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  1. PERSONAL BRAND EXPLORATION Tyzhane Lassiter Project & Portfolio I: Week 1 March 5th , 2023
  2. I am a 26-year-old Artist from New Jersey. My name Is Tyzhane. Im Currently enrolled in Full-sail University receiving my bachelor's degree in digital marketing. I am currently a Digital Content Creator. I have Great people skills, and experience in Adobe software. I have great ideas to help shape the future in a more creative and exciting way. One day I plan on growing many businesses and one day Owning some of the most successful Digital Marketing Companies In the world. IDENTITY Picture of You Goes Here
  3. PROFESSION Potential Job Titles: • Director of Brand & Creative Services • Director Of Executive Media • Art Director • Marketing Manager BRAND ARCHETYPE My brand archetype is Creator. This mean I'm in tune with my creative side. Im an Artist, Designer, and maker. I tend to use my imagination and bring whatever I'm thinking to reality. Creative Director
  4. Management team /Hiring Managers TARGET AUDIENCE Jane Elizebeth Macioci Outreach Plan: • The task I will complete is making sure my portfolio is ready for review.I will ensure that all information is relevant. • I will monitor all my emails. To ensure I don’t miss any dates or deadlines and participate in any steps necessary to get Hired. • I will reach out 3 business days after filling out an application in hopes to hear good news. Insurtech Digital Marketing / SEO Content Manager Sofia Kreisler Senior Manager of Creative Marketing at LoveShackFancy Mathew Perlman Outreach Plan: • The task I will complete is to prepare myself to meet Mr. Mathew is ensure that my portfolio and resume are altered to fit the job description. • The method I would use for communication is via email and on the linked account. • The manner I would follow up with Matthew is to see if there has been any update on the position and the hiring process. Manager, Creative services, Founder, Artishouse Outreach Plan: • The task I will complete is making sure my portfolio is ready for review. I will ensure that all information is relevant and reach all standard of expected skills. • I will monitor all my emails. To ensure I don’t miss any dates or deadlines and participate in any steps necessary to get Hired. • I will reach out 3 business days after filling out an application in hopes to get hired.
  5. GOALS Short Term: (2024) Intern, Beginning stage Immediately after graduation year, I plan on getting hired as an intern at a good company that will teach me the basics of what I'll be doing in my career. I plan on having a small business where I'll be making all the digital marketing content for small businesses to keep money flowing. Ex. Business Cards, flyers, promotion ads, And animated promotional Videos. -Build a Portfolio/LinkedIn account -intern -side job Mid Term: (2025) Start the first Job, Planning Small Business, Hands-on Learning I would have mastered my small job and internship. I plan on elevation to starting my own marketing company. This will be happening while I'm working for a Great Marketing company or A part of a great paying marketing team. This will teach me all the ends and outs of what it will take to build my own multi-Million-dollar Digital Marketing Company. Giving me more hands-on experience, and properly preparing me for my future business. -First Real Job -Hands-on learning -Blueprint -Note-taking for personal business Long Term: (2026-2027) Start My Business Overall, my long-term goal is to gain as much knowledge as possible at this point from my interns and jobs. This is the year where I'll be launching my own digital marketing company where I will be providing all necessary services to my clients. And these years I will be creating a blueprint for young men and women who are interested in learning about digital marketing. This will be for all my employees to have the opportunity to learn directly from me for free and exchange for a great staff and team. -Business Launch -Blueprint of what I learned -Hiring Staff
  6. SKILLS ANALYSIS Notable Skills & Current Proficiencies: Adobe Creative Suite SOFT HARD Novice / Adept / Expert Novice / Adept / Expert Team Management Novice / Adept / Expert Visual Concepts Novice / Adept / Expert Graphic Design SOFT HARD Novice / Adept / Expert Personal Development Novice / Adept / Expert Digital Strategy Novice / Adept / Expert Social media strategy Novice / Adept / Expert Artist Development
  7. I will ensure that All Services and Creations are done to brand Standards While Bringing the imagination of others to life. PROMISE
  8. CREDENTIALS Work Experience: • Content Creator • Business and Flyer Creator • Logo Maker • Promotional ad Builder • Digital Marketing Education: • Some College , June 2024 • Bachelors Degree in Digital Marketing Leadership roles • Social media Manager
  9. COMPETITION Paul Williams Industry Experience: • Social media manager, Marketing Director • Social Media Marketing • Marketing Branding Consultant Education: • University of New York College of Statin Island Leadership Experience: • The Party Starters Podcast (Power 105) Skills and Proficiencies: • Google Computer Networking • Google Technical support • It Operations Management • It Hardware support • SEO • Event Planning Tyzhane Lassiter Overall Online Presence: • 393 connections • The banner image is customized • Professional headshot • Detailed and informational profile HEADSHOT Industry Experience: • Content creator Education: • Fullsail University Leadership Experience: • Digital Creator For IG influencers Skills and Proficiencies: • Web design • Adobe • Keynote Overall Online Presence: • No connection • Banner image not customized • Professional Headshot • Not Enough Info
  10. COMPETITION Dionnee Harper Noteworthy Experience: • Artist Development at Warner Records • Executive vise President • Senior vise president Marketing • Senior director marketing Tyzhane Lassiter Industry Experience: • Executive vise president • Artist Development Education: • Syracuse university Skills and Proficiencies: • Marketing coordinator • Marketing Assistant • Product Manager Overall Online Presence: • 500+ connections • The banner image is not customized • Headshot is professional • The profile is full of detail • Active on social media • Linkin URL is customized Industry Experience: • Industry experience goes here Education: • Full sail University Leadership Experience: • Digital creator for Ig influences Skills and Proficiencies: • Web design • Adobe • Keynote Overall Online Presence: • No connection • Banner image not customized • No Professional Headshot • No details • Not Enough Info
  11. BRAND POSITION I want to give artists the oppertunity to unlock those qualities needed to succeed in the music industry.
  12. NETWORKING & MARKETING Industry Events & Organizations Mastering the Art of Digital Marketing Strategy with Dr. Dave Chaffey by MMC Learning ‣ Tue ,Mar 14, 2023 8:00 AM-9:30 AM ‣ Online How To Start Your Digital Marketing Career In 50 hours By Ashish Sharma ‣ Wed Mar 8,2023 5:00PM-6:00PM ‣ Online Discover the Future of Digital Marketing with an alternative to CHAT GPT Thu Mar 9, 2023, 6:00 AM-7:00 AM Online Digital Marketing • Primary Content: the kind of content I will be posting on social media will be different examples of art that can be used for different businesses. I will post promotional ads to enhance my personal brand. I will also post testimonials of customers who have experience working with me. • Primary Tools: The type of tool that I will use is Photoshop, adobe creative cloud, and a lot of its tools, Canva and iMovie. • Website: The way that I will use my website is to promote the brand in the most creative and inventive way. I will make daily posts to keep engagement and weekly updates of new offers that are available.
  13. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Mentor • The type of mentor I will seek is my competition. She is Working in the exact field that I am working Towards. I know I can learn so much from her experience her name is Dionnee Harper she works in Artist Development at Warner Record. She will be able to provide me with first-hand info on the knowledge and skills necessary for me to succeed. Formal Education • Fullsail University Technical Skills • Adobe Creative Cloud, Feb 2023 • Color Palette, Mar 2023 • CSS Canva,July 2021 • Intro to Web Design and Development,Feb 2022 Soft Skills • Keynote Essential Training, Nov 2023 • Learning Adobe Fonts, Mar 2023 • Adobe Color Essential, Mar 2023 • Building a Portfolio,Feb 2023
  14. Tyzhane Lassiter Lets Put Our Great Minds Together And Create A Legacy
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  1. Forbes Most Valuable Brands List (2017): Apple 2. Google 3. Microsoft 4. Facebook 5. Coca-Cola 6. Amazon 7. Disney 8. Toyota 9. McDonald’s 10. Samsung Methodology: Forbes valued more than 200 global brands by looking at three years of earnings and allocating a percentage of those earnings based on the role brands play in each industry (e.g., high for luxury goods and beverages, low for airlines and oil companies). We applied the average price-to-earnings multiple over the past three years to these earnings to arrive at the final brand value.