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Teamtrackr at Digital Sport Glasgow

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Teamtrackr at Digital Sport Glasgow

  1. 1. @duaneroft founder
  2. 2. how digital marketing can help small organisations
  3. 3. music industry background
  4. 4. iTunes, Myspace, Spotify, mobile initiatives
  5. 5. lots of parallels between music and sport
  6. 6. sports is behind - especially on mobile
  7. 7. British Basketball League
  8. 8. online presence is a how the world views you
  9. 9. understanding fan behaviour
  10. 10. the barriers; education and resources
  11. 11. websites
  12. 12. e-commerce
  13. 13. CRM
  14. 14. social media
  15. 15. teamtrackr top tips • Content is king • it’s easy in sports; it follows a cycle • Think about what your fans would like and don’t be afraid to try stuff • Plan everything out, but be prepared to be flexible • Consistency is key • Use tools that make things easy • IFTTT, Buffer, Tweetdeck, Mailchimp, Wordpress, Pipes • Always always always reply to people with genuine questions • engage people on their terms, not yours • Be open and honest; build trust • Aim to create and foster a community, not sell things
  16. 16. what’s next for us?