμ›3vullÌk‹ÌV.nvI.Jơ1.‹. ,l., . sb.tl..txμu. . ‹1n...,..Ưq,cqqv.‹.‹c.4I .ll ..l.q.a....l.lJ,Il1 : . ..vLLu..1vLμnẹmr. .p ,J.x . ..a.. ,gg `.,. .u . mx vNx //rơ, .z _. N V r.. ...,I/I, . n,. K , . .I
  11. 11. v .nl Ạ . . . A. , , . u 4 . va, › v . .. v .E v ‹ ‹. . 1.. V .,x .. . M «., . . lIr.l.llIIllInlllIll.r,lll.1tr..iỈ.A... ..z‹. . . I,.. xt . .I F...l.lx`, ut il,r..v.ELhrl.kl . rt.l .› x
  12. 12. , í É lỉịẵĩjlĨì.K<ỊẵXỈ?ỈềẵllỉỈìỆỆjyllẵllìtẵè IỈĨTỈÍẸỊỈÌTỊỀÊỆ YAV/<Q`1.í<ẻ;Ìl <tỆllfzlsễẵ:ặ `ẵEliỉỈll ĨĨỈỂIQỊỊKỄÍỊÍŨKẮỸ/ẵíồlẫlẵấtểllííẫtltílñlĩttlííìtềl`lÍ0Ỉẫ_[CỆìíổtiílíửj .ll/ẵlĩi íỉialịịltềlaịíllvÌíậẸlỈộItEì-xvẶ=lll“ồị6 ÍĨÌÌ 'íỉílẽ-` `IựO1Ịtc, ãisl-iiỉtư tllẵẵẫề” Ĩtrf-lI,”ỊŨ.IẩlIl`lL`ụI›ỉt=vls*tỉ=TIlĨl rầtìjtốrúttỹtèlã ìtllì `ỉÌốlỗĩ `ấ(0lẵttCỆ 'ẵỉẽhlieì `Ìầẩầ`›`ì`ÍíổlỊỊltẫ!lỈÍỊyỈỈFlì`ỈÌẫlĂltĩ[ẩẮ'(ỗlỈílỂơ'lĨlt”ĨỈÌỈẫ`lÍOlẾÍÍCÌ“íÍấlề`ÌỄr 'q'Ả'A!Aìn'uỊlịị=1âìtở`lt ".
  13. 13. ll l2 l3 16 abstract access l1a'e access to accordance ill Zlccordallce 'Ỉ[lì act admission rcceÍ'e atllllissiolì [tì advance ỉld'2lIlCe(S) ilì advantage tìlke ltdlũlìlỉlgC ol` agreement amount ất COllsídcrềlblc[l1ll'gc/clìtìrlỉìolls] allìollllt of anniversary announcement apology ỉlỊ>ol0g)' lbr ;lcCcj)t ũlì ũỊìol0g)' nìììkę an íiịìology' lhr applicant application job ajìplícutíoll aỊìLìlíL'íìtí0ll ftìrllì lìll ílì[ollt] all 2IỊìplíL'ặllí(>l1 llìake[Ị›1lt ili/Sllbllìit] Zllì Zljìjjlicỉltioll appointnìelìt llỉt'C ìtlì é1jìỵ›L›il1tl1ìŨl1t lxìakelsclìcdlllcl ZIII éljìjìtìilltlììclìt Câlllccl ìllì ajìjìtìilìlillelìt kccịì ìtlì ìtI)lì(ìÍl]tl]ìClì[ d<ìCt0I^`S ỉlptìotllltlìeltt <leI1tiSt`s[delìtíIl] ìtỊìl]0llìtlIìC11[ area g,,Ệ‹|xr;,", . 1l;v N N N ãn Là B d 8 25 32 assistance gí'e nssístìllìcc to 'ith tlìe zlssỉstalìce ‹›l` attention pa)* attelìtiolì to ílttelìlìon to authority ulìdcr tlìe 211ltll0l`i1)' (›l` beneñt budget capacüy celebration ill Celehl'21tioIì Of ceremony ìl'ar‹l Ccrcìnollyl challenge charge ílt 110 clìarge commitment Colnllìitlllcllt to Committee competitìolì Collìjìetitìon lbr lìcrCe[Stíll`/Ílltellsel CL)Iìĩlìt'ỈÌtl0lì bc ill Colllịìetititìlì 'itl1 ill tlle l`aCe ‹ìl` Ctìlììịwtitiolì l`l“0lì compliance ílì Colììjìliallce 'itl colnponent concelìtration ‹:t›IìL`cl1tl“íl1í0l1 011 COHCGYỈI Colìference llold :“1 C0x1l`tĩl'clìCc tlnít 1 <Ỉlc'rL1Sn4l“z_1 ilLA: lttịiìi '.'.í›l‹l tl1`.4» 13
  14. 14. 36 42 48 -19 14 conllict be íll colìñíct 'Í[l) Conjunction ill colljulìclion xvith Connecũon Contribution Inìlke Z! Colltribtltíolì to SíglìilìCant[SllbStíllltíỉll] Colltríblltíolìs to copy cost 0l.ìCl`2ttll1g Ctlst Zlt Iìo extra Cost deadline llìcct 21 deítdlílìc 111155 ìt deadlillc tíglìtlstrictl dearllíllc delegatiolì deposit ỊJUI d0'lì tt deposit description _ÍOt) (lcsCl'iỊJ1iOl1 discount discotlllt 0|] at Z1 tlíscolllìt discussion tllltlcr (lỈSCtlSSỈ(ìl1 disruptíon distribution divisiolì effectiveness eñoñ ilì all elìol`t to tltì Iììỉikc ỉlll Cll`‹ìl`t to (lo elìvirolìlììelìt #'t›l^kilìg cIì'il`Lìlllì1Cllt estimate evaltlatioiì event Ílì tlle (`'Cl1[ LTT. lt.lỂll_ l'v;ilĩi',`i lĨ~μ.Ilvìrj l,ixy:K`nỊJ'Hl`tỈ-r:5:Lìn f7Vẵ`Ỉt đì rx›Ĩ8% 69 excursion go on an excllrsion expansion expense at tllt: Cxpclìse of expertise extension facility factor decídỉlìg[dCCísi'cltlctt:rIl1illillgj [actor fee el1tl'Zll1Ce fee llìelllberslìip fcc field form C'ễtltlẤ*t[Ỉ0l1 f‹›l'x11 application f0l`I11 ñll ill ít forlìì ill tlle lbrlìl of goal ìTCllÍC'C zl goêll reaclì a goal llltilĩìíite goal growth gl`05'[lt Ỉllltìlì guide trâlilìíllg gtlidc healtlì inception increase Ỉlìcrczlse íll ['tl.Ị il1CJ'case vage[ịìĩl)'lSal2l'}I] illcreasc pl`lL`C il1Cl'CzlSC lì! rc íilCJ'eaSC Iìc oil tl1eíllcl'Case inquiry instruction bc llI`1ttel` ll1S[l`tlC[l0lI ttì (lo ilìterruption !li.lEaìl Ỉ'.`ằ: l.l.i.=.li
  15. 15. invention invitation reCeíve[gct] alt ínvitiltíoll accept an Ínvitatiolì ret`1lSe[tIlrn do'nld‹:clil1e] an il1'itatio1l isSlle[exteIId] tin ín'ítatỈon 77 r issue raise an isslle addl'CSS an lSStlC itinerary 79 knowledge kIì0'lCdgC ot` Bo lack lack of [or lack (if Bl length 82 loyalty loyalt_`,' to[tot'Zìr(lS] 83 maintenance lììaintcllalìce ot` nìĩlíntellallcc Crev[nìalì/St'‹ltì`] 84 market Ol] tlìe llìỉlrket llìarket sllìlre lìíclle lI1al^kC[ tsu ill tlìe liìỉìrket lbr 85 matter t‹) nìzlkc Iììattcrs vorse ils tt lI1attcl` of tilct 86 merchandise 87 need lìced l`ol' bc ílì l16C(l ot` lìave lìo lìeed ot` l11cct[SatiSf)'] lt lleed 88 negotiation 89 notice on[2it] slìtìl`t llotice lllltil f1lrtl1crrotic'C 90 obligation l1zl'c alt obligỉltiorì to tlo be tllìder ali obligatíoli to (lo belll1Llcl'l1o tìbligatíoll to do -`aIn~.I'iI.lìl Iặìlìtl l'lt“t`t íịìlll 98 T00 l0l l02 103 T04 105 ll1eet[fulflll] ấllt obligatioll IìIoral[legal /Social] otìlígation colltractllầll oblìgatioll a Scllsc of obligatíolì opportunity oppol`tlll1ít)' to dc) í(leal[i)erfeCt] oỊ>portunỈt_' l'are[lIìi‹l1le] opỊ›0rtlll1it)' Once-il1>a-lỈl`etimc Opporttlnít)' vaSted[loSt/llìíssedl opport1llìit)' take[SCiZe/llse] all opịìortlllìítỵr at tllc ñrstlearlicstl opportIlnit)' 211 Cver)' (possible) opỊìort1ll1it)' Orientation output nìantlfactllrillg otltpllt íI1(lustl'ial ‹›utpllt ỉlgrìcllltllrỉll otltpllt permission 'rỈtten pcrllìíssìoil ask[requcstỊappl)' for] pernìissiorl gívC[gral1t] perlìììssiolì gct[0btaÍlì/ rCcCỈ'e] tìel^I1IÍSSíol1 point to tlle poillt policy popularity gaínlgrtìxt'/ílìcrensej ìlì pop1llzrit)' position bc ill a l)0SÍIt0Il to do potential practice jlllt A Ílìto Ịìl“aìL`tiCc “ precaution take p1`CCìltlỈl0HS SZll`ct)' Ị)l'eCatltí‹›lìs preference preparatiolì ltt j1repìll`2ltíol1 f0l^ presence presentation tlakCIgỈ'C] tlìe Ị)resclìtatiol1 Ol] preselltãlti(›lì ot` Unit T Clìcìoslllrì tlìe rigllt '.nId class
  16. 16. 106 IO? 108 109 Il0 Ill li? li3 TI4 ti5 liñ ll7 ilB TI9 t20 I2l 122 I?3 T24 T25 16 priority top priol`it)' llave pl'ioi'ít)' o'er procedure salìcty' Ịlrocedtlres productivity il1CreílSe[in1pro'e/ raise] prodLlcti'ity project promotion proportion quality he ot` pool'q1lnlit)Y bc ot` g0<›d[liíglì] quality rationale “ receipt oiilliịìtìrìl receipt of record keep Zi rcC`0l`(l of reference for olìe'S relcrellcc ilì[vitlì] rcferellcc to refund gi'e A ổi rel`Ill1d '‹l itlll reflllìd tzìx I`eftlnd registration regìstrảltíun fee reliability replacenìent request l'ctỊlIcst l`c›l` zlt olìc`S l'e‹j1lcSt lili l`Cqtlest reqLliI'enìent lilcet[lìllñllIsỉltisl`)'] a l`cqllÌrcnìcIìt resource lì2ltlIl`2ll l't'St)ul'L'Cs lillzlllciỉll rcsoilrces restllt 'rls zi l`l:Slllt ‹>l° elltlllìllìll/lìctj l`C5tllt review itiifií. lY.1li1lli_]ltL~;:íii!ìtìLUlIIpvŕlli^1ì*iỵJĩi E00 T26 T27 128 129 T30 l3l T32 T33 I34 T35 T36 T37 l38 139 T40 t4i t42 143 right l°CSCf'e tlle rigllt to do rise price risc gi'c rise to rival rival Colììpttlljt schedule oll scllcdulc zllieỉld of Sclledille bellilld sclledlllc Sequence ÌII seqtlcllcc senes a series of service CtlS[0lTCl` Service ill Service otlt ot` Ser'iCc Session traillìlìg “sessioll shortage il Slìortagc of alì ílcllte Sll(lrtagc of '21ter shortãlge llollsillg Sllorlugc site CollstrtiCtiLìll[l›1lÌl‹lilìg] Site source l11Zljor[pril1ì2ìr)'/ liìàlill] .`(ìtll`C8 ot` standard Safct)' stiI1daI'‹ls ii'illg S[ỉtlldỉIT(iS strength Subscriber Subscription slIl›SCl`ipti(ìIì [tl surnniary ill StlIlìll1al')' supervision Illtticr tlle S1lỊ>CrvÍsiolì ot` supply `xI.“`.",“`.t,llỈl:'ll!Ịẵ`.'l4 -
  17. 17. T44 T45 T46 147 I48 ll 13 T7 surplus technician technique time tool accept account accotlnt for acquire address advise advise A abollt[tìl] B allow ỉlllL›v A Io do 2t1l0' for announce answer anticipate appear appoint ỉIt)t)0Íl1i. A to dt) approach arrange arrive attempt attelìlịìt tt) do attend attract ĩltlract attelìtion ềìttract ilitercst attribute ấlttríbutc A to B bc attributed to `.".n".'.'-XI ttitzĩiìtl !'iŕ'l.f(.1rit T49 150 t5l 19 27 35 transition tralìsition froln A to B warranty lllìder 'al'rí!nty wear Ấ T45 frequently-tested verbs in the TOEIC tests authorize ailtllorize A to do become change charge be ct1arged_vitl1 collaborate collaborate 'Í[it collaborzlte Ol] complete Conduct Colìdtlct Ll Sur'cjy' connect conserve consult Colìsult A abollt B Collstllt 'itl1 contain contribute Ctìlltriblltc lo cover create decide decide to (lo decline decrease deliver be deli'ered to Unit 1 <Ệlìo‹JSiiIK_ì ilìl` vl‹_Ịlvt `.'.'.ì:ri ợ i,`lSS =='Ỉơt,Ul~: * 17
  18. 18. za: ra A Jb. Sh A :L .an :oz N -O Q <.n M LJ* ẵxaẽiẩầấ 62 18 demonstrate depan design be desiglìed to do detail develop diagnose discontinue discourage (liScolll"‹lge t l`l'on1 t-ing display emerge cnìcrge as enable Clìable A to (lo enclose enhance enroll ellroll in enstlre elìsurc tllzlt eiìter escort escort A t(› establish evaluate exceed expect he cxj>e‹ĩtCd t‹ì &lo expire express exỊ)l'eSS (zllì) iI1tL'l'CSt ill Cxịìress Colìccrlìs Zlbtìut exterìd fall feattlre fill lìll ali ‹›rdcl' l0LlỈ Trdinrlìgi Rr-arilng C‹)nìf›iL`lir`lIS'cll fĩfμtt 69 70 :nan N N-Ềmẵằăăẫ ằẵẵẫẵ vtollow he lblloVed by forward for'ard A to B fulfill ftlllìll ali aiI1ì[g‹)2Il lol3_ÍeCti'c] grant gralìt A T3 grow guarantee handle hesitate llesitíite to do hire hold llold tllc jlostíiìosilioli/ol`liCc] host ignore implement include increase indicate install institute instruct be ilìstrtlctcd to do intend intelld to do be illtclìded f‹ìr keep last load make Ilìake ễl ptlrcllělse molìitor notify lI0tỈr)' A ot` B ll0til`y A tlìŕit `.l'x't*ỵ'*`.'.l il ltì I'll! ilÍí 't .coiìì
  19. 19. 92 93 95 99 100 i0l l02 103 104 105 106 T07 108 109 tiũ lil obtain obtaíiì A t`rolìì B ohtaílì A ttirotlglì B occupy offer olt`er 1 to B paint peak permit bl: Ịìel'lI1iItcd to &lo pertailì pcrtấlilì to picture place Ịìlztce ali ordel' Ịìlace 'alue oll pi2lCC íllìportìlllce oll plỉlce clììplìasis oli postpone Ịìostịìolìe '-ilìg be Ịìtìstlìtìlletl tllìtil present preserve prevent pl'c'ciìt A froliì '-ilìg process prolong promote prolllotc A to lổ propose provide ỊJr'o'idc .À 'Íti] B purcliase qualify ‹Ị1lỉllíl`_' lhi' ‹Ị1l2Ilil)' A l`ol' lì raise l'ảliSe ỉi'íi i^Cr1CsS ot` receive l'CCei'e A froltl lầ l^eCei”e attclìtiorì it2 ll3 114 115 itõ ll7 118 il9 T20 l2l 122 T23 i24 l25 T26 127 T28 T29 130 líit T32 133 l'eCeive StlỊ)p0f[ receive training receive edllcatioll receive tlie prolnotioll recommend recolnnìelld X7-ing recollmìelid A to B be recolììlrìelìded lor record recruit reduce redilcc A to '-irìg regain l`egailì colìscíollslìess register l'egister ftìl' reject release remínd rcllìilld A lo d‹) renìove l'el11o'e A l`rolìì B replace l'cplace A 'ítli B report represent require be l`L'qlliI'ecl to Llo reserve I'eSel'e A fol^ tì respond i`esiìOl1tl tkì restore restore A trì 13 resume retailì review schedule l>e Scliedllled to do bc SCiC(ỈttiCd tor seek lllìit Ì lil Ỉl35lFỌ tiie Ĩllrlriii '.lTl!íi cld~5 19
  20. 20. 134 T35 136 T37 T38 T39 li 20 serve set up settle show Sl1ov il1tel'CSt ill sign Sigll ili) for Sign ìl col1tl'act submit about bc about to do absolute ili íìtìsoltltc terllìs accessible e2lSily[rcả1dil)'] accessible additiolìal íldditiolial irlforllìatioll 2l(iLiiti0l]ìli Cllil'ge íldditiolìzil Cxjìelidittlrc administrative affordable anìbitious apparent l`(ìl` IIO 2tỊJ}>:ll'Cl1t reasoll appropriate iligi1i_'ÍCtt[iTCi_'/'i]0ii)'1 nj›i3l`Opriatc 2ippl'ojìl'iỉlte tilìielplílcej asstlred be aSS1ll'e‹l ot` hc assilrcd tlìílt available l'eĩILtil_'['iLlcl_'] zi'ẽlilable Ĩỉìfltị iIỊltlìll'tl lit*.3riv^'lrị t^I'-ll`Ịiif,lìt-i1Strl`i Ềñll l40 T41 T42 143 144 145 T22 frequently-tested odiectives 13 T5 ' substitute Substitute A for B summarize take train traill A Ít] B be traincd in welcome win 'Ỉl1 an zli'ar‹l Ín †he TOEIC tests aware 'cll[i`ull)'lvaciltel}'] '‹t'ZtfC bc a'are ot` benefícial belieiìciẽll to[l`‹:lr] broad broâid ColìScl1StiS[agrecliielìt] close bc Close to keep '‹I Close e)'c oll keep in Close Colìtỉict VÍii] common C0mlIl0lt kl1o'lCdge ccìlììllìolì gf0tll1d complete Colììplete 'itlt complimeiìtary CoIlìpliIì1el1t2lr)' tickets con1pliIIiei1tal`y alìollt comprehensive confident colìii‹lcnt olĩếlbotlt] ctìlìlidelìt llial1l1el` x'xf`.".V`."/.I til‹°tllil iv.'if°t.‹ ‹›Iìl
  21. 21. 25 30 32 Confidential keejl A Strictly Contitlential considerable Colìsiderable aIìiollìt[Ilunìber] of continuous colltilìllotls ecoiioiiìic gro'tl1 convenient current declining detiliitive deI`lliti'e agl'ecirieiìt deliberate delicate desirable liighl)'deSir1lblc detailed tletŕlilcd description detailed al1aìl)'Sis disappointed be disaiìptiilìtetl ílt['itl1/Zlbotlt] bc Llisỉtppoilìted to l1eỉll'[seeIlii1Ll] dissatistied be dissatistied 'ith due be dtle to (it) eager be eager to dtì eflicient eligible bc clígible to do elìtertainílig equal cqtlzil l1Illx1bct`laI1ì‹ìtlI1t]ot` be ot` eq11al'al1le be Lìl` Cqtltli iliìỊ)0fitllìCC bc Ccltlỉti ill siZe[lelìgtlì/lieigiit] be eqtlnl to essential bc essclltiắll to exceptiolìal l.`.r".`LI`.".'.lliìμìi lÍfi`.*lŕ`i 1 tỉìlẽ à .en .:L J: ub M cv Lh ah thì Ế 53 62 66 67 exclusive have cxCllSi'c Ilse ot` exclusive report[co'eragc] exemplary following frequent guided gilided totlr healthy helpful llclpfìll ỉidvicc high lliglì price[Chalige] lìiglì tax ill lugll Speed híglì proportiolìijwrcelitagel ot` idle improper illìproper beliaviourlcoliductl incidental V increased increasing indicative tie iltdiCati'E ot` initial initizll Stzlgetpllase/i›eritìd] interactive interested he illterestetl il] key later latest leading limited long minor native I1ati'e t‹ì near Uliit 1 CtìrJrJ3'Iìr] the rảgtìt '.'uU'‹i class
  22. 22. 58 nearby 93 Ị responsible 69 next be responsible for 70 notable 94 ' routlne 7! numerous 95 secure 72 Ongoing 96 sensitive 73 only 97 slncere 74 open 98 Skilled g be tìpclì to bc Skilled at[lli] 75 optimistic 99 Spac'°us bc Optinìistic 2ti70tl[ 100 steep 76 orderly l0t strategic iii ali orderly' lìlấlllnel' 102 stringent 77 Outgtẵing 103 strong oiltgoillg rìlail _ _ 104 subject 78 outstanding bc sI.bjẸC1 10 79 per s°'1al 105 subsequent 80 pleasant IDG substantial 81 pleased 107 successful be iìlcased IL, do higlìly s1lc‹`cSst^1ll 82 popular be SllcCeSsl`1ll ili Vrillg l11lgel)'[enorlIìousl)'/illllnellselyl poỊ)ll11l` 108 Superior be populzll' 'ltti[aiIìor1g] bc Slllmrior to 63 previous 109 Surpius 84 productive strri)llS ftlllds iligili)' p.r0dtlCtỈ'C IIO temporary pr0dllCll`Ve Or Oll tỉ tcllìỊìor2lI')' htlsis 85 protective 111 ulìavailable protecti'e Cltìtl1il1g[eqtlij>I1Iel1t] be lllla,ail2Ible 10 86 qualified 112 uiìcertain be qtlalilieti tbr ll3 unexpected B7 ready 114 unfavorable 88 reasonable 115 unstable B9 , related be l`elatetl to iis upcomilìg 90 relevant 117 tlseful tlSet`1Il lol' reliable tltỉ valued 92 repetitive 119 versatile TCjìt?[ỈtÌlC '‹›I'kltaskS/_iLìbS] 22 TLlElC Tralllĩlig Retlătliìfi(rIn1i'›rkliErl5'iin Fiôil `."i"y'l.`-.l liiì‹llìilÍliE`[.L`Ol'll
  23. 23. 120 Vital 121 vulnerable be vtlllìerable to T22 wide a tvide rallge of ỀZIẤ 75 frequently-tested odverbs in the TOEIC tests 1 absolutely 2 accordingly 3 adversely 4 again 5 already 6 also 7 always 8 approximately 9 briefly ttl carefully lt cautiously clearly 13 closely completely 15 consistently 16 conveniently 17 currently lB definitely 19 dramatically 20 easily 21 effectively 22 efticiently 23 especially 24 exclusively 25 finally 26 frequently ~.'xf.^`.'"J.Iìlì.JlìiI Ít. Í-.ĩí.‹:‹›IIl Ế Ểẵầẵãẵẵẫãẵ Ji .D sự ựb. -5. Ju .:L A Im N U3 U! Jì (42 N -I generously highly l1iglll)' ettìcíellt llighly Skilled lliglìly trained immediately ilnmediately bel`ore[after] indirectly individually later likely mutually nearly necessarily occasionally ohen once zlt oltcc all at otìcc only originally particularly perfectly personally previously primarily probably piomptly Unit 1 choosing the right '0id (less 23
  24. 24. 24 property provisionally quickly rapidly reasonably ' recently regularly relatively separately shortly shortly befol`e[al`ter] since Soon sparingly specially TOEIC Tralnliig R9tl(ilIìg CoirìplI`lEnS!clĩì 8t}0 Eẵt‹Ta'rt›”Z'ồ'88Ến'8ẫ8í?‹°.'› still Suddenly surely temporarily then thoroughly too unbearably unexpectedly usually Very well yet llave yret to vvw.nlìalìtriviet.coiìì .....,.......... ...Ạ.' .....μ....-,
  25. 25. ,rg:v..*.=Yăx,`:ę‹t.r- liĩil`_ 1. PROGRESS TEST Project funding outlines must be filed before the end of the week and should contain a colìcise and a short budget Outline. (/X) ilit'íIlIIIl‹,] (tì) lìeliel (tị) 1:"/.tịllltằitìll (D) 2'lt)Eătl`ỉlr`.t Collectors gathering especially delicate plant species nìust label speciinens ( *'t L.L`iliIlặjlịl (l v Ỉ'ltiilìỊlil,t (t 2) ‹:oI'l:'ìirlel'íìlJl)I (fl) I1tli'Iìely The entirety of the museum'S artilact Collection has been for. i/ít) ilầI,CIl`‹,lx”:‹,i (lẩ) ậi‹:‹;<JUlIl‹'ti ((.3} í=;<]ìl:ìiiìeLl (I l)‹:L1lctllí1led Later in the year, when X Press the smaller publísher Zippy Books, many departments will be merged. (rẸ`Ề llltĩlt lŕỉlĩ All salespeople are expected to client complaints in a polite and restrained manner. t/`.`,l .'ilIi/A. (iiÍỉ !‹li`Ì,`tr:,`*› (1 jilliíllllì (lì) `›`rìl1‹i VIwvI.nlìaIitriViet.coiĩì T0. The state is undergoing a drought that is affecting crops and driving up food prices throughout the nation. (A) valtlably (B) strenuotlsly (C) aclversely (D) exactly Ms. Costa, an innovation Specialist, has our staff on the effective lìandling ol disgruntled customers. (A) desiglìed (B) adIised (C) pl'oposed (D) stlggested The budgetary working group incorrectly that the temporary merger action team's activities could be supported by this year's budget. (A) alìlicipated (B) collected (C) sponsorecl (D) selected The management group a new domestic manager to be in charge of the office every three years. (A) deposits (B) íìỊ)|)()ifì[S (C) predicls (D) operates All management seminar presenters may have a meeting with city politicians should they so desire. (A) collected (B) aliglìed (C) Coiitrollecl (D) arrarìgeii Unitt choosing therightword class ỉ 25
  26. 26. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Clients can always be that the IT Department is constantly engaged in lhe protection of personal details. (A) aSStll`ed (B) dedicateci (C) decided (D) indicated Bookman's Booksellers suffered a 40-percent decline in sales in the last quarter, a situation to increasing pressure from online Sellers. (/) accllserl (8) pI'eSented (C) clísappr'oIed (D) attribtited During t0m0rrow'S board meeting, the question of increasing the main Conference room'S to Seat the meeting participants will be raised. (A) Íiìtensitỵ/ (B) aplíttlde (C) Capacityl (ID) preparatiolì Well-regarded computer design Specialist Juan Nunez with Silicon Venture's Advertising Department to create a campaign for the new series of Silicon Venture computers. (A) I'ecalle‹i (B) collzlboltìtetl ((1) pl'Lìli(led (D) enVisagie(l ln his ratification ol the memorandum oi agreement, Chairman Tae Gyoiìg Choi demonstrated his to cooperation with our company. (/) assessnìeiìt (B) rlịllểĩlelìtìtì (_(;) selrìrĩtírllì (D) (IOlIìllìÍilìì["llt TOEIC Trazning Reading Comprehertsiorl 860 16. All aspects of the company's 17. 18. 19. 20. performance are regularly checked by health and safety inspectors, making with government regulations over a company priority. (A) risie (B) Compliance (C) accunìtllation (D) fìi`ObabÍlityI All Customers of the Hakama Hotel can use their room keys to access the V computers with Internet access in lhe business center. (/) clelilìile (B) lraveling ((3) SỊ):ìt:iotls (D) Colìì[JlÍIì'IeIìtar)I Machine tools are now designed in such a manner that old or damaged can be easibl replaced. (/) cliIÍder1dS (B) Colìlijolìenls ((ì) representatives (D) Ílìstittitions A tax Specialist will be available for consultations to discuss any V that staff members may have about lhe Upcoming changes in regulations. (ŕ) Colnrjonents (El) ÍtììỊ)0l`tẾìllC9 (C) agle‹3l'Iìerìt (Ei) c‹ìlìCeI'ns ln view of her demonstrated intelligence, díligence, and general Competence, l am that Ms. Jeon will be a valued employee at whichever company she finds employment. (/) ‹`(1tìlirlr:nt (H) liỈ>l‹ll(ìtJS ((3) lltjtikỉtŕdble (D) Íi'ilelligỊelìt www.nhar'ítrivlet.com .,†`,z .v.v,«,,v . ,.:ę‹.‹. .níi . v .. e. Ặ l Ì
  27. 27. 21. All employees must get a special security 27. The human resources team was tasked pass to access the document room due with finding -- _- v_ a- methods to increase to the nature of many of the staff morale. papers stored there. (A) olìtained (A) lirììitilìçi (B) aclditional (B) ỊJi'oporlioIìate (C) decidecl (C) confidelìtial (D) approxilnate (D) StlI'I'‹ìul1dìlig 28. The branch supervisor stated that the 22. The city's chiet of planning has cancelled Customer development team would his meeting with local construction Surpass its yearly quota. companies because of a in his (A) freely appointments. (B) extremely (l) Kìcìlnlìllìatiolì (C) definitely (B) μIG'CnÌÍOlì (D) Llstially (C) Iolln'.Iiiif_Ị (D) ‹:‹llifli(ĩl 29. The Northern Center for Medical Research sent a to Hong Kong 23. The new washing machine's greatest for the tropical disease conference. advantage ls that it can water. (A) nomination (À) Crìllsel Ie (B) revision (B) avoicl (C) rlescriplioli (C) aI,:c‹)llìfìlisl`l (D) delegation lvlj) Lìolxìilŕìle 30. The sudden increase in sales lígures for 24. Because of Lily White Paper's Outdoor World is thought to be a result late deliveries in shipments, Office Master of the magaZine's V 7 V ri policy ol Stationery has cancelled its contract with targetíng younger readers. that c0mpany` (A) delÍt>eI'ales (/) strríxrlily (B) LlclilJeI':llely tit) fétầlissiljiyl (C) rleliberale ibt ;) t`>:ẽìt.l|y (lì) delil3el`atirig ([ì) A.lìli:ậi:7it`lìlix' 31. llìternational Fasteners' products are 25. ln finding design inspiration for new all subject to a quality control Structures, Mr. Tanaka will often process. with his team members. (A) (leỊ3CrI(ljeíìỉ (/.) rịíli l:`-.iilt (B) *.'itiìlìeld (lĨt) il J`.IilKv` (C) Sti'Ìngelìt (trị) l""` ttt: (l.t) iotilìtltằcl {[)_) tt`ql l- i 32. l-lSB's technology Staff will V V the 26. The price of seminar tickets company's new range ot multimedia entrance to the seminar as vell as all Softvare at the Upcoming cyber expo. accommodations. (I-(ì Ĩ(ìIel.ate *I”`.) "*: .vlị'»:ĩ (L`vỈ; Ẹ.iìt',tìLirỈlgie vji t`y ‹`<,`'‹'I'. (CI) clelììoiìstlíìte (f”l) çillrìitlŕg (Li) østollislì (IJ) 5i7rl4;ì‹l:ả v'x'*.I.nlì‹1rttri'iei.LOlìl Unltt choosílig the right word 'Class ắ 27
  28. 28. 33. The domestic management team has recently developed a paper that the company's expected short-term financial performance. (/) r:íìl'lesiJK'Ịl lt'l:› (U) Lìxpentfì (K_1) i›rCt'lẾllt`Ẹ; (IJ) ciầẫlĩlìltĩ 84. Lakeside Hospital has been provided with medical imaging technology that is expected to allow doctors to cancer in its early stages. n_`/X] ' lilii (R) (2t.)liỉ'l(,`lỀẫH (‹”Ị2) Cllịtịli l(t' rr (lỆl)l1!:.iìt›i'i‹l 35. When installing new software on any device, it is important that all of the steps be made in the correct (A) e›;iìol lită,E (R) ‹iil'(rĩCti‹.1lì (1 1) fl: tltlŕvỉlíi (l)) 1:.2iI_‹jí: 36. The booklets that used to come with all Simplicity kitchen appliances have now been in favor of online guides for its products. (‹() tlŕtliiíìi (lì) lI;IIIỊ›‹`iâui,' (t`_ì) t':‹.Jl'i(lillL'›il:il (i.`ì) (iÍl›Ỉ`Ul Iiiiìllâìil 37. Universal Online Services would like to extend an apology to all of the customers afiected by last week's ln Services catised by the recent storms. l,'”^.) iliitỉitiiìlì tiã) ‹›tltlìil.'^.'il‹ iiĨ`i I: tiề; ;Ẹ`ilAr"'t '- `. ltltiiliìil Z8 TOEIC Travlìlng Reading Clĩzlìilrellellslon Stuf) 38. Due to 39. 40. 41. 42. environmental Cleanup problems at the proposed Site, construction of the new Warehouse will be postponed indefinitely. (/) 0lt_()OÍllg (lì) rliS;ŕ;0iIeCi (tễ) i'L`,›5ti"ciiIìẾì.rl (El) l:‹Jlì5ẵi<lr3i`L`tttầ Starting April 1, all books checked out from Williamstown municipal libraries will have their dates extended by one week. (Á.) (J)r'.'ilIị) (lì) rjiltẽ l_QỈ‹l iì.a=,I,3i›ia= igi IV ill !!ll:~ Agricultural product exporters were to make deals with buyers in developing markets until the financial crash halted their plans. vĨ'›`u) iŕ:ìỊ)tẦ:' ([i) (:r›li:.`tili‹;lii/tt (tr) t“tŕi.'tiÍ`.'tÐ (lì) lỆiv'Ìili;Í(ltlỈ`› The release of lntermedia's new software vlas postponed when a crucial problem during testing. (,IỊ`-.) i'lIir`iglI:`li (tì) lấ`i ,. (t`)) i‹.`:!t:lŕ,`.‹'l All Staff members who have been with the company for fewer than 12 months are required to in the Future Managers Conference. v_.'”.: v l'l'.lil illy] i`t'itt( ưVwv.nhantriviet.com i X. i ;
  29. 29. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. The achievements made by Vladimir Smirnov in theoretical physics are made all the more extraordinary, when it is considered that he is not yet 30. (IX) gỊiẩ.lii`,' (i't) tllìtifẫllftiilji (iỊỊ) t“'jt)ÉEt:iÉtiiy (1)) r1‹,^;2:Ítỉ*.'r`,i`,I The strategic planning division predicts that We will this year's client development goal dtiring the last quarter of the year. (/rỳ`-) lnỉii' (tiã) I':'-i`ltt`.`t (i.`a) ll".lỈŕ3lĨ ili!) F:r`í:"i=ii Ms. Yang has most offered to Organize the annual company family day. (J`) fI.l`t›Ii`ii‹›!l:ảlẶ' (B) iirlLìiI<`.il'lll`,I it?)íấ:`<‹.t:j1llKJiĩíầll`,I ll`i,i I)í'lilÌli ltiấ`i,l Outgoing CEO Edtvard Nowak held a quiet dinner for Company employees to nìark the occasion. ii".l lil›¶(iliỊ1Il`yl (ttl Ị,›--i.ỉ_V (t,ì) ‹`>:l;ii i'ẵi"0*`i`/ ii I; llif ‹::!ảt.=l`,I Members of this afternoon's tvlìale watching must have tlìeir tickets validated by tlìe activities officer' in tiìe lobby (Ệ `‹ gìiỵìyii li ,'‹i `r'.'t'xIư`.'.l ii i.?:ầlrẵ`.'ic`t.‹ (liìl 46. 49. 50. 51. Mr. Francisco was presented with a special incentive award due to his performance in handling customer complaints. (/) í3:‹eiliị)lZiry (B) rloulìlfiii ((l) Cleiìelìrtelìt (l >) Ịìl'«ỡsf7I,IctiIŕI The landlord has concern that inany renters are not adequately maintaining the interior appearances of their apartments. (/) r9t`Oi)0S6d (I t) ‹;Ul'iìiììciit‹ầd ((3) rcçỊ:Il`‹leỉi (fi r,`›:iìIl.'5!‹I`ri European Petroleum'S managing director has revealed that the company has won permission to prospect ín several vlildlife reserves. (/) iiiìěìilỵr (Li) t',‹,>‹)Ii (tỉ) ‹2l‹'›ĩĩtEl`,I (lì) yet The rneet and greet with new clients vÍll begiiì al 6:00 p.m. and will be by a cocktail iìour before dinner. (/) iri`.'íìlìLĨiằti (l,ll ‹i‹“=lÉI`,4'‹:(i (tii |›i‹,›l:‹`.i:(lF.'ỉi (i ì) ltìllr›`.'x/tìtl Due to tlìe rapidly expanding nature of ttie Foxton Corporation, the board gathers its managers at the main bi'aIìCh fol' ilìforlĩìation sessions. i/"l i›t'fiIiL'ililỵI (ti, 'iii lt iiiliĨii`/ l_" I‹l'ivliIr.-íli',' (4)) rlj.`i›lvl>:lIuliẫit*l`,' Unitt Choosingtherìght'nvordClass Ệ 29
  30. 30. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. We are probably going to need some temporary staff if We are to our current orders on time. (/) affect (B) llllfill (C) (:Oi'rlÉiilì (D) lIlGiìil(`ilt Our company often Special leave to employees With newborn babies and small children. (i't) l`etiie'oỸ"ă (ri)ị)lf1iìÍ“i (i,íi ‹i‹ỡil:il‹.', (Li) iŕ,`titiii'c-tạ A new theory on productivity states that those ivho are organized in their daily habits often produce the most. (/) tliçltìly (F3) lìopeftllly ((3) r›ltìl)alJl)' (D) iíileiy Company security members are determined that none of their new regulations, no matter how inconvenient, be by the staff. (I') lJi3li.'.`.`^‹'^ti Liri) iịi!i‹›I'‹'‹l iỳlị) L:rNiãlnìil`.'4, (lì) it'ỆEỊA,ilLÍIL"Li The company intends to a new, more thorough selection process for applicants to avoid hiring substandar'd employees. (/) lIiì,'ìlr!li1í`iìt :l,'n) llíuf ' (tø) illấxlillí,-Ì (ti) `.1‹`t.‹-r›iị_rja:i`, TOEIC Trailiirĩtj Rearlilìg compicvhensĩurt 860 58. The new position requires a mature 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. candidate able to build an entire department from its very (A) Catise (B) soltltiolì (C) gir'0vtlì (l)) irìr,:eptiolì ln the recording of memoranda arising from meetings, it is not essential or desirable to record , unimportant details. (A) ‹le‹:i'e(15ắed (P3) Íllsuiiltìieiìi ((J) ilìcideiìtal (lì) i)ii.'Ii°B(iLllSit6 Slow sales are not always of ineffective advertising campaigns. (/Ă) riilrĩísivo (B) r'elììílìis‹;eilt ((2) iJr‹ìto‹:tiIe (D) ilìr,llr“,alirấ- Kobayashi's traditional Japanese Cakes are all packaged and are beautiiuliy Wrapped in a box with fine paper. (/) iiIKJi'1i‹ll!'rìli' (lt) l‹r"ậ‹ ;'Il`,Il|JI (ia) fiiLẵiii'ẵ'lI' (il) .lỊiglI‹'›>lilri:1lei)I ln order to bring the IT team in line with the rest of the company, HR has a dress standard for all team members. s/'ii Jỉlỉđiiliiilĩrl Lili !I'lIt!(i It,ì)!l1,=i.iLif.li ;i`t) l(.^`~i*Ị›ii”!ili"I,l The Finance Department was to offer a refund to the CJ Rightway Corp. for shipping damage. l'l" l",-: i`I›I ll 'i (Ỉi) 7Itì',ri (t ;ji ‹li>ilinri‹iIầ‹,l il,ì) ÍlllI:i`iI,l(:‹l 'vWW.nhantríviet.com `^__- _____` '..-.”ị.`..J
  31. 31. 64. lt is anticipated that during the network 70. ln accordance with its environmental rewiring process on Monday, there Will policies, the company prefers all be a Company-wide 7 v in Internet landscaping surrounding its buildings to services. be comprised of vegetation VV 7 to (/) diSlin‹,:tioiì the uocatlon' (lì) stllìliìissioil (A) acC0r'dÍng ((Ĩ) ‹`.il`‹`.Liiíiti‹7rl (B) Ị)iìySlCỆtl (t`)) ílltẸtl'r'LlỊJtir›iì (tì) IlatiIe (lì) ễlç)t›i't!xiiììílte 65. MS. lto's includes brief layovers in LA and Chicago. 71. Views expressed by opinion Writers (Fx) Ịjấìsiliịjlì published ln the Domlnlon Times do not - represent the views of the (B) ititìE!laIồ, publishers of this newspaper ((^;) t,`il^f`.tiit (lit) iìattol'Ii (A) l›aI'L'l)I (B) lìigilit' ((3) glarlllữìllặl 66. ln with conìpany regulations, all (Ít) IIlĨCFĨSS8"Íl)' employees must wear protective clothing when handling dangerous goods. 72. Renters taking over recently vacated apartments shall have no - to repair damage done by previous tenants. (Ất) Cli)SÍlii_) (B) seeilìçj ((}) ketầrìilìg (D) j‹`Ílìilì(] (/) r.ìle‹igỆB (i3) Ị.li'‹llIiÍS‹? (C) rlbilgiatiolì 67. First State Bank is offering a range (Ít) í'ỀIIgZtẾll=lIl9IIỈ of discounted financial services in an attempt to build customer 73. To ensure production continuity, Medicorp Will request guarantees front potential Suppliers. l_I') lìlậilntls ll3`J ll‹›lle:ầl`,I (tì) li'›C::li43iìs (D) iír`,I.Illiỵ.I ()_) illtầllìịlttilely (B) llìiii'ị]iIì‹ìlly (CÌ) r.›r:('a:ìioIìí1lly 68. SalaZar's Cleaning and Repairs landed (i`›) Llxìr`‹,ìIlìIlì0Iìly the contract for the of the recently completed Parkivays Mall. .~ , .. 74. The Txvin Pines Mall 20 acres of (,t) flidllìiblltliltnti _ _ (ì_,lì l_1l`tÍ(,iỹ ),ìtìIẸII pI'lme real estate on the outsklrts of town. (trì) :iỊ›i›li‹ĩ:ìiiẸlVì (/') r,1l.(,Livs t`i.i) Il“:I'Il:.,xlilIiL^r.IIi (iỗ) ilĨ::l‹ir`fẵ. (tí) ‹›C‹ìl lrlics (TJ) I‹:iIlLìiiis 69. Here at Homebuilder's Home Loans, ve are doing our best to build benelicial relationships with all of our 75. lt is recommended that this glue Custonìers. be used with wooden objects as it is __ọ ívl‹) IìlLlÍll`,_llI`l unsuitable for plastics. ,` .. (it) ỊJtIiii:iLlẸill(r (A) Ll‹ltll'›iy (C) resỊiElr;tiIcitI (B) lì‹':'cìii)I ii (D) Ị›i^e‹:i:iely* ((7) oiìly (D) vWI.nhavìtriViet.conì unlri choosing tfìelightwold class Ị 31 _
  32. 32. 32 76. Jamison's press release stated that 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. the company remained about making an out-of-Court Settlement. (A) '/illiliçj (Fi) O))iĨtilÍSiÍ(Z (tì) IÍsi‹›l li1I,l (lì) :1ssrJiii`.Il`. Grace Park was booked to iteadline Friday's recital, but, due to illness, she will be replaced by up-and- coming violinist Matthew Davis. (/) iltitrrìllụr (t.t) Ctilt'elìtly (C) cCllìŕ3i(it;r:ílt‹›ly (lì) tillçjíliểtliyv' Nevl comptlterized flow controls have allowed for such a massive increase in that ve now liave to linìit our nìonthly production totals. (A) lrlcệltirllì i_lt)iìl‹3iJI1ltIiioiI li,,`) ()llỈt_iLlỈ (D) il.lles 85. New Day lnteriors has received several atrlards for tite service offered by its highly-trained employees. (A) Ỉt)lỊ)lỦliliỊ) (lầ) ‹›Lll:;taiìdiIIg'; (U) lììztçiliilieri (tì) lì!›prìitIi 86. Mi; Garcia's Supervisor of thI'ee years praised his ability to keep his head, in emergencies. (/) lL":u,tt,ili5l (B) D.C‹:iiI':ìil.Ầl' (t`2) tằaịjtri iti (D) |JỆtttÍtỊiliLìlil 87. All inquiries to f`teiu'I pay deductions mtlst be directed to tlìe doriìestic management team. (/) çỊlŕtl`ite(l (B) rec‹=ivÍiìg (C) ilertailìirìg (D) sinìilar' TOEIC Training Reading Comprehension 860 82. 83. 84. Recent research shows that consumers have a for shopping for music and books online. (/`) i›l'‹>llxr›lioIi (li) Uf)tllieS),l (tì) íỊlllìiJtllìl (i)) Ị,ìlt:ieleiìr;e As for the health and safety inspector's visit, all employees are asked to revise their knowledge of lhe company's safety code. (i't) Ịìiesniìtation (Et) Lieieềriìlilìíitioiì (ilJ) Ị›rr3)ìaI'Ẹìtic)iì (l7)) íltiiliilliỉìtiŕltltìll The CEO has requested the of all employees at the disciplinary hearing that 'Jill be held on Wednesday. (lt) rlCCillr'en(:e (Lễ) tjrịiellìcỷ if ẵi i›Ií“ ii Ệ) Ílt."ISỈ(1lìCt} Balancing this year's budget must have over all other tasks. (l".) ilildìlitxr iU_) -ìt‹lti‹,iLIr‹l (i,L) le::olIe iii) ‹:i‹-Ísiil All staff members got a large amount of work completed at last week's planning session, and, since it was so , another is planned for next week. (`:""x) t,Jx‹ì‹iii‹:ti`.r'‹.` tl t) iililliitlỉltli ií.`v) llILitiL`ili)iỆ (I ij IỤllll,tặil'll All company hardware must be regularly maintained in order to its lifespan. l.v”i Ịler^fảist (it) !ặrìrll!i't= (LL) eiilíllgt: (Lì) iì!‹Jlol'lgj www.nhantriviet.com
  33. 33. the delay in the Shipment of your product and requests ttìat you accept that all future orders will be shipped (A) rỉìridolììly ([t) prrìiiliìlly ((1) l'elatiIely (D) ultiili'çtttìl)I B9. More than 30 percent of respondents reported that they spend a large of their incomes on their children. (/Ã) siĩtì (Ll) Ịìl'otJíiitioiì (tì) eritlixlŕllciirịte (I >) tĩontlìilìatirrn 90. While Mr. Santos has been declared chairman of the board, it will take ratification by the board of trustees to make the nteasure official. (/) ‹;‹,vr'IìỊJŕìi:il1ly (B) f(ẵSlll(Jti,lfji)' (CI) rìrili‹ỊF:l[)† (`i)) rjicjvisiijiìnllg' 91. A family-friendly atmosphere and priced nìeals have ensured La Dolce Ãta's continued success. (/) *.'llỈtltìiilj lt) Ịjtítltễitlliịl (I) tlicìiíjilgllìlgl L7) l'cỉIstJi`I1ll)lỵI i ‹ l 92. All staff working in the laboratory must lìave emeI'gency procedure binders available for easy (Jl i'ii^iir:iẫ.iitilí= (l ti i`lti‹`I'l"iit`::Ề (ili :ìỉ,il.›)l?Ul (l)) liiílltĨ:,tiÍlìll www.nlìantriViet.colì1 The company sincerely apologizes for 93. 94. 95. 96. 97. Any party Wishing to join a tour group to see the estate must first - to avoid disappointment. (l) apị›rOve (l-1) express ((>) i'eç "tr-:r (D) It`.-r:rii'<i All managers must be sure to update their team members on the current company production standards. (A) i›l'íçjltll)* (B) legtllail lyl ((3) μi`I3vÍr›lI5ìly (Tl) 2it:(ĨÍLlHIiÍFllly Johnson's Architecture keeps all orders, billing information and documents in a computerized database. (A) ziClieIŕ3l›le (Fl) ItỆlate‹l (tì) ZllÍi<e itJ) iilttằlesttlrl Revenue from sales made online remains low for our company in Comparison With those oi some other companies. (/) lir=v”IIi)I (Ft) ‹`lLI!ỉe`lj' (tiĩ-) ií`l' ' ': it` (i't) i`›ik!<:Ìs‹ệl)I A government spokesperson today figures showing that the economy has offlcially moved into a recession. (/) ‹`‹IJiiri1ll<'‹l (i C) Ilinvtaìịjlẫti i(}) ẫ:lCillU'tầ[i (Ll) i“(r.le4ỉl.~;Ẹ'íi Unittttìoosingtherightworddass I 33
  34. 34. 34 98. ln their sales pitches, representatives 99. Any person Wishing to be 100. 101. 102. from GEB Heavy Equipment always emphasize the and durability of the firm's construction machinery. (/) Crìnflcleiice (tt) tJiJlig)ntir›ii if.É) ritlteiiiiiiìịìtitìii (D) itĩlinliility' 104. from this automated mailing list should click on the link below. (/) i:flii(l`.-'lfil tit) ltầplặttzeíl (C) Sf"l ii ll,l) ŕvtí›iCti,l Surveys shoiv that employees given a range of tasks are happier and more productive than if their work is limited and 105. il`“1)li)lliiEl llĩl) (lisŕ'iỊirli lil ltlìài (tề . it'tltl.”f': 1i,)) ',',Iillii'lr_Ị 106. A recent report released by Consilmer Choice has indicated that online sales are stores for the sale of many itenis. trÃ) i:Ịi)gvr till) (lt) (Ĩ‹TllỆ›ill_í) iL1)iiìlL:iii:i'liigi (lì) i'l`,tiiiiiiiii_i 107, As of September 1, Janet Smith will the company as its spokesperson. (i't) ^.ll^"ỉii (lư-E) iluiiL›iiii ii.) ii`Ị1in'::-..<lli (IỆIĨ) i'>:iỊiil;L.'g 108. TOEIC Training Reading Comprelieiislon 860 1 03. Conference attendees are reminded that all aisle Seats are W ir for presenters and panelists. (A) Chaii'ed (B) ieseixied (tì) siilìstitiiteri il,”ì) iJei'tol'Ine(l Alberto Santos has been at our New Delhi office for several months now, but he is due to his position in the head office soon. (/-”) filii‹;tioli (IJ) rưitlidi'aI (C) gŕitlioi` (FJ) i't-`.*;tii ile All sales team members must - records of all of their daily transactions. (/) lciíiiiì (l3) il'iiitate ((i;) Siitjiìiìit - (il) i't:L;i:vi All expense accounts must have the accommodations costs listed from other lesser expenses. (/) nil›iii'alily (lì) ^:w`‹.`i.l'çii'‹':t‹ầl)' ((.Z) rleiliìiitìly (li) iiìilitiLill`,i HBM finally its long-running patent infringement suit against Noithwest Plumbing Supplies early this month. (/) :liii'etl (R) u'l‹,'il"Lilet`l l,L`v) tảiiggesttầcl (lì) ŕảtlllleztl All IT staff adding content to the company LAN must use technical iargon and terminology (/) lately (lì) Iagiiely (`t3) dislantly (D) spìiriiìgly www.ntantrii_iet.Com
  35. 35. The deputy director asked John Matheson to prepare for the meeting with tlìe new company as he has a great deal of experience in contract negotiations. (A) ii<›te‹i (tj) (li'liL;;itŕì ((3) liileiìtíềrl (iì) Ị)i“(›iir`i‹-iill 115. Prices at all Bird of Paradise Hotels are to change based on seasonal demand. (/) Ịjliìiiì (B) l)Lll)ltl2 (Cl) ẫẳlltÌ)GCi (ll) r)iẫltGlěil The inaugural Innovative Managers of the Future Conference was poorly attended, but word of mouth ensured greater attendance in years. (/) tầillìsrfriiieilt (it) lie:-Cl (LỀ) irJli‹'i`.`.'in(| ([J) líìlil. ln every meat offered by tlìe hospital, patients nìay ingredients for ỈOVJ- fat options on their order cards. lr') r”lEi.s`5xii'Jf i"›) iiiilriilỵl LI) ::ãiil›:;lÍiiit‹J D) suiiiìilit The iìianageiĩient teaiiì from innovative Solutions was very happy to announce the budget for tlìe coining year. l_l`r) 5ảiiIf›lI,i5; (ll) ll;'»'-'tllti (C3) iJii‹,;rE (LI) l*ẫllil?^tliliiI VV''.rti içiiiti“i'iet.‹:Uiìi 114. 116. 117. 118. 119. Client agencies are currently being in the use of our Corporate software. (A) i'evealecl (B) ll^RÌlì6d (C) uiì‹Jiìi'stood (D) t'çil<r`.iì Thinking Machines, Inc. had to make the to an entirely digital payroll. (A) l‹)Lìation (B) lraiisÍtit›iì (C) cooporalioiì (ti) Fảiisiìeiìsioii While the weather has been almost hot this week, a cool change is forecast for next week. (/) coiliijltàtelyl (B) iiicliiieieiìllỵl (fl) iinllriF.ii'ŕìl1ly (ll) pr‹j5iiiì'iahly Mr. Hamada is a , flexible manager, making him much in demand. (/) fĩOilìi)i('iiì (B) iỵlịlitziii (i,Ì)'L1iE:-'rilile (l l) Ẹiìzlấằiil ilv;rl The older air Conditioning units, Which are to mechanical failure, are to be phased out in the Coming months. /”) `!iilIli1iz`il›le 'lì ll|?ẵLIt.lll13 l )iiii5lnlìlrè iii) iitzliỉĩμiiel t Many of the conìpany cars are starting to show signs of after almost constant daily use. (I`~.) ili~i,:i'l"ẻiÊ,`.lE {l l) : liíli =Ỉi';) iiiivil (l.l) '.','u.tii Unit 1 Chr.`‹›5~ng the right ~ord class 35
  36. 36. 36 120. 121. All team managers and department heads are required to attend the on tiie company's netv Workplace bullying policy. (A tE“t;i`i`liii]ll . ‹:x'liiiliiili:,ll: l (lì) .'.'iiiiii:.'ui l Ji (iliỆ)r'lV)'rVliiÍiIt the winning entry in the competition, ttie iiidges liad aiì extreiììely difficult tiine since the standard of entries V8S so tiigli. iii 1,* lŕ.í.inỡi.i ti Í! 7) iii .K i . iiiiliii ìiztlả lit. i›iliçi itc-li: "lil ‹Ĩ‹':riy[ti_-li 'l",'Ỉ'íl 1-'K li 122. 123. Oscar Schmidt is hopeful that he will be to a new position offering greater responsibility and remuneration after his next contract is signed. (/) iìi`niìi1Jlerf (lí) ịii.`iI'Iii?.‹l (fí) ịii'tY:t (l)`i [lif'i“`llỈ'Ii All new company hires must go through a detailed employee process in older to understand company procediires aiid requirements. ỉz lili lá' iìfiiì l›".i il I. Iix‹iiii:r%iiixđiii ii illti'? i. l.`.' ii ii lii,. :i'lỉiĨfỀ `.-`.'i.'.l`.r'.I.i iliaiìti Íi'Íŕ,'i.í'‹)iiì
  37. 37. <ếÍ`Ã'ŕ1riẽããX<ảỉẹfiiẽìỊậjặj1'tiliiia i'ri`r;*,,'5,ji,'rưiấtfei”Ai/‹,ñfi,Ỷrtiñ,Ĩ,ia P /” rtŕltậcậrcŕì ỉÌ,I.-,.iiỂ_iọiỆ!iịiL`L A Ĩlli, iftrlẵlíílttù* tliiiiirlllllậổ _ _ “r,'t"..~ iỄỈlÌÍl,ÌỈk3 lỉẫẵẩlñíiẩlẵẵol Ịpi'=iuiịiitẩ›` :ềiiỊỉl.ìỊiliịílẸ,t`Ễấitậlíỉệiiiểtdiẵ 'ịtêi-uvịμ-ài , Ặẵt.iềĩíiiiltíĩliiủiiiiiss.i1Êt.`iiị[ịịqtoiịii,iỀiiiitiiiiiiấ3 i étạzgtçiọiịịiịic ..ịiịiiiiọigịiie W pv - .,..-,......._c-.ç-ự. Ạ.-...ç-v-.....r...(.o-....--†-ovv- -.......,.-ẹ,ợ.-...`-..-ụ.....ụ.-ơ-i`-_-`. ;:2,./itểivtạiiỉte, * r l” . IIJ...],f}‹lĨlii=itỸoLsiịìrii`ỉlttvÌiíiỀŕ~tl1áiilii;ắ F )?._. /r^"t,!`.lỸl.ổl_Í.ìlKL"7,IỊÌTƠIỂỈỈẬWỈI r ỈKẵì",f:'‹tv"'l”v`lŨỂ07)-*Siĩìiìởíỗliílịliìl _, . fét. :'ề‹'(IỂ.[liẫlÍỂII-75iẳỊấtĨ9lìỂĨiÍÌgt!l(vtS ĩẳìg. /.:ltlĨlt,=_Ìit,ttír=i:Í. e.Ì,l,. Ịlấititliiittivrèệ. tirrâiéầ iri,^,qa1ợÍiioręiỉt,vỊ-.` ặaiệịratệiỉiviakì ..... ..w..μ...-...-...--.,..-...... ....- 'l'Ả'l'A'i'ẨtÍ`_liÌỂiÍiinfnỄlỂẮŨtÌIl , , F _ I y 37'.
  38. 38. i *-1 :,:"L' Eỉỉ :Ịẽ 'gie--L"L::eVÍ=tIềE ĩ`,Y:-:Ì:-'ịỉẠ'ỉ ' `I""`Jŕŕ“`, , ,,Ậ==`ẽẾ;`t~ .Hŕi-,Z cả-r:"Br= =` ,' ` iỈ Nouns I. Positioits ol rioiiris 2. llolưis referririg lo people aiid ttiirigs (abstract ideas) 3. Count rìouns vs. Unooiint rioirris 4. (brnpoưid noiiris mimi; l Ị Positions of nouns Befoi'e sending the Order form, please make sure to include your - v - at the bottom. (A) signed (B) Sigiìing (C) Signatui'e (D) to sign Nouns function as Subjects, objects of verbs and prepositions, complements. Subject Object A replacement for the detective copier is supposed to arrive this afternoon. Many economic analysts anticipate that the company will continue its rapid growth. v- object ol a transilive 'eitJ Because of the success of the fundraising drive, the library now can purchase updated reference materials. - object oi a prepiisition Complement Poor maintenance of assembly line machinery was the cause of the recent problems. Ấ Nouns referring to people and things [abstract ideas) interested in applying for the job openings should submit their résumé by the first of next month. (/) /i)l)iÍ(ĩZìlìÌS (B) Application (tì) ,Applies (D) Applied r.Ii 38 Tt)FlC Ĩfũiiitllq RC‹Ttitl)fl ‹Ị‹:nrụ:vr4iua›r1-.`‹:t› .=ĩ‹yt,i '~.VIiIì.I',iili(iiìliiLIiet,coi li μμdlμiμndcụu-ạLuợ.LLIμ..Ạ1Aq. ›ø.μ.μạ-Au ..a:.:v.l
  39. 39. r``x` Essentiỡlfilel Frequently-tested nouns referring to people and things (abstract ideas) 'Ệ applicant - application * analyst ›*1 analysis , architect , architecture V Consumer Consumption , producer production distribtitor distribution employee employment Contributor Contribution negotiator negotiation participant participation v; .count ii`ỏ_uns*'vs_ụ`ỈUl'icount-ặnừouns l Many car manufacttirers are planning to produce hybrid Cars which burn less fuel and i emit fewer into the aii'. (A) polliitioii (B) i3olliitai'itS ,= (C) polli.ll‹ã (D) rìolliiliiig Essenllỡlillez Quanlitative adjectives concerned with the amount or quantity of Something each, every + singular, count nouns many, a number of, a fe'l, feiv, several, a couple of + plural, count nouns much, a great deal ot, a little, little + Uncount nouns ESS8nlíallil83 Uncount nouns easily confused with coiint nouns S access baggage[luggage] equipment information machinery stationery 'x'"/t`.l i“iliđl“ili ÍlÍt'l.i.i>i i`i Unit 2 Cho(i5lng ttle ilglit -x'‹ìI<l rlasx 39
  40. 40. ESS8nlÍallll94 Count nouns easily confused with Uncount nouns an account an advertisement a permit a ticket a fund a letter Compound nouns You had better' ribselve the tìtlTChaS6 tlìeiìi. (z') UXỊJÍIH ((.ì) t?x[JÍi^iiirj accounting advertising permission ticketing ftinding mail clatos r›n those packages of food iìefore you Essenlíalũleắi Frequently-tested compound nouns 40 account number application fee arrival date attendance record coininiinicatiolì skill expiration dale job description perfornìance appraisal prodiiction facilities retilrn policy sales represeiitative ĨŨFIỄ Ii.'z='*i:N1i lIç^.,t,i`lìii Ll:-i1i;ĩ:l?liẸins-tit' t”lỄỂi (l-T) (ìX)ìii'ŕ3s (D) e;<ç`›ii'ŕ1tioii advertising strategy application form assembly line Customer satisfaction excliange rate growth rate insurance premium product infornìatioii retail sales safety precautions researclì grant x -.l.Vi,v /wi'v.'.Fỉ (li) .` i`i1‹ã‹ìii'i`ViPt.c‹viì1
  41. 41. l. Adi'erbs modifying verbs 2. Adverbs modifying adjectives 3. Aitrertls modifying adverbs 4. Adverbs before figures Lìa:-Ệcŕ-,V V ' , ~ .,ŕr=` ' ';Ĩ:Ế' .. 'Ì :Ấ: ...' r ŕ Jr sTTμâg;x' ụĩỉμxĩịñị ,' 6:;Ì'; l Adverbs modifying verbs Once the trainees can perform complex tasks , then tliey are allowed to work on the assembly line. A eificiciìt B) eiiicieiirz I ) (C) effi(;icnCies (D) effirzieittly ri_,Ẩ'_ỊẨ1IỈ=lllil=lỊí_llẫ1ii“ỸlI FrequentlT)iĨteSted adverbs clearly curreiìtly conveniently completely easily efficiently V, exceptioiìally exclusively finally increasingly probably promptly quickly recently Significantly ip Adverbs modifying adjectives J lt is necesSai'y to nìake every documeiit that yoii wi'ite fi'ee Of errors. (.") ‹?iilii'‹3 (il) tìiiiiicly ((7) ‹,ìiitiil?ii‹:::S (il) íầiiliiti `.".`,"'.,""ir =' .-" ' , Ulìtll t_lirìJy~,'.titíir y`i;iỉi_`,'.xiva,irl,'ưỆ.Ị' 41
  42. 42. Fãịi'‹Adiịegrgbs” mợdifying advệŕbs Ị -.-, .I i The assistant managers all went to the conference room - after returning from their trip to the factory. (A) direct (B) directly . (C) directed (D) direction ` i I'lnì`.'.'L*r (Bi Ễltlịlltỉl-ÍỈÍỊầ_ỊÍẩ Adverbs modifying phrases or clauses ol time ễíơlIg2lẢÍ_Íli, B V` Ả The number ol students entering universities directly after graduating trom high schools has ` decreased ln recent years. Right before James Miles moved into the apartment, the landlord raised the rent. The worl‹ers will begin renovallon work shortly belore 8 A.M. tomorrow. l U. ịlli-Ịslỗĩẵr ` i . Aŕ'A4 ẳtlẸlÌIlÍĩĨẫiỈ7tÍẵìlẨ›' - `l`l1e employment contract will come into etlect immediately after David Brown receives it. Ầỗyeịrbs ỳbefogre- figiJÍr.es` = y The government estimated that >= ý 10,000 commuters were affected by the power l outage that caused delays on the Subway. (A) approximate (B) approximated (C) approximately (D) approximatíon /tvi"v.*. E. (K É; lvf.:ẵ"Ỉ`ỈỸal.lĨỶệlị` Common adverbs belore ligures Ế There wlll be a major announcement by the president at approximately 9 A.M. IlíI)ZiĨl`l`tẵ.lÌ:li[",l. i ” y tomonow. . lẩklẵltvv' ~.‹:iiỊu(ơi.-S; Sales ot our products went down nearly ũve percent last quarter. 42 ĨOEIC Training Reading Comprellerislori 860 `''t'^.t.iillrlltl riVÍt`i.(Ul'lì
  43. 43. '_).Ị alreadylstilll yet I used in Statements for saying that something has happened belore now or before another point in time. 0 used in questions to Sh0V surprise that something has happened sooner than expected. i r I Positions: have already pỊp./ is already p.p./ is already V-ing The European Subsidiary has already submitted its sales totals. - used lor eniphasising that a particular Situation has not completely ended or changed ' still otten comes belore verbs, behveen auxiliary and main verb (I can siíll reniember you.), and aller the verb to be. Even though some employees carpool to save money, lnost employees still prefer to drive to work alone. ;u 'lfl' - yet usually comes at the end ol the sentence or right after not. On the contrary, ` i 2 r Ì_ _ ,L = ,. . still otten comes before not. * V 1Ĩ` V "1 T V `l`tie location of the loxv cost apartnìent buildings lìas not yet been announced to the public. L.i Easily-contused adverbs ›.μ- late - lately The train arrived ten minutes late. Lately, I haven't been sleeping vlell. hard - hardly Each ot the team nìembers vorked Very hard. I ivas So embarrassed that I could hardly Say anything. high - highly He threv the ball high into tlie air. This Chemical is highly toxic. near - nearly The ne'l Store is located lìear a iĩtajof Slioppilìg district. ll is nearly inìpossible to linish tlie tvork by tomorro'l. lỊl': I ll"i' .Ấ is Unilz iịi`.,`ị`rl:Lìlẵ'ĨỆlrlr_Ịi‹t ".'.r'Lí‹,"1'›.^ 43
  44. 44. /c`íỆ””Tw i o .ŕ,†,rrrrv ›v v :_.rr__r,,,v.. › _ , .Ẹq,†,_:,ŕK:u.. ,_, ., , Ềẵì Adieciíves I. Attributive adjectives 2. Predicative adjectives ITV17 'Tỉ' ="ẦĨ"†"'Ĩ 7 T 7-mr `r “'ặ'›'Ỉ"' 7:'-Z Ẹ7Ị`Ễ”7'ậ' , T, Ễ;ịtT`éỊỈLễẫAỆ;Ặf Attributive adjectives Students who have ti'oLible paylingj tlìeir tuitiolì Ofteiì receive tinancial 44 assistance from the sClì0t›l São that tlìey lììa)' Colìtiiìile theil' Studies there. l_l'ễl l"ĩ'ĨỈ:"I'i (lì) í:ãXl‹:PlxlÍiìçj (A) exterìcl (C) exteiìsívcă Adjectives which precede the ll0ttnS they nìodify are usually referred to as attrìbutive adjectives. For example, in defectíve prorlucts, detective indicates the qtlality ot the prodtlcts, it is an attrìbutive adjectíve. Attributive adjectives always Corìie before ttìe notilìs they modify, but after words ending with -thing, -body, like something, anythilig, everything, Somebody, anybody. This is the cheapest TV On the market. It's a nice Car, but i'm looking for something cheaper. When Several adjectives modify a rìoun, remenìber not to add an adverb in the positions ol these adjectives. All workers who deal vlith toxíc ctìelnicals are required to wear appropriate personal protective equipmerìt. Predicative adjectives A laI'ge rìulì'ilJel' ‹›i t:lie›Iìí:: ixìL?iliir,iilLĩ‹l Íllỉti iilí.r:Ẹ,l i‹JliIll.l ỉiìía L,:‹)Ii`lỊJ23lìy`Ẹ.: lìe.'eSt br0Clìui'es to be quite l_/-) l)er'i‹.?tii ((2) tlíěl`lt*t!ỈllìIl il il Ỷ: `n ~ `í=l ạ -l l<`IFllỈ Tr.4iv`‹'i`l l`‹-w11›l',v ` 'ill - i Ỷ-i 1 .. ‹. ‹. ạ- .,.ợ.`.. `.....v.., μ.cp....μ..
  45. 45. “6 -` A predicative adjective (also called a subject or an object Complement) gives more information (like other descriptive adjectives) about a noun as the subject or object of the sentence, but it must follow a linking verb or an object. The architect's design approach is original. a original rlìodilies lhe Subject design approach. I found the novel very interesting. - interesting niodilles the Object H0l*8Í. (llìe novel is inlorestilig) ESSenlial,fÍlẸP_tt, Common adjectives aller linkingĩ/erlaẵ alive afraid alike aware ashamed awake alone unable ^" .' 4l'ỉ 'i`í.1. zi* `l, I "l^ĩ UIìít2 L7lr.`<i:4:i‹iiíiF=llrìllt`.'.ix7:iIỊi,ì,` 45
  46. 46. 46 1. PROGRESS TEST Senìinar boost this year as they easily surpassed last year's ligures. {'I`) rìịii tl(ĩÍi)ỆliCfi iti) Ị›:irlír:iỊìi1liIlii ((3) ỵiìiitiriiiiŕllit (ll) [i.'ll ii‹.ir›Eil”e Tlìe number of employees taking pre- work leadership classes has increased this quarter. (`:') :slìul fl (R) ẸẩlI'‹ii)'lly (tì) f'nilĨlif)ě':l`ií,-Li (li) SlizilỊll'itìójS initial test findings have that the neiv drug's effects are not as benelicial as ive had expected. (/`) iliiliL.zlli›i` Íll(iÍ‹:ẾitP (<`Ị) iiìrliíĩ Ị ` ilỵil ilirlltzliẫtiii Market analysts average groivth after the retail sector Saw a sharp increase in the last quarter. {.I°) Ị›lUCiií:i (lil ỊìIl.'iíi‹'t‹ìi' {i`›i )ll!*` ii‹'illi!l {lil ỵ"ĩtv".l"i`Ỉ`rxilì All non-employees iììust first register at the front gate. i,I`x) 'lịìliỆuili;il Vlttẵií il‹ì*Iilnl_Ị Readilìrj tỊ‹›`ilrìrL=lìe:ì3io:v 860 numbers received a 6. iaSter-than- 9. the factory 10. are his Strongest virtues as a commercial artist. Gunter's speed and (A) r'eli2llìce (B) reliability' ((_ì) relial)le (D) i'‹'3l)I Employees are advised that annual performance 7 will be undertaken during the second week of December. (/) evếliilate (B) E>'EìitlaỈed (tị) eI2iltiatilìg ([J) evallikltioiìs All of the . for the laboratory manager job demonstrated an adequate education, but MS. Clark's previous positions are most impressive. (ŕ) ilìtervÍe'Jed (l,ầ) Íl ltL`lllt3it'.' i( T) ÍlìteYi'ie*.IƠl' (ti) iniE›iIít3'i'ees Ms. Yuan, the head of Strategic planning, is Very pleased with the company's annual (A) Irrlijllls (B) IrĩtIJi'lì li`l ilỉ`l!5i'i'iirir_] (lì) itf`ì,LilIìI.`‹l As the discussions were with a multinatioiìal company, the legal team took a for assistance. ,/) liíiI'l:;latP.ri ti) lraìrI:3líil(›i^ (2) liịillfẻlặiliorì rfi) l!'í,iIì:ảl'ụltiiì_tị ‹' ( l www.nhantríviet.coiTì
  47. 47. 11. Chief of Surgery Fernando Ramirez 16. All Nippon Bank recently indicated circulated a message to his operating its - of a plan to finance the theater nurses to make known his development of a new business complex for their hard work. in Osaka. (A) gjralilyiiìg (A) aC‹;e[›tE1rìCe (B) gl`ũCÍi)US (B) Iirzcejìtiiìg (C) gl'atitilcl‹ě (C) Zìtìcejìt (D) gralelill (l )) ŕlr`Cej›lecl 12. Global Airways has suffered a 17. Scientists at major pharmaceutical drop in passenger numbers recently due companies utilize research to aid them in to increased competition from budget the creation of medicinal Gamers' (A) ConìpoLliì‹te:d (/) Siglìificaniljl (B) (I0lìiD0tllldS (B) significarlt ((`;) Cttllìj)tlUll(i (C) SÍgriifj'ing (l)) r:‹'›lìij3r›lliirliIi_rj (D) iìignificẫllìctì 18. The Wilkins Memorial is currently Seeking 13. Mr. Molotov is in charge of the for its annual poetry anthology. necessity of new company purchases. (A) C ((11, rìlìtit e Ơ (A) assessilìgj (B) Colìtrihtlte (B) assess (C) coritrilìiltioli (C) assesstacl (Lì) I2(llìiliiJtliitìlìS (D) asrătẫssiiìelit 19. The website Pop Culture announced 14. The chief assistant for public relations today that pop starlet Kelly Hughes will is demonstrating a marked for a concert for charity. our company to finance major Sporting (A) Ị.) (31.1. OI I Ilễliì C C1 events” (tì) ile! tr›r'I lì (/) líllilrịtẽllll (C) jìtìririiiìiilìgj (B) rlĩtitĩeiicrẽ (ÍJ) jìíll i‹'iIllìL>:‹l ((7) I'E!lLictéilìr`.e, (D) l'GitlCiíìlltiy' 20. The customer Service hotline has been taking a lot of calls due to in the 15. Please look over the new health and ZH90 printer. Ĩẫfety alìd give me your (/) lrìíilftlli‹':liiJIìs oughts' (Ei) llìiìlllliìrìtirill (/) lrềgulalioiì (C) liì2tiitlflCiÍf]liill_L) (B) l'egLllEltlrìỊ| (tì) iiiẽillilIì‹`.li‹ìI1ŕì‹'l ((1) !L“.l_jLllíìli=,` (l)) r'íYçjillíaliL1lìS 21. The recent grovirth trends in international markets mean that we should expect a significant in exports to the European market in the coming year. (ŕ) iiìclcaịằerl (fổ) ÍnLĩl'ea5ing (Ci “ 'sínịilb' (D) ilìCr'6;`a:3e 3 f` wvW.nhantriviet.com Unit 2 choosing the right word class ị 47
  48. 48. 48 22 23. 24. 25. 26. . The new SM250R superior power to that of any Other motorcycle in its Class yet still rates Very highly in terms of fuel econonìy. (/`t) `lÍii ittằ lìrìzisied (tì) i›o:lPìt ((1) lJr)aSiS (lì) is: hoastillçj 28. All city bus maintenance technicians who were to perform extra work during the last month due to the strike will receive a bonus at the end of the week, (/) iị`cỊiliieí,l (B) leqtlile ((2) l'k=.<jilii iiìg] (TJ) roriililtầs Mr. Daniels vill alnìost certainly face Obstacles as 'Jell as at his ne'I position as deputy director. (/) rE3“i*cil‹lS (i Ễ) l r.E`.ĩZil'I'i t:`r,i (CỊ) lo'.i3i'‹,iÌng (I)) r'eIal'‹i With a solid decade oi in the industry, Gold Star Pharmaceuticals plans to enlarge its business. (/) e>;jJĩ:IitEiìCiãrl (B) Oxjtầìtiũniiíti (C) cxjủelilằllrìŕt (D) exiìeiieiìceŕ: All of Global Transpor`t'S publicity materials must be by the Chairman before being published. (,I`) rĩlŕ. ilìgj (Et) Lìleệiilttçl ((3) rìltầặìllgl (`lJ) (:iíỆlll` ĨOEIC Ĩrairilng Readìrlg Corrlpretiensron 860 27. 29. 30. 31. 32. The board members of the State Trading Corporation V 7 ` a major company Shake-up in a press release last week. (/) l‹›aIIl1OunCe (B) aiirìouliceci (C) aiìlìotlrìcerììelìt (D) ali anlìotlnCel` Speedy internet now offers automatic monthly payments - from your bank or Credit Card account. (A) dilerjtly (B) dir'eCtiOlì (C) (iii'eCted (lì) dir'rảCtir)ns After a surprise , army Ínvestigators were happy to report there vere no security risks at Fort Stillwater. (/) ÍIìSjJeCtor (B) ÍliSj3SCÌÍfig (C) ilìSj)etỊiÍ(Jl (tì) ÍllSj3eCỈEỐ Creating employee rosters that are efficient as well as even-handed is a difficult for any manager. (I`) tasks (Ễ5) iỆ1`ỉi ((,;) tệlŕìlíillrj lili) lL1Ẹìl<ed Before you Call customer , y0tl Should always have your computer's warranty available. (/) srầlves (B :ặl:vli.'L`r' (f,Ỉ) ể>t'Ĩl 'iil_Lj (D) SeiIiIỊ‹i There is a small monthly fee, Ìn addition to rent, charged for the of the apartment complex. (IX) rrlrẳŕlli (tì) r:lL=arìed ((2) Clealiil'lg (D) tìlealìs www.nh‹1_n_triviet.com
  49. 49. qợμưmơlựhù-g,,v,F,.ơnkơ›μợ;øvμ'Ýif'*r~‹v›h‹rRỸ3ìnølEIunde-nfsĩv '-v?"ltF'”""" ' " '*'^“ ' nnIỉỒFwW 36. 37. 38. 34. 35. 33. All new electric frying pans are sold with a safety booklet attached to them. (/) conìỊJi'elìŕệisi7ŕì (B) (:‹'Jiilj>l'elìtJi'iíiS (C) c‹›iI'ij›i'eiiHiIrliiìỊ] (lì) ‹`on`.jìl'ŕ?iiŕ*ii‹iiẽii This evening will see light snow Showers, but tomorrow is to be a clear, sunny day. (.f`.) LĨĩ;n;j›:'Ị‹ri:`, (B) eX))e‹:tatit›ii (f;) L"/.jìei`.t‹-:<i (tt) re›:jJectiiì[_i The new Computers are adequate, but, regrettably, they do not meet the of Heckler, Lamb, and Fthomb. (A) iì‹:rãí,lC‹l (B) needìả (Kị) iicěediiigi (lì) iIi=n`ciy Blasco, Inc. has unveiled a new and exciting advertising for the launch of its new product. (.'l Sllíiitìgjti (l,`ì) =`li'-rill3[.jir; (tỉ) “5li':ilrgi,ili^lrị (trì) :.ii:›ìlFgÍztỀli The president attended the seminar on reducing the nation's unemployment (,'vl lụliμị tii) lẶltKẵi,i i_t`ø) it1iii”l(| il tl ixiil` Ms. Hernandez contracted two attorneys to help with the company takeover ir"“) (ilt`L`ll;vÌìfẦLi (lầ) iii* (ILl“iẾ'ĩiDltẺ `J*J“.'.Iìlìarlti'iViet.corlì 39. A Brave Lile, recently released in cinemas 40. 41. 42. 43. nationwide, is a ' Oi Gufltef Schmidt's classic wartime novel. (A) di'anìatiC (Et) dl`HHiaiiZiIìg (C) diaiiiatizỉitiolì (ii) clI';iIiiŕ1 The design team has promised the . marketing division that the product wlll be by late November. (/) leẾltiieLi (B) i`ea‹i)I (C) readicest (Cl) i“r,Jŕiii)IiiiỊj Taxpayers are protesting the new ự I shopping mall on the grounds thai I* IS unviable. (/Ấ) 6-ĨC()ll()lilifì‹ti (B) eizoiiolììiíisç (()) tĩ`CL›iì(ii'nir; (D) ŕìt2Fllì0llìiCỆliiy The excellence of the home Wares by lthaca lnteriors is renownedy even after 75 years ot Ongoing operations. (/) lllHfltli2ì[ầitllilì_() (tt) iiifJlìiifiic`tlli'H {(73) liiziiiIIf:.1i'tLill;: (I t) lllIìlillin'ltíilllIỆĨti The competing fabric softeners tested in the comparative analysis - Fluffy and Softy - have identical effects. (,Il 'iilllcillv (Li) `.'iilii:lilti .'”fI) `klliil.lF .liil `.'litliLil The experts assessing the science fair entries admitted that choosing the Winne' was difficult. (1".vl ‹'.',ilỤlIl(:S iii) ŕ*>,liiì.iìlr.:l`,I iíìi ŕ^.`li.lŨlìlỄầ (lil) iixtiefi'iiily' Un_lt 2 C hoosing the right word class Ẩ9
  50. 50. 50 45 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. . Mr. Francisco is only a novice investment banker, yet his clients already deeply his judgment. (x',”i V2'iliIÍiìgj Because Ol an administrative mistake, hundreds of Worktime HardvIare's clients were charged for their orders. il-il) iii‹:iJiiŕ:i.i (il) Iiìiĩciiiilr iilị,.'.r' (i,2) c_`(,rii'»,i:i ll l) iiii:‹liir:‹'.`il'i,' The nation's GDP increased much more than analysts had previously thought. (`,() rziiiídiìji iii) l^2^iỊ>iỉilyI (tị) l`riiJÍ(l (l.i) lĩljjifiĩì 54. During transport, a number of computer hard drives tvere lost and vlill have to be iẤỈỊII› ft.jliLìt,í2d ili) ll`,'”ii:iA.Íiiị`ç iAl,ề) ii,jJlíi(:(è ii ll in'fi[;it`,rl.'i''›ii.' 55. Management circulated a memo to all Hiiman Relations staff renìinding them that all employment agreements must be in depth by the Conìpany's in~ lìouse legal counsel. (,I`i ‹`‹›IlFilrlRikil:›lrl, (l-3) ‹.t:liIHÍr'ir`;liiIlj (tì) ‹,r`›!i-' Ztit,"l` (l.)) Ltiìill-ìiriizitìfl 56. All authors Wishing to submit their work to The Marketer must give ttìe piiblisher rights to the article. (Fi) í.t:V.‹;lLi,É;ii')li'μii_`,i (lì) t':.'‹:iiiSyivit)I (t)) i›^^'i;lLi:ìi'I2 (tì) ŕ'>fCitlfì'iI)lì TOElC Training Reading Coiĩiprehension 850 51. 52. 53. Passengers are reminded that all carry- on baggage must be - 7 stowed in the overhead bins upon boarding. (/) seciii°ed (B) secui'ely ((;) seCiii'e (l,J) Sticlllŕìễì Many of the new hires still have not taken the class to learn how to use the company's computer programs. f_/^`.) lialrìst (B) Inter (CI) lair; (D) lateijl All payments sent via mail must have the full company address to delivery. (/) orlstires (lì) eiisilie (tì) en:ỉLil'od (tì) eiìsiiiiiìg . While the Script has been V altered, the director might still request further rewrites. (A) coiiìj›IelieiìSive (T-S) cOiiìpi'elìcritlinq (i.)) ‹;0nìỊ3l'::ĩlieiii.lS (Lì) UUil'lpi'eiìŕiiisiveiỵI HMGH Ltd. will become the first national company solely on alternative sources of energy should the trial prove successful, (A) r'oliarlt (B) relies (C) ltìly (D) icẽliậìble As the planning document will look at many different areas, drafters will be required to Work together in order to meet the completion date. (/) Closing (Ei) closely (C) ‹:l0sed (tì) close nhantriviet.c0m
  51. 51. Ms. Martinez takes business 63. trips lor which She is provided with expense accounts. 57. (A) ireqtJeIìC)' (B) ii'C(ỊuoIìiS (C) frequent (L°)) fleiỊtlelìil)l Ms. Akari's performance reports are 64. consistently excellent, and there are feV other employees as as hel'. (IẦ) Lliligjelìtlìess (B) díligence (C) tiiligịelìt (lì) tliliịjeililỵl After Seriously considering a range of 65. very able applicants for the job, we are pleased to offer you the opportunity our team. (A) to join (B) ioillilìg ((2) '.'ill joiiì (D)jí1ÍlC(l 66. 60. Until he understood what was happening, Javier ìvas under the incorrect that the new computer deal was iinalized. (ŕ) aLiStlIIrJtÍ‹›lì (I-Ì) assllirleti ((1) íìsstiiììe (I I) aụâstilllilig 67. 61. Mr. Yuan had to finish his year as an Írìtern doctor at St. Vincent'S Hospital before lìe became lully qualilíed. (ŕl lliìals (B) linaliztzrl ((7) liliáìliigl (ll) lilìỉll 68. Cinema Kino all audience members to be quiet and respectful ol other cinema patrons. 62. (A.l i”rằCjilii‹J,I“lìFt:lifa (R) V'l`:.rỊIYil'i"lìit^`Iìl (C) lí.-ĩ‹'ỊlliI‹r,`.',v: (D) I'CrỊtlìl'iIiçỊ WwV.nhantriviet.com Channel 4's presenter used tlìe wrong name lor the Sanker Prize winner' this morning. (I) lììisl'cll‹e (B) llIÌSl2ii<elìl)' (tì) lììíslịìkelì lil) l^lìist(lt)k The head ol the Bright Eyes Marketilìg Agency announced the rejeclloll of a major advertising campaign. (IĂ) :ii l_fv|l ilỵl (l3) ỉìnçjtìl' (C) ẽirìgeis (D) ŕilìịịiyl T'venty-Four Seven Neivs eal'lìeStly reported the April Fool's Day joke press release, much to the ol inalìy. (A) ailìilse (L3) Ếlllìuserl (C) ỉìlritlsillgy (fl) arliuìảcìllìitlli Apartment tenants are reminded tlìat food recycling bins must be wvashed out. (A) legtiIíltiZt`tl (["l)i't`1.jIJlỉl' it,Ề) l`l:rỊIllDl‹: (I `)} l'I:Ð_(]i liFlIii After this aftern0on's refresher Cotlrse, it is hoped that all Salespeople vill iIĩì[Jr‹)Ve their customer service l/^) íliìiliiitìll (lầ) ỉllJl‹'lìt=::."; (ỉồl .^iiJìliiy (Ll) ěiiìilắ The extended period ol elnploỵlee educatiolì at H&S Smitlì lìelps ilìe company to be more i.") gli`‹JiliIL:L`,I' (ll) iil(ltillf?I " i_tỆ"l i7|'l`.!`lil(', tl ll ỵìi‹1rỉIICiÍ‹›lì Unit 2 Ci“ICrí>,<'r'-I} ih? xl-;_llli '.`.uì'Il ílu›" 51
  52. 52. 52 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. All changes in employees' personal details should be reported V* domestic management team. to the (A) clirecting (B) clil'eCtly (C) Liileci (D) rlir'e‹;t‹ìr Goodwin Associates has a branch in Sydney and is to open a branch in Melbourne. (HX) jìlrjjjậireii iliẵ) rìl'erìnres (C1) jJI'Ẹ`r)ar'alii(1r'lS (IJ) jìi`ẺpũlÍlìg City Secure Ltd. has anrìounced a recall Of its best-Selling míd-range padlock after about it were raised in the media. (,I°) corìcerlls (lì) (:rJrìcr)l'IrL'‹i (tị) [ĨtJ[i(ÌlĨ'i lì (lili ‹7‹›llr.F`r l Iíliçị Global Bank sources have continually the fact tlìat the bank is on the verge of bankruplcy. (AJ “vilt`SS {lãi ỉiit`:3:›liìgy li Í) Sựiltầtầfìfẩti ill) ŕ.lr'ỵ. ., ll ln an effort to develop a new Consumer base during the last quarter, Yoshìnaru Beverages lo advertise in gyms and bodybuilding magazines. 79. ỉIì lì: Ljlll“i ẵliìj iìv:v_r}irìlrir':_t_r 1IĨ)ilìl`5.'ỊìIlr ại ij lrr`‹rr*ìI1 After repeated complaints, the design teanì relíned the product, but continued to be critical of it. l."Ỉt‹,:ìrl:`r1llli:l (f“:`›) iĨt)lìồLlliìl('l(i I_(;) ‹;L.›l:ìLllìrEìl:s (lili (`:rJIìSLrrIìirìịj ỈOEIC Trũĩnirig Reading Comμreherlsroli 860 75. 76. 77. 78. Due mainly to the hard work of Ms. Kwan's Planning Department staff, several Asian oflices are now (A) Ojìerated (B) ojìeratiolìal (<`r) orìelzxtor' (lì) ‹'›jJel'alirrIì An engineering breakthrough has brought electronics makers closer to being able to create laptop Computer Screens and keyboards from glass. (/) rzorììrìletelyf (B) cìorlìjĩietilìg (ỈỆ) l:nrììỊ'lleted ili) c‹)lIIj›lcÐteỆ; Market research has _ ư that even though many new musical delivery methods have been developed, most consumers still hear new artists and artistic Content via the radio. (/'tj fitìtüiilllifìiiìgj Ijlẫ) (lẸìi‹ằilriíller,i ((°í) rirầiíìlrliillílfitìlì (lì) (iEi(`Ễl`iìIifttầS Tourism industry analysts are unanimous irì their that the sudden drop ín tourism irì the region is due to the recent political instability. 1_/",li lìjì||ẵi? (ill r›j›ir!Ít*›rì ((3) (lj)illiLllìỉ!iC(Í ([l) L›j)lirCcl All of the Students enrolled in the sculpture Cotlrse at tlìe State Academy of Filìe Ans have the school'S rììotto, “^Wilh Hard Work, SucCesS." iz”_lI rěrrljìliíjlilitj fl Í-,IK ‹:rr'Ij1liiie:= i`(2) r.3.`«'I=,l'llj3lÍllr.atit›lì ID) tầxerrrịìlilinrl www.nhantriviet.c0lT
  53. 53. 80. The company's stated policy is to make 85. all outgoing communications 100% (Al íttĩ‹.:llral‹2 (Ll) ar:ci.lIeìtely (C) zlclìtrrểlíịy (l))a1lJCtrvEitIjril35ầ5 81. When Ms. Povlell leaves, finding a 86. suitable with her level of skills and knowledge is going to be an extremely difficult process. (Ải) rertlactì ji-ll r'ręj›lèlnirIg1 (C) llzjtlắlrỉtìzltlle ill) r'r;jìlí1L`r:llrŕ:rìl 87. 82. Active Clothing l`lOW offers a Corporate event shirt-desiglìing service for orders of over 100 shirts for no payment. (/) <3XlfĨtf)l`(iÍlìítljf iẩXil”âS (_(”Ị) t`).il`ểt i_i li ẩ*Ệ'.iiLlllt=íltlì`- 88. 83. li the economic climate had been more , the lnanaging directors vrould have provided a funding boost; however, Ít t'las deenìed to be impossible this year. i.'ij li',›ổĨ!litr'tỀ:~ il^il j'xrrfìIli`.I‹4. (l)) Ị'l:›v.5li`."iíg' 89. 84. Because of a recerìtly negotiatecl deal, Market for You is nov able to send packages via Door to Door Express at extrelììely prices. (.'l t;‹'“rlllj z:.'lril"r' (lĨuj‹`r7liiỊ tị] [I ,'lr"rIjì:›lli:tìII ,l";^”`jr.3rầá.ẫ5ầi`.`z go_ 1'l.'t".`l.l ilidr lti'i`Iiíẩt.r.0l rì A folk artist based in the city has been engaged to several rustic Sculptures for our Helsinki branch office. (/) Ị,ìi(ìLlilced (lắ) jìrrittircel (CĨ) μl`ULiLlCÍlll_j (iii) |Ji‹Jrlil‹Ị‹ì Pyeong Hap Components is an auto parts manufacturer that has recently entered the international market. ili.) illllt ›`.I‹ìiíl`rg (lồ) iIrrlIJIìlti‹›rì ((2) llll`lfJl/'Llii'(`. (I ij ẵílllíivítíŕì National Atonìics, lnc. recently its ptrrchase of Soutlìern Fuel Technology, a nuclear fuel rod manufacturer. (ŕi lI.`''cli il l) ilè`.Veịìlud (tl) It:'‹:lLl'1il?Iì- (I I) ltẽ.VL`;llllrçj Johnston's Sports was forced to send back the broken equipment it had from its supplier. (Ẩtli'1`‹,:l`iì.IÍlrtj ii`il it'f .:jìí,il.v1I ri au ,., ỵiv"`~l' Anatμk Deep Sea Fisheries is workirig to a Sustainable future with Ongoing profitability. il^`,`) lí.`l`f]lll`li"`ii iii) r<`l:‹lỉ:l” Iliílllỉìiv if `ri:'-..v.^IlL:ÍlI` ịlíỉj r:=. ,l:l! Ịlirigj Wllile corììpany stol'age facilities will be closed during the Christmas period, delÍVel'ies will to lìormal in lhe Second iveek of January. (Er nrĩlilỉl tlujrr iỉtirl llrμĩv lr“›jllll! ri ILJ`) r:`l'!!li.*; Unit 2 Clìoosing the Iigiìt ord Class 53
  54. 54. 91. The Marketing Department made a 96. All employees to international stunning of its fortunes when it branch offices are eligible for the use ot brought the campaign in on time and on company housing or have access to the budget. company housing fund. (A) ieIrìisiilgr (I`) ir'ẽrrìSiCl'S (lil) r'e`.'iãrfxr:‹i (lil) lI.iIIGfỉ;rěIbltă (<7Ì`] :'âẦi.'r3I5':'rìl i_< ì`i iI“;lrl:ẵlr=.rÉil?›ilíl',/ (lì) i'L:VL:r:ầŕ: (IJ) irậirìsiŕzrlerl 92. The Academy of Advanced Medicine 97. On his regular radio Show, Celebrity creates future leaders in the rapidly physician Dr. Anil Paratha takes calls domain ot prosthetíc límb and Callers on finding the best creation. medical care for themselves and their (+") r.>:r›íxrrSi‹›rìisiĩì families' (lì")‹ jtìirìriirllịl (IỈVĨ r,ìLll rsi`.'‹` il I) tlỆ`.jìí!lì'5lfI%ilEl?`1~ ii ll .il lk'r`-ìlltj ll l_l .l4Ĩi'if.f=!. 93. MI'. Miller left in-depth notes relating to how he wants us to with his 98. Jamestown Farming Co-operative project while he is absent. members are to increase prolits (/) Ilĩrllị (,l,j,( 1 by expanding the number of crops they (lì) jìIt)K,: ;: grow' i(Ệ)j)l‹Ệt` Ệti i"^!'i!lĩr:ij)l ([.)) jìrr_rI;('ật!riÍfl_fl il ij Ặzlllìiiìjìtŕz (tì) ìiil‹=rIìrìttì^l ii.),i ziillvjrliiìlirlịj 94. should have their passports 95. and boarding passes in hand while processing through the departure gate. 99. ir'i i`Jl,` i“'ilIf ivÍi›`r1'‹I›",lt.'r!:= (ili ìì‹tl'Il:illrt` ii.i) l:`,r'i:r`,IlJlIt` Due to the Ongoing difficulty ín finding properly qualified employees, management is prepared to offer all staff members benefits packages. t,l`,) :ìttl.ìr,tiI`li il4°l rĨliiix`lr,lÍllỊt ii 2) .=lir:“i‹`,ill."t`,- Professor Thomas made a Strong positive =Ị `Ĩ' lie i-'=^i impression on her potential clients with her delivery during a series of business meetings in Warsaw. 100. To start building a fund for your old age, Come in and speak to one of our ỊIz`u_ r Counselors today. ›=r riir'!ịj l,lV”›` :ritlỉrl ('Ẩ.` ri, lÌ!i`ii (lil “.ĩjrirIl`L " ="ir‹ Fti r1'.iiIịj . iv”.t. il iì v,"'ỉi3iÍr`r!r`.,I`-".ã TOEIC rva›n1‹:1g Reading COrl“iμreiìQiIsỄon 860 www.nhantriviet.com lfị`_.;.....s.g....Ị........_.....ạ.--.s...-μ.μ.A....._.;-...-..-s . .i.- ..--. .;.-..-......-...ị^...-.. . -.,‹
  55. 55. 101. The process of editing that takes place 106. While Ms. Dubois is obvỉously suited to before any paper is published in the being the chief of domestic management Medical Times includes a at our Paris office, she seems eager verification of all of the facts contained to be a transfer to one of our within the article. international branches. (/) tìiiiliịìltấtiiiii (yỉ) giiaiii (l,'›) I lririjrlelrẽrl (tl) ịji':ilil:` (C2) Liiillfìltầtes itl) gjiniìlŕzỉl iii) (ĩ4ỈllliiriÍ:iFề (lì) ‹_Ịr.':iillIii,j 102. Moving the office from Waratah Square 107. Even though the CPU is cheap, it is the to Banksia Place was an of many that are more expensive. Consequence of the merger with Fairfield (/) CÌLI, Iz.l,_,ìLl Industries' (Et) lịatjtiấilỉầ (` tíì) iắ‹illŕìiitỆ,f (, il i) Ỉằtlllụli {IJ '‹,ivxiiUli ( . . 108. Standing 236 meters tall, Seoul Tower the Skyline ot the South Korean 103. The entire Sales Department the capital. Consistent focus and dedication Ms. Park (,".`) i.i‹Jii1iliĩiic›i has shovln to the company. il,lj iitiiiiíiiíiiìi' (/) Zlj)jJlL l'.i'=fi`Li ji ivi ti‹iiiiliiỈiti:$`. (l3).'1j›jii^ ii E) Li<viliiI'i'iií‹.riì itìlạijijìr (l.>) ?ll)jJiCtĩliìil(Ill 109. Dr. Janssen is that she will not be able to replace her Secretary with a 104. Hillside Realty proudly presents one suitable candidate by the Start of next of the city's best houses, inonth. located in Williamstown's most sought after neighborhood and available for inspection nov. i/'1)«:il‹:r':ii1ñ lầ YỊÌ 1ìri4:.k'lilz.i,i Li `l I,tlllf`í"l I':llri; (i't) t.Ầ)Iì`'t.Ỉlilltj il lì t`f)|ltIF`l!ì (lì) ‹,`.oiiveiiii-:rill`/ (tl) ‹;‹iiiVt?iriCli‹';r1 iDl íẵolìtieiìíelll 110. Mr. Van Martin is of the opinion that the dossier should remain due to the explosive nature of its Contents. 105. While lhe majority of our kitchen fittings v“I".` -' iiĩriilll ii are designed for the commercial sector, lhi, 5; Ấ fil Iíưt ỉẵịl`ỈJli;ỉ,i1l some of our products are able to be used ,ry .Ì I tìlìtitjetj ” in private ji l'1›iilliirìiìtliìl i,ẩ".) lt*.`›itinIiit ç,g. (lt)riwĩ1<!ciiiifj (C) itěŕirtlảịs (lì) iiŕf-it`llì::iiíìi www.nhaiìtriViet.c0nì Unit2 choosingihe light word dass Ẹ 55
  56. 56. 56 112. 113. 114. 115. 116. 111. All laboratory technicians are reminded of the dangers of handling dangerous materials without the Safety equipment. (I`) ỉtj›jìi‹ir)i^iíili3rl (l,i) Lljìj iiiìriiiịlliì (tì) ‹ìrìiìi`‹`,jJii.iiíi!ịj (l`l) ìririjiiiiiilíììiirỹzi The recent audit of our general operations lias raised some issues that must be addressed immediately. iẤ""l `n`›'l`l I li" . (I 'Ii `.'t'ìll'i‹Ềrl it7) ','‹ịrIitIirìị,i il li `.'t1x'llr`:i' They are now niaking deals with many African nations for cultivatable land leases. (/) iliijìtìltầiiii (tl) iiiijìiìit (iÌ) iiiiirrìlliliii (l ii iiiìj,li›t iẤllìL`,i, Our Lady ot Mercy Hospital has a reputation for having the most Surgeons in the nation. ii.",) Jiĩjtstĩiĩiiilitậliiii-',,i (lì) L:t1ilij'›li.".l`i rtí; "ì,`‹ỉ4,`irij`lÌ'*`lii'i't`iii (l )) .'ư'ti,‹:riiiìỊ>ll:ì:i”:'ỵi Tlìe suinmer work experience program is for both local college sttldents aiid enìployers. i..'i l.'2lillillịj .,i `i ìllir-ri ii 4) I:Iii›íìlìlt` (giii `J.ậlil.liiiliA Frequent fliers are Criticiziiìg Hamiltoii lnteriiatioiìai Airport for tlte qtiality of its iiianageiiìent. ịiì; t i`ix:~‹i.`-it4'x'í iiẳlỉliậ (Iz)I‹.li ,. .` :'l il i,`i›iì`‹i:ầltl`iir.:i› TO[lt, iftlìll.ltg Reailírlg Coiilrireiieiisloli 860 117. 118. 119. 120. 121. Ms. Jenson is widely perceived as a risk taker, but those who know her well unanimously describe her as ŕ and calm in her decision‹making. /`i fìtếllilẽz lăi zằllililŕtrl fĨJ Ỉ=l‹'ifJl`,' Í i i i ( il :`i:‹l›liltỵ' Recently hired workers are fairly reliant on their colleagues during their first few weeks in the office. (vit) ii‹`rjIiHiìli:ri (ili iiŕ'ri'ilitàiir`.* (Lĩ_› li”: `iiLit,:liil`_.I il>`i ill-`tỊlirầiii Ms. Joh's worknìates all describe her as an to them for her perseverance in the lace of adversity. The teleconference with the Berlin office iựvill begin after lunch, so participants are reminded to be punctual. ij/"ỵ) filĩ"ỈíỆii ›ri,' iii) ỉiii` ,μ.i ii") Aiẵlíịí ll`,v' (ii) ‹lirt'i'iirlỊr Please note that all employee task management Survey forms must be completed before being subinitted to the Human Resources Department. (,"} ‹ÉiitÍi'ttl,I ‹`_l'nl i`llii!l"'llt".ễỈu ifỂ`I t,"llill:' Ỹ.i,v" liiiil i,' www.nliantriViet.coiìì
  57. 57. 122. 123. 124. 125. Employees socializing after work with fellow employees or at official company functions must carefully monitor their alcohol (A) coiisiinìei isiìì (B) Ctìiìsiinijìlitiii (tồ) CoiisIli'iiei (D) ‹;‹riisiiiìiiiig ln with new Workplace health and safety regulations, all employees are reminded that their attendance at Wednesday's OHS training session is mandatory. (/) (:oiiiỊ.ìlj'iiìg (B) ciìrìiplialìlìe (C) tĩ‹)iilj›liậilil (E7) rzíiiiljjliniìtlti Because their duties were very , the company conducted refresher training for its entire tvorkforce. (/) exarzlness il-3) (ẽ;‹ar:t:Il›ltầ (C) tì, rl:liiiịj (D) exailtly The company's stated policy for the next quarter is to reduce the of manufacturing detects across the entire range of its products. (/) iiei'ỊilPnt (B) fictiiiciicặ' (tj) fiE`rjiieiil;ies (Ủ) litẫrilieiìllt' WWư^/.iìiìilltỈfi'iE^i.CDf) 126. 1 27. 128. As the current building maintenance company does not rneet company , the company will let others bid on the contract. (/`) slệiiirláìrrl (l`ẫ):LlZ1iiiiểllcily (tị):-,t I'l:li‹iÍZ:iliLìii (D) 5=lếiiì‹lảìrd1; Because the company was embroiled in a legal action, management hired additional patent attorneys to deal with the Ongoing process of (A) liligat‹ệ (B) litigéìtirìiì (C) iiiitjif)llỈ`ỉ (li) litigjlitiiiịj Many felt that the smaller company was overlooked for important contracts due to its perceived ñnancial instability. (/”) iiìtelitiolì Lìf il,ầ) iliiE`fliÍtlli:`› t(;) irileiilioiially (tì) iiìtciìcleti to Uilit 2 Clioosing the right word class 57
  58. 58. il..A›lỂễẩĨỉifỆijịiiấi~ổ XV/rậrrit,›> `iiiỒìliìlhỆ`itltẫí Ĩi_f.ẻĩiỂfẳỊíiÍIiĨgÍiỄl~7Ỹltìlìtểffíllillgẵlitìltlìbĩ ltẳqlíriiơiiịiĩỉli iø'ẹi,íl`V(ỉtềi-LW »::1,,l; “ ỉĨì*ịt6tĨiỉii`,ỗJlễiiÍ.lỄÍịIỂLT; T-*Ậz lttơttitisặẩiitểl lĩtềììltiŕrẽẹ tlfậl i..'li.ì' iliiiìtằ .iI.. iĨểiấjitiíủillẵẫlấỈitlổtỉỉlìtẫi|!ỈẽL$Ĩ irầtitầillifis ỄểJ._.-.iĩfrềlẵfęfitlfẩẵifịlíiìl[lÌĨễl!iĨil(ồiỂtềiịỈỈấiÌlỄiẩiẵttifiÍÌ“iviẮ7i'Ị!ỀĨỔiỄỈiẵ'ẵỀS ấẵì.`itlỊiiiiiiiitti'iậLs' Ĩf l.. lỈầiiFL=ỹ'i'ifÍii `i tciiiíí iiiiiiiflềtx Eị“Ịs tịiồìĩad_ Ịạzĩ. `ir`oLãiíiĩfíĨittY.t=.inx: :ar-sạkgtilviãitliữà uiẵi.vÍổlfỖlỡ-lliifiiỗiiẵtltiìifiliitiffắlềdtểềẵtốiằìiầlẵiĩtìiüitílịitầilìiềljiiặẵ .IặI's. iflif-I '3'Ểv“ ậfẹ,ilấ]i=i0tttv1=> `w'ễ` itợŕiìliffiittitiịs “Ế Ễ â L .I 4!-'Ítỉiir-tẽifẫrịiiiitsìílijjiliruiti'i=ì.iỊil!i!iil iii.. l.*+'u.iầftị, irir-ẹL1.=iliị', iriiiiilìiẽề Ỉ2. i?i“raũỉaiiỉ;iịiáỉfHdỂ' ặẵi, iằi-`itỊ,li=iii=ili'L ái. iiilitliíẩliplổiẵfẩllii ẵĩi. lỉtitdsịịitfịiiiịj Ítiiiàrarâiẽiiìlijlitt0ii=itẩiiiẻr=ius (cia. ỈFfổlỮỄẵl0ii`Ề¶!iỂji!l.Ìl!Ểĩi'Ẩắt ”7/., I itềSÌíìíắ!iẪỊÍ!l.!ldỈÍ'là iẨu,ẵỂĨấÌ!lllỂẨẳ ỊI,l.,. VI=iittiiLiivittịi fạiaiiijiélñịãiñioiiiiaả LS Ỉấ2., tctaliiliởiảẳiñ ‹ọiĨlii=ilttu`ìrpiỉ°jgrr=jpilis`iftiliiis t!i'A'u`i'.vAiliiàiltịifiltẽiỉvriỉìiliil