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The franken dough man

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The franken dough man

  1. 1. The Franken Dough Man By Tre wittman Once upon a time there was a gingerbread city. The sweet city wasmade of candy cane street posts and peppermint sidewalks. In thegingerbread city lived a crazy scientist. One night he fell asleep watching theFrankenstein movie. He dreamed that he was making a person from bodyparts. When the scientist woke up he ran right to his laboratory and started tocreate a monster from the extra body parts he had saved over the years. Thescientist used green frosting and black licorice stripes to put the creaturetogether. He also put big raisin eyes. After 5 exhausting days he finallyshoved a sour lemon head in the monster’s mouth. The monster yelled in pain. “Arrrrrrrrrrgh!”“It is alive.” The scientist exclaimedFranken dough spit out the lemon head and in a rampage Franken Doughcrashed through the side of the lab. The scientist ran after him. Franken Dough looked over his shoulderand saw the scientist running after him. Franken Dough mumbled or the first time, “run fast as you can butyou can’t catch me I’m the Franken dough man.” The scientist could not catch him. Franken Dough was running through the city throwing rock candy cars and crashing through sugar coated buildings. The gingerbread cops began chasing him as well. When he looked back he saw them. He mumbled for the second time, “Run, run as fast as you can but you can not catch me I’m the Franken Dough me.” The Military could not catch him.
  2. 2. Soon Franken Dough was chased to edge of the giant CarmelRiver. He didn’t want to get stuck in the river so he just stood therethinking. Then out of the corner of his raisin he saw a flesh color boat.Franken Dough hopped on and stared to paddle his way across theriver. He was just about to reach the other side when the boat began torise out of the Carmel River. It got higher and higher until FrankenDough was nose to nose with a human which gobbled him up causethat is what gingerbread cookies are for