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POS and EBS Integration

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Infogain's Retail EBS bridge bi - directionally integrates all critical retail data objects including Item,Inventory,Price,Tax,Employee,Financials,Order Management and Customers.

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POS and EBS Integration

  1. 1. RETAIL SOLUTIONS Retail Point of Sale (POS) and Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Integration Accurate, Real-Time Updates Retail customers who have invested in EBS and also want to implement Oracle Retail Store Solutions can now leverage Infogain’s comprehensive solution for integrating Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Store Solutions Retail Point of Sale (POS) and Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) Integration Infogain’s Retail EBS bridge bi-directionally integrates all critical retail data objects including Item, Inventory, Price, Tax, Employee, Financials, Order Management and Customers. With this solution, business users are able to run on-demand or scheduled automated updates to theirWHY INFOGAIN? company’s POS system after addingl Proven track record for delivering inventory to their EBS Inventory customer-focused projects which system. Similarly, users can update provide measurable ROI in shorter their EBS Financials system with store time frames.l With a global technical resource sales data from their POS system. This pool, Infogain is an ideal partner of easy-to-use system automates the choice for mission critical project more manual processes being used at development, production support, maintenance, and sustaining many retailers today. engineering solutions Solution l Bi-directional ETL tool for synchronizing data between Oracle Retail and EBS products l Custom transformations as required l Customized web interfaces for data export and import between systems l Scheduling of synchronizing events scheduling (Batch/Triggered) l Leverages pre-built accelerators and interfaces for WAIF, ETL and SOA l 24/7 Post-implementation support Value Proposition for the Retailer l Automated system for updating financial systems with POS data and vice versa, leading to faster financial close cycles and more updated POS systems l Customizable POS Integration to fit your unique business and technology requirements l Enabler for cross-store, cross-channel business operations around transaction
  2. 2. RETAIL SOLUTIONS l Ease of developing connectors to enable integration with all critical systems: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Warehouse Management System (WMS), inventory, merchandising, credit check, financials, etc l Ability to deliver greater value and ease of doing business to your customers to build loyalty and driver high customer satisfaction levels l Configurable repository that acts as the system of records for all customer transactions generated across all sales channels l Appropriate for use across various retail domains including Consumer Durables, Fashion, Hypermarkets, Grocery, Apparel, Shoes, Sports and others. Value Proposition for the Retailer’s Customers l Enables location-independent customer service, so consumers can buy at one store and return at another l Theft prevention through PCI compliance l Enhanced customer experience with accurate billing and order fulfilment l Real-time accurate stock quotes across stores l Convenience of reserving online and picking up merchandise from a store Crital Data Objects Supported Across the Enterprise Infogain offers a complete solution to integrate your Oracle investments. The following data objects are supported: l Item l Inventory l Price l Tax l Employee l Financials l Order Management l CustomersUSA: +1-408-355-6000UK: +44-(0)-161-602-3500INDIA: +91-120-244 5144 All trademarks, trade names, service marks and logos referenced herein belong to their respective companieswww.infogain.com © Copyright Infogain Corporation, 2010. All rights reserved. 07/10