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International Recruitment 101

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How do you build out an international recruitment plan in the current climate? There is more than one way to connect with students around the world. UTA uses a combination of virtual and online communication, travel and agents to build out the prospective student population. Hear more about our success and failure in international student recruitment. No matter your size, budget or location we can help you connect with prospective international students.

Presenters: Samantha Stewart & Andrea Yen

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International Recruitment 101

  1. 1. International Recruitment 101 Samantha Stewart & Andrea Yen UTA’S Graduate Business Services
  2. 2.  11% of UTA student population is international  Majority from India  Graduate Recruitment became centralized in 2013, inherited from the Graduate School  Office of International Education had done some international recruitment  “as needed”  We had no idea what we were doing! Some Background
  3. 3.  Which countries are the best pipelines?  Focusing on quality, not quantity  Where are self funded students coming from?  Expanding to other countries  China, Africa Recruitment Goals
  4. 4.  Inquiry  Messages will be country specific  What are students most interested in?  Program, Cost, Prestige?  Applicant  Most similar piece to domestic population  Be clear and concise  Yield  #YouAreWelcomeHere Communications
  5. 5.  We asked the students:  Newly enrolled undergraduate and graduate international students  What information would you have liked to receive as you made your decision to choose UTA?  What information would you have liked to received as you prepared to travel?  What was the most challenging part about preparing to travel to the US?  What was the most challenging part of your first few days on campus?  What was the most helpful resource? Focus Groups
  6. 6.  Immunizations  Documents to carry with you  Weather/ what to pack  Student groups to connect to. Rides from airport, housing, etc. Communications Preparing for Arrival
  7. 7.  Transportation  How to get a Driver’s License/Buy a car/Car Insurance  How to transfer funds  Weather conditions  How to get a cell phone  How to open a bank account  How to get a SSN Communications You arrived… now what?
  8. 8. Communications  Orientation  Campus tour, department outreach  Temporary Accommodations  Are there options on campus?  Some hotels will not let you book if you are under 21  Timing  You will need at least a week to transition and prepare  You cannot do all orientations, advising, and adjust in two days  Stores  Walmart, Target, International Restaurants The First Few Days
  9. 9.  Virtual Fairs  Online Info Sessions  Inquiries and Admits  Live Chats  Facebook  School’s App  Facebook Live  Private Messages Online Recruitment
  10. 10.  Be Prepared for Weird Hours  A lot of ours begin at 3am, 5am, 7pm, 9pm  Equip Your Staff  FAQs to cut & paste Online Recruitment Things to Remember
  11. 11.  Can be very effective for overall strategy  Provide in country representation  Insight to local markets  Established relationships  Must invest in the relationship  Dedicated staff to vet agencies and train  Cost Agencies & Partnerships
  12. 12. • Fairs/Tours – One lump sum, typically includes housing, transportation, food, etc – 300 students up to 4,500 per stop • School Presentations – Anywhere from 5 students to 600 students • Making Contacts – Agencies, school officials at the fair International Travel
  13. 13. • On the Spot Admissions – Pre-application – Scan documents on the spot – Faculty make instant decision • Receptions – Invite alumni from the area – Admitted students from the surrounding area – Formal welcoming speech International Travel
  14. 14. Fall 2017- Fairs/School Presentations Spring 2018- On The Spot Admissions
  15. 15. • Cannot issue on the spot I-20’s • Long, long days – Fall 2017: 12 flights in 15 days, typically 12 hour days – Spring 2018- 10 flights in 12 days • Food differences – Granola bars – Crystal Light International Travel Reminders/Heads Up
  16. 16. Resources  EducationUSA- https://educationusa.state.gov  EducationUSA is a U.S. Department of State network of over 400 international student advising centers in more than 170 countries  WENR- https://wenr.wes.org/  World Education News & Reviews (WENR) is an authoritative news and information source for professionals in international education  AIRC- https://www.airc-education.org  The American International Recruitment Council (AIRC) works to safeguard the interests of both international students and enrolling institutions through the promotion of ethical, standards-based international recruitment strategies  Open Door Report- https://www.iie.org/
  17. 17. Questions? Samantha Stewart Samantha.stewart@uta.edu Andrea Yen Andrea.yen@uta.edu