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10 real reasons why hiring professionals & recruiters don't call you back

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Our team of career service coaches, resume writers,visa and migration experts and recruiters depend on their phones.

The phone  is both their most valuable tool , and the most frustrating instrument of our daily communication with our clients.  I return between 20 - 40 calls to clients every day and I receive easily between 35 - 40 calls on my mobile voicemail.  It is non stop.  Our frustrations come in the fact that while we are paid to spend time on the phone, often, that time is unproductive because we are sorting through tons of hopeless messages from clients , many which we can’t even reply too.   

There is definitely a 10 second impression which determines how professional or un-professional a job hunter or client is,  when leaving a message which can impact the speed at which your request is action-ed. Your voice mail message determines strongly how seriously you are taken and even your reputation. The same applies to your own voice mail recording on your own mobile when a hiring professional calls you for an interview.

Hiring professionals, like Recruiters and HR Managers and Migration Work Visa Experts, take a lot of calls every day. Aside from just being busy people, here are the top 10 reasons why they won’t call you – no matter how special your application is.

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