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Broken Jewel—Automattic

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Presentation given as Flash Talk at Automattic Meetup in Seaside on September 2010

Presentation is supposed to be Pecha Kucha style. But due to preparation constraints, it's given as a short form.

Automattic is the company I work for. The company is distributed worldwide and once a year we gather at a remote location and meet face-to-face. This year, all the employees are taking a little time during the meetup to compose and give at least one presentation for each other, talking about any subject we are passionate about.

I started writing this talk a couple years back, and I have never found a venue to actually deliver it. Matt, claims that, “You will not find a friendlier group of people to present to in the world” and that “Everybody has a story.”

This is mine.

Hope you enjoy it.

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Broken Jewel—Automattic

  1. 1. Broken Jewel Pecha Kucha ( ) Sepember 12, 2010 Automattic Meetup, Seaside, Florida
  2. 2. It begins with a phone call…
  3. 3. My brother and I are very close Video/Audio: Photos of me and my brother. Broken Jewel terry chay,
  4. 4. The Eulogy
  5. 5. My brother’s story… “Teresa Chay is a biophysicist who suffers from arrhythmia. She developed the condition as a child after rheumatic fever damaged two heart valves. Surgery seven years ago replaced the valves, but she still takes daily medication and occasionally needs to rush to the hospital for electrical pulse treatment.”
  6. 6. “The Heart of the Matter.”
  7. 7. inspire to work harder Mom and Ken at the USAir terminal Video/Audio: My brother says he inherited laziness from our father and guilt from our mother. Those two sides are at war. Mom laughing Video/Audio: Every time he thinks, “This is too tough,” he looks up and sees that article about my mom. Broken Jewel terry chay,
  8. 8. Mom and Ken Video/Audio: My brother became a professor of economics because of my mother. Broken Jewel terry chay,
  9. 9. The Civil Rights act and the Medicare Act Blacks White Number of Post-Neonatal Infant Deaths due to Diarrhea and Pneumonia by Race 400 300 200 100 1955 1957 1958 1961 1963 1965 1967 1969 1971 1973 1974
  10. 10. My mom the professor Mom as a Post-Doc My mom did her high school in three years, her undergraduate in three, and her Ph.D. in two years. (They put a residency requirement at Utah after she left.) Mom as a professor My earliest memories of mom were her working in front of the computer, dialing a phone, and connecting it to a 150 baud acoustic coupled modem connected to a teletype, as I parked my matchbox cars on the upright piano. Broken Jewel terry chay, birthday
  11. 11. My story… Me at Singer Learning Center I used to tell everyone, “My Mommy works there.” every time I saw a building at the University of Pittsburgh. (Or any building that reminded me of one.) Me with Mom My mom’s favorite story she used to tell her students. Broken Jewel terry chay, birthday
  12. 12. My worst enemy
  13. 13. Dreams of Death
  14. 14. Who is on the other side of the camera? Video/Audio: So far the story has only mentioned three members of the family… Broken Jewel terry chay, birthday
  15. 15. My Dad’s Story Sometimes he remembers to set up the tripod and the timer.
  16. 16. So about that surgery… Mom and Dad During the second open-heart surgery, her heart didn’t restart. My mom was under the knife for 18 hours. They thought she might be a vegetable. Mom and Dad My dad spent the days at my mom’s bed in the ICU recounting the day. Broken Jewel terry chay, birthday
  17. 17. You forgot something…
  18. 18. My Jewel
  19. 19. The Broken Jewel
  20. 20. Related: http://wp.me/ pGjq4-8z