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trendwatching.com’s infographic TRENDS: REFRESHED

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We're often asked what is happening with previous trends. So here's a look at five of them: where they are now, where they are headed, and the many opportunities they continue to offer. From cash and participation chasing SELLSUMERS, the mature exchange of MATURIALISM, a post POINT & KNOW future, the advance of ECO-SUPERIOR products, and the shifts in MADE FOR BRIC. With examples from UNICEF Sweden, Airbnb, L'Occitane, Google, Hong Kong's Zero Carbon Building, and many more...

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trendwatching.com’s infographic TRENDS: REFRESHED

  1. 1. You are viewing the 1 minute summary of trendwatching.com’s July / August 2013 free monthly Trend Briefing. min For the full version please check trendwatching.com/trends/trendsrefreshed/ 1 1 SELLSUMERS TRENDS: 2 REFRESHED MATURIALISM Remember these 5 trends? They keep on giving. 3 POINT&KNOW 4 ECO-SUPERIOR 5 MADE FOR BRIC INTRODUCTION Trend watchers – us included – love to obsess over the new. But we're often asked what’s happened to past trends too. Here's a look at five past trends: the developments, the latest innovations and the future opportunities. TRENDS & EXAMPLES Born in 2009 1 NEXT SELLSUMERS Consumers will treat brands as equals, and expect them to behave like people too. Will there be any consumers left NOT making some money on the side? RelayRides: ‘Renting Social’ enables users to request cars from their Facebook friends NOW Social & mobile has made selling easy, convenient, transparent and reliable 2 Born in 2010 MATURIALISM It’s a raw, transparent, mature world out there: time for brands to grow up or give up. NOW Consumers expect brands to be mature, even if that involves being brutally honest. Hachikyo: Seafood restaurant fines diners for not finishing their meal NEXT Born in 2012 3 Start demanding customers take painful-but-muchneeded actions POINT&KNOW Get ready for a POST-POINT & KNOW future. Google Glass: in-vision information access, due late 2013? NEXT Forget privacy implications and the challenges of social acceptance, wearables will be mainstream, once what they deliver is compelling to consumers. NOW Consumers can now access information via devices that are worn – if not seamlessly integrated – into their vision, clothes or bodies. Born in 2011 4 Why even ‘carbon-neutral’ won’t cut it. NOW Too often, consumerism has a negative impact on the environment. ECO-SUPERIOR Torre de Especialidades: Hospital building features pollution-fighting exterior NEXT 5 Products whose consumption or existence actually benefits the environment. Born in 2010 MADE FOR BRIC And now let’s get busy with MADE FOR N11. Bestman Games: First ever Nigerian edition of Monopoly, set in Lagos NEXT Expect to see this extended to the 'N11' Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, Turkey, Philippines, Pakistan, Iran, South Korea, Bangladesh, Egypt, and Vietnam, and beyond. NOW Brands continue to create new, localized, tailored products for Brazil, China and India. This is just the 1 minute summary of trendwatching.com’s July / August 2013 free monthly Trend Briefing. For the full version please check trendwatching.com/trends/trendsrefreshed/ NEXT? Want tips on how to APPLY trends? See www.trendwatching.com/tips trendwatching.com | Infographics Monthly Trend Briefing - July / August 2013 Enjoyed this? Read all our free publications: Want More? 2014 PREMIUM SERVICE trendwatching.com/freepublications/ Need access to all the vital consumer trends, insights and innovations in 2014? Our Premium Service is for you. trendwatching.com/premium/ TREND FRAMEWORK INDUSTRY UPDATES INNOVATIONS DATABASE 2014 TREND REPORT MONTHLY SNAPSHOTS TREND APPLY TOOLKIT