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Mobility as a service Helsinki

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Mobility as a service Helsinki

  1. 1. Mobility as a Service Sonja Heikkilä Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation 22.1.2015
  2. 2. Funding, expertise, networks Start-ups Growth companies Large companies Universities Research institutes Providers of public services Cities
  3. 3. Tekes innovation funding for companies aiming for global markets Find out customer needs, pilot and test Plan global growth Digitalise business Develop new products, services and processes Develop organisation and business model
  4. 4. Tekes R&D funding in 2013 R&D Funding includes €13 million from the EU Structural Funds. 60%
  5. 5. MOBILITY AS A SERVICE = A door-to-door mobility service that is globally scalable and reaches multiple cities The aim is a ”better than car transportation system”
  6. 6. Essential is to get from A to B +/+/ “Get anywhere” mobility package for 300 €/month: • Transportation from A to B according to a service-level agreement (e.g. pickup in 7 minutes) • Including all transportation (regional public transport, taxi, car and ride sharing, bike sharing etc.) • Including transport related services (city logistics, home deliveries etc.) • Roaming in other cities and countries
  7. 7. Mobility as a Service requires open interfaces to transport services, including: Timetables Real-time location information Payment systems  With these components Mobility Operators can seamlessly integrate transport services worldwide
  8. 8. THE TIME IS NOW Sharing economy, servicizing Decreasing car ownership among young Social change: the young want to be multimodal, spontaneous and continuously connected
  9. 9. Crisis in transportation due to the increasing number of cars • Utilization rate currently only 5 %, could be much more in shared use Sustainability, environmental objectives, safety Lack of funding, need for efficiency gains Major business potential, ARPU currently 300 €/month Technological development THE TIME IS NOW
  10. 10. Mobility as a Service benefits USERS  Strong user orientation  High service quality  Competitive pricing 10
  11. 11. 11Re-thinking Urban Mobility, Sonja Heikkilä, Helsinki City Planning Department  Less cars Less congestion and environmental disadvantages Healthier, safer and more attractive cities Mobility as a Service benefits CITIES
  12. 12.  New business  An open ecosystem that is easy to enter by companies of all sizes  Rapid deployment of innovation and modern technologies  Efficiency in transport operations 12Re-thinking Urban Mobility, Sonja Heikkilä, Helsinki City Planning Department Mobility as a Service benefits BUSINESS
  13. 13. HOW? We will make this vision real by working with the following kinds of organisations: Companies that are willing to operate in open ecosystems, Regulators that enable operations in open ecosystems, Payers (users and public organizations) of transport services that want to save in costs, Users that prefer high quality services at affordable pricing, Research institutions that help us to see the forest out of individual trees.
  14. 14. WHAT IS HAPPENING AT THE MOMENT? Mobility operators are being established Legislative restrictions are being revised and altered Tekes is organizing an open call to fund the launch of Mobility Operator business Business starting this year
  15. 15. Open call for consortium projects Open call for prestudies 2.2.2015 2.2.2015 Open call for prestudy projects begins Open call for consortium projects begins 27.2.2015 Open call for prestudy projects ends 23.3.2015 Decisions on funding for prestudy projects latest 29.5.2015 Open call for consortium projects ends 31.7.2015 Decisions on funding for consortium projects latest PILOTS START Prestudy projects turn into consortium project applications 29.5.2015 Open call for Mobility Operator Business, Timetable Decisions on funding are made as applications are submitted.
  16. 16. Thank you! Contact: Sonja Heikkilä, Tekes sonja.heikkila@tekes.fi Links to the open calls in spring 2015: http://www.tekes.fi/en/programmes-and-services/tekes- programmes/mobility-as-a-service/ http://www.tekes.fi/en/whats-going-on/hakuajat- 2015/prestudies-liikkumisoperaattorihaku-2015/ http://www.tekes.fi/en/whats-going-on/hakuajat- 2015/liikkumisoperaattorihaku-2015/