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TurnUp Group Services Overview

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TurnUp Group Services Overview

  2. 2. THE INDUSTRY IS EVOLVING TurnUp the Creativity An artist’s bread and butter has typically been in concert ticket sales as labels have traditionally reaped the disproportionate benefit of music sales. The internet, social media marketing and online music communities have shifted consumer preferences taking a major bite out of music sales, but opening a whole world of possibilities for artists (both with label representation and without) to generate revenue. Beyoncé, a TurnUp Group artist, broke iTunes records with her secret, visual album release in December 2013 selling 617,000 downloads in three days. Her out-of-the-box thinking changed the game and proved the rules of the industry no longer apply.
  3. 3. WHO WE ARE In an industry where the rulebook has been thrown out the window, it pays to have a firm experienced in blazing new trails. The TurnUp Group is a boutique agency comprised of creative, hardworking, music-lovers pouring their passion and expertise into the fan experience. Through full-service Brand Management, Fan Enhancement Programs and Merchandising Services, we generate streams of revenue for client artists while satisfying their fans with unique, buzz-worthy experiences. ! No tour is hiccup-free, but the show must go on. We are proven problem solvers having managed pre-sale, ticketing and VIP complications for major artists. With our hands-on approach, we always do what it takes to get the job done. ! TurnUp Group artists and their management can focus on the music and performances and leave the nitty-gritty, behind-the-scenes stuff to us.
  4. 4. WHAT WE DO We TurnUP the connection and feed the bottom line. At the TurnUp Group, we create new revenue streams for growing artists and brands through the creation and management of online ticketing, fan club sites, online stores, merchandising, VIP programs and other customized web services. ! For the established artist, we’re skilled at increasing tour and merchandising revenue while turning up the dial on their brand and satisfying their hungry fan base with exclusive opportunities, merchandise and artist news. ! In 2013, we sold over 13,000 VIP packages for these touring TurnUp Group artists: Beyonce, Styx, Lindsey Stirling, and Andy Allo ! • Lindsey Stirling’s VIP revenue increased 450% from 2012 to 2013 after partnering with TurnUp. • Hooey Brand sales increased 260% from 2012 to 2013 We monetize fans’ desires and strengthen brands.
  5. 5. FEATURED CLIENTS A few of the artists and brands who we TurnUp
  7. 7. ONLINE TICKETING Touring artists and venues TurnUp TICKET SALES with our customizable online ticketing system. Super-Fans Come First TurnUp Group creates a convenient way for fans to purchase show tickets prior to public sales. ! Online Ticketing System Our system allows for password-protected pre-sales and select-a-seat reserved seating options. We provide will-call, 
 e-ticket and snail mail delivery options. ! Complete Customization Ticketing site is custom-skinned to match client’s website and branding with space for banner ads to further promote the tour, online merch store, artist charity/cause, etc.
  8. 8. VIP EXPERIENCES It’s time to TurnUp the EXPERIENCE. We created VIP experiences in 155 cities in 25 countries on 5 continents in 2013. 
 We customize VIP Programs themed for the artist’s tour, generating revenue while strengthening the fan/artist bond. TurnUp Group creates added-value to tickets sales through Sound Check access, artist meet and greets, VIP early entry, exclusive VIP merch and custom super-fan experiences.
 VIP packages can be customized for each city on the tour based on venue, ticket prices and fan demand. !
  9. 9. ONLINE STORES TurnUp your BRAND. We create custom online stores to showcase and sell your merchandise so you can focus on your core business. Full Service Store Management TurnUp Group manages every detail of your online store: store design, product design and creation, inventory management, storage, promotions, customer service, domestic and international order fulfillment. ! Marketing Push TurnUp Group will work closely with your team to improve sales via email marketing, social media, promotions, pre-sales and sale specials.
  10. 10. MERCHANDISING Our expertise will TurnUp your SALES. Design and Production We provide full-service merchandising management services on the road as well as in the artist’s online store. We know what’s hot and which products move. We work with our client’s existing artwork and help create new designs.  Our clients have full approval rights and maintain sole ownership of all Trademarks and artwork created on artist’s behalf by TurnUp Group. All product purchases and quantities are pre-approved by clients. ! Tour / Travel We can provide a representative on the road or work with client’s existing road crew for the duration of a tour to market and sell artist merchandise. We handle financial reporting, inventory,  and sales tax.
  11. 11. WEB SERVICES TurnUp the PRESENCE. Perception is reality and the internet is one big playground of opportunity. Let us help up your game. Web Design and Development Our technical team is skilled at building sleek, user-friendly websites from scratch, improving existing sites and/or managing ongoing site modifications. ! Email Marketing This is an add-on service for current TurnUp Group clients looking to increase touch points and stay top-of-mind with their consumer base. ! Social Media Management Social activity and reputation management are imperative to fan-centric brands. We’ll tell your story in real time and nurture your brand’s relationship with fans and followers.
  12. 12. FAN CLUBS TurnUp the CONNECTION. Super-fan portals generate traffic, conversation, buzz and ultimately… REVENUE. Unique Content and Perks Super-fans enjoy early ticketing opportunities, exclusive contests, merchandise discounts, early announcements, exclusive content and message boards. Our fan club sites are password protected adding a level of exclusivity and value to super-fans. ! Customization Fan club sites can be skinned to mimic or complement the artist’s official site and branding. We produce paid and free fan community sites.
  13. 13. LET US TURNUP YOUR BRAND TurnUp Group, LLC :: Austin, TX USA :: Live Music Capital of the World Give Us a Shout Drop Us a Line ! ! 888.647.4942 (main) TICKETING & VIP jennette@turnupgroup.com 512.861.2923 (local) ! 512.861.2925 (fax) betsy@turnupgroup.com ! ! ! ONLINE STORES & MERCHANDISING ! WEB SERVICES & FAN CLUBS mike@turnupgroup.com !