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The Future of Search and AI

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Closing keynote by Trey Grainger from Activate 2018 in Montreal, Canada. Covers trends in the intersection of Search (Information Retrieval) and Artificial Intelligence, and the underlying capabilities needed to deliver those trends at scale.

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The Future of Search and AI

  1. 1. The Future of Search & AI Trey Grainger SVP of Engineering, Lucidworks @treygrainger #Activate18 #ActivateSearch
  3. 3. So what are the current and 
 upcoming trends in Search & AI?
  4. 4. Big Data?
  5. 5. We need big answers. Because we don’t need “big data.”
  6. 6. Solr leads the way on Learning to Rank
  7. 7. And that mass adoption of LTR looks like this..
  8. 8. But what about all the other aspects of Search beyond AI?
  9. 9. relevance, scale, bm25, user experience, learning to rank, autoscaling, sys admin, server provisioning, lemmatization/stemming, cloud, docker, aws, natural language processing, etl, entity extraction, tf-idf, phrase detection, semantic search, query pipelines, connectors, web crawling, signals, real-time recommendations, personalization, question answering, request handlers, search components, autocomplete, spell checking, synonyms, stop words, query-log mining, probabilistic query parsing, boolean queries, geo-spatial queries, image search, voice search, classification models, bi- directional cross-datacenter replication, semantic knowledge graphs, ontology management, merchandizing, entity type detection, query classification, word embeddings, query parsers, highlighting, analyzers, tokenization, streaming expressions, faceting, concept clustering, more like this, insight engine, apache lucene/solr, lucidworks fusion, some kind of crazy magic, that white box with the magnifying glass... What Is Search?
  10. 10. There are a LOT of skillsets required to deliver a world-class Search experience
  11. 11. Scaling search can be really hard
  12. 12. Ease of operations, scaling, and performance are a top priority
  13. 13. We're drastically improving ease of operations
  14. 14. Time factors • And making the cluster aware of its own needs Size factors Budget factors • Scaling Policies • Server Metrics • Event Triggers • Disk Space Free • Prioritizing Traffic • CPU Too High • Traffic Increasing • Need more Nodes • Shards out of balance • Back Pressure • Traffic Increasing • Server Lost
  15. 15. or. How I indexed *. ... and lived to tell the tale .... * simulated. documents.
  16. 16. Final Thoughts
  17. 17. There is an ongoing shift away from "big data" and toward actionable intelligence
  18. 18. Assistive Search is the new paradigm •Requires personalization •Voice •Image Search •Conversational •Contextual (location, last search) •Beyond links and information to 
 Answers and Action
  19. 19. ... and Search is now the de-facto user interface for 
 digital interaction with your customers
  20. 20. The future of business success hinges on the outcomes of billions of digital moments FIND 
 the correct product CONNECT 
 to the right person KNOW exactly what to do next DRIVE relevant conversations RESOLVE a problem
  21. 21. The Future of Search & AI Starts Now.
  22. 22. Thank you! @treygrainger #Activate18 #ActivateSearch