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Mx prospect management and millennium process

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Mx prospect management and millennium process

  1. 1. Prospect Management Process Overview Presenter: Ted Van Patten April 2012 Information in this presentation is accumulated from Sage Millennium Summit presentations and industry standards from AFP and AASP
  2. 2. Planning, recording, and reporting significant moments in the relationship between the prospect and the nonprofit organization … …which lead toward a gift Prospect Management Defined David Lamb, Senior Consultant, Target Analytics
  3. 3. Goals of Prospect Management • Accountability for development office • Coordination of the development effort • Management of prospects through the development cycle • Creation of a historical record of donor and prospect relationships • Creates a “gift story” for future gifts 3
  4. 4. Purpose of Prospect Management • Identify, quantify and qualify constituents for major gifts • Monitor progress toward campaign goals • Monitor development staff activity • Track portfolio and contact activity by prospect • Provide roadmap for future activity with prospect
  5. 5. Prospect Management Systems • Essential parts and Steps 1. Research and Inclination a. Identify and qualify Prospect and Ratings 2. Strategy a. Assignment of prospect managers and relationships b. Proposal or Planned Gift (pipeline) tracking 3. Cultivation a. Moves management (actions/tasks) 4. Solicitation 5. Recognition and Acknowledgement 6. Stewardship
  6. 6. Research Inclination Prospect Prospect Management Cycle Graphic designed by: Ted Van Patten 1.Qualify 2.Strategy 3.Cultivation 4.Solicitation 5.Recognition 6.Stewardship
  7. 7. 1. Research + Inclination = Qualified • Tools for Tracking and Ratings – Wealth Engine – Screenings (Campaign and other committees) – Internet and social networking – Media – Personal relationships – Peer referral – Self Referral – Past giving history – Pull the paper file
  8. 8. 2. Strategy • Every prospect should have a plan • Assignment Relationships • Prospect and Prospect Managers • Prospect and Secondary Managers • Prospect and Solicitor • Establishes overall portfolio of staff member • Create a time line donation and target ask amount
  9. 9. 3. Cultivation • Proposal or Planned Giving tracking – Defines prospect as part of current portfolio – Indicates amount of revenue in staff member’s pipeline – Shows target ask dates – Shows results of solicitation • Moves management - Action/Task – Record all contacts with prospect of prospect management significance – Provides Development management with record of manager’s overall activity – Provides manager a history of activity with his/her particular prospects – Provides record of all development activity for future staff and initiatives
  10. 10. 3. Cultivation cont… • Moves management (cont.) – Next step tracking – Enables development management to review planned activity of staff – Provides staff with a “to do” list for future periods – Assists in efficient use of development staff resources by improved planning of activity – Provides proactive tickler system for staff to ensure follow-through with prospects
  11. 11. 4. Solicitation “The Ask” • Confirming that the Case for Support is understood • Making sure that relevant questions are answered • Calmly stating what you would like from the donor, for what purpose, and in what time period • Then waiting for his/her response without interruption • Confirming the response and discussing next steps • Regardless of outcome saying a sincere thank you • Statement of Intent • Proper entry in Sage Millennium
  12. 12. 5. Recognition • Includes: – Timely notifications • Letters, emails, phone calls, etc… – Naming opportunities – Public acknowledgements • Verbal : Events, Reunions, social occasions, etc.. • In print: Annual Report, Bulletins, newspapers, etc.. – Some processes do not include Recognition as part of plan, but proper recognition is essential to future donations from donor. Improperly done can result in bad feelings between Middlesex and donor. Each donor needs to be evaluated to what level of recognition is needed.
  13. 13. 6. Stewardship • A gift is not the end, but the last step to that cycle. The next cycle begins with stewardship and moves back to re-qualify for next gift • Set a notification stewardship plan • Set a duration of time before the donor would be considered for another major gift • Make sure stewardship plan is properly coded in Sage Millennium
  14. 14. Concluding Comments • Remember as a professional fundraiser: – Be discreet and confidential with the information that is shared. – Behave ethically and abide by your professional standards. – Treat the donor the way that you would like to be treated. – Help donors make meaningful & thoughtful gifts that benefit the community.