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7 ways to make your employees say 'i love my work'

TriggerO is the most comprehensive and innovative Social Reward and Recognition solution for organizations.

TriggerO – SaaS based online recognition system helps you to identify key behaviors important to your business and the best rewards to recognize employees to repeat those behaviors.

Designed around 360° Employee Engagement, it embraces the most powerful features of Social Recognition + Social Reward Management + Enterprise Social Collaboration to deliver the richest R&R user experience with measurable ROI.

TriggerO lets your people collaborate through knowledge, ideas and experience sharing. TriggerO combines the muscle power of Social Networking, Reward & Recognition and Business collaboration by bringing all the stakeholders viz. the business heads, managers, peers, employees, partners, customers, alumni, under a centralized and interactive platform. TriggerO offers real-time visibility across your business to make R&R programs smart and effective. Networking becomes easier with intra network chat, file sharing, communities, groups and discussion forums to create knowledge database and so on. Social tools like enterprise micro blogging, direct messaging, and audio/video sharing makes appreciation of efforts more powerful.
TriggerO unveils 7 great ways to make your employees say 'I love my work' in 2012.

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7 ways to make your employees say 'i love my work'

  1. 1. Give your team the needed time & focus. They will perform better onlywhen their efforts seek your ATTENTION
  2. 2. Encourage your employees to talk, share, and discuss theirpersonal and professional concerns and anxieties to gainpsychological relief
  3. 3. Demonstrate interest in their work & socially appreciate their skills & efforts to boost their morale
  4. 4. Let your employees feel part of the in-crowd at work whoknow what is happening and have sufficient necessaryinformation to take their own decisions
  5. 5. A pleasant good morning visit to their table or a motivating ‘pat on the back’ enables them to trust and engage with you
  6. 6. Encourage your employees to come prepared for weeklymeetings with questions, requests for support, troubleshootingideas for their work, and information
  7. 7. Express enough care and happiness to your employees even ontheir life’s personal experiences and celebrating moments
  8. 8. Share with us your ‘Day at work’..We just might make it better..