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Over 50? Job Hunting? No Results? Here's Why.

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If You Are Over 50 and Job Hunting, With No Results. Check This Slideshare To Work Out Why. Some or All May Apply To You.

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Over 50? Job Hunting? No Results? Here's Why.

  2. 2. A recent employment study from the ATO shows that many of the 1.7 million SME business owners across Australia want ‘grown-ups’ in their shop, because they tend to be loyal, even-keeled and, most importantly, reliable. These business managers know from experience that mature aged job hunters bring lots of valuable intangibles to the workplace from experience, to numerous transferrable skills, to a vast network of connections. These are not something the Gen Y and Millennials can even dream of having at this stage in their lives. I suggest that you search and apply for SME job opportunities if you can see yourself in a small business instead of a big company. And, if you want the job, avoid these Top that most mature aged job hunters make.10 Mistakes
  3. 3. #1 YOU’RE STUCK IN A MOMENT AND IT SHOWS Remember Daft Punk’s ? We’ve all gotten a first, second, or fifth “Thanks, but no thanks” email. Stay strong. When it comes to landing a new job, so many job hunters are stuck with the idea that they need to replace the job they had before. Not changing or being willing to try something different and go with the times is bad and it always shows. My Tip: and work experience as transferable to lots of different challenges and fields. If you’re switching industries, you’re redeploying skills you already have in place. You’re selling how your knowledge base and skills can solve business problems in the future regardless of the employer or even the specific job description. If you’re stuck, hire a professional career coach to help you to get un-stuck (Get Lucky). “Get Lucky” Look at your skill set Reframe your experience.
  4. 4. #2 YOU'RE LINKEDIN- LESS If you’re serious about job-hunting today, this is non- negotiable. A recent review by our recruiting team found that 77 percent of our business clients are using social networks to recruit, a sharp increase from the 56 percent who reported doing so in 2017. Among the recruiters using social tools, 94 percent said they use LinkedIn. My Tip: If the whole idea makes your fingers freeze, LinkedIn profiles without headshots are like empty, soulless vessels. What the heck are you hiding? who work at firms where you might want to work, or you know are hiring, and send an invitation to connect to them. in some way. Step up to the plate. Put together a profile. Pick an upbeat & professional photo. Search for people you know hire a professional. Ask if they can lend you a helping hand
  5. 5. #3 YOUR RESUME / APPLICATION TOOLKIT IS A SHOCKER Sorry to be so blunt. You haven’t had to show anyone a resume in years. I get it. So you throw something together, believing it’s clear to anyone who reads it that you are top of the line, award-winning and spectacular. But are you actually aware of your first hurdle, called ATS, and do you realise that most hiring professionals expect different, more substantiated applications these days? The key is to rein your resume in to a digestible number of pages. Most recruiters will scan it in 30 or maximum 60 seconds. My Tip: to max 15 years of experience.Stick to the most recent 10 Avoid giving dates when it comes to decades-old experience Your application submission must be presented like a pitch Finally, double check that your application proves If you are struggling with all the above, hire a professional to help you. — and only include jobs if they’re relevant to the work you’re currently seeking. and tell a story, not provide a list of job titles and dates. that you have actually read the job ad, that you are genuinely interested in the position, that you have addressed the key criteria with substantiated evidence instead of lengthy motherhood statements why you are the perfect fit.
  6. 6. #4 YOU’RE TOO COOL TO NEED HELP I know, you hardly ever had to present a resume and were “mostly head-hunted” for the next job. I get it, but I also know that most people don’t really use their network to get a job and the truth is, people hire people they know, or people they want to know. When you are job hunting, it’s not who you know, it’s often more about who wants to know you.  It’s human nature and the fear of making a bad hire which makes employers extremely risk adverse, particularly in today’s work environment. My Tip: Ask for help and advice. Networking, as I like to say, is just one letter off from ‘not working’. What’s the point of 500 + unused LinkedIn connections and not taking advantage of all those whose lives have intersected with yours who might be in a position to help you? A career coach can show you how to generate genuine leads. It makes them feel good. I love it when I can connect people to a possible opportunity, and I suspect most others do as well. You have got to pick up the phone. Don’t be shy to dig back into your old network. Most people will want to help you.
  7. 7. #5 YOU’VE LOOKED BETTER… Like it or not, if you aren’t reasonably physically fit and/or demonstrate that you take pride in how you present, get with it. Most people will judge you, consciously or subconsciously, by how you appear regardless of how politically incorrect it is. When you present well, it sends the message subliminally that you’re up for the job. You have a certain vibrancy and energy that people want to be around. I am not suggesting that you have to run a marathon every day. You just need to be in reasonable shape and take care in your appearance in the context of your age, ability or medical conditions. My Tip: Carpe Diem and use the time of your job search Go to bed earlier, eat healthier and do good things for your body and mind. Get a great interview outfit, First impressions count You’re selling the entire package of who you are – not just your work experience and talent. to start a healthier lifestyle. – now and always. haircut, shine your shoes and all that other superficial stuff. Much, much better to overdress than underdress.
  8. 8. #6 YOU ARE PROCRASTINATING Seriously, no one is going to come looking for you. Get out. Do stuff! Job hunting is about ‘doing’ not ‘being’. My Tip: Go to industry and professional meetings and conferences. You never know who will know someone who is hiring. You may be able to tap into career counselling, workshops on job fairs, and retraining programs. Your nearby community college may have offerings too. resume writing,
  9. 9. #7 YOU DON’T BRING THE BEST OF YOU TO THE INTERVIEW My Tip: You believe you’re more qualified than the person who is interviewing you and it shows. You cop an attitude, maybe without even realising it. You don’t take the interview seriously and it shows because you haven't done your homework on the person who is interviewing you, the company, the industry and its competitors. You think you’re there for them to get to know you, when really they want you to show them how much you know about them. Prepping yourself isn't that hard to do today. Calm down. Practice mock interviews Always remember to be yourself, Professional humility sells with a friend or a professional (someone younger even). Record it so you can see how to tweak your performance.  You’ll probably be surprised by all your unconscious and distracting body language when under a bit of pressure. So, do your research and ensure to tell me something that I can’t find on my own company website. be sincere and straightforward. Keep it conversational. Focus on the company’s key challenges from the job ad or your research, not yours. better than boasting about previous job titles. Sell your experience and skill – not your titles.
  10. 10. #8 YOU HAVE FLAT-LINED INTELLECTUALLY When was the last time you beefed up your skills by learning something new? Whether you believe you have what it takes to do the job or not, one thing is for certain, you need to be able to demonstrate that you apply your skills, that you are someone who works with current tools and methods and that you are always working on ways to improve or upskill intellectually. My Tip: If you don’t have the prerequisite proficiencies for the jobs you are really targeting, look at how to add them to your skill set. It’s smart to look at the specific requirements of the jobs you’re applying for. If you want that $140K+ job – check this list / click here
  11. 11. #9 YOU HAVE A BAD ATTITUDE I occasionally have to cut conversations or job interviews with potential candidates short. Why? Because of their attitude. Simply speaking, Your Attitude Determines Your Job Search Altitude. I see it about 3 out of 10 times. I know that with that attitude they won’t get hired or have their applications passed along to the hiring manager. I sense it within 30 seconds of being on the phone. I literally smell it. I have previously written about seven things you need to stop if you want to reach better heights and see some job search success. My Tip: with this list to secure Job Search Success to ensure you come across as a professional Check your voicemail Check your headspace click here click here
  12. 12. #10 YOU JUST DON'T FIT IN You can have all the skills and experience in the world, but if you don’t fit into a company’s culture, you aren't going to get the job and frankly, why would you want it? But my question is why would you want to work for a company that isn’t simpatico with your own values? You should always check up on the employer to see if, in fact, you would fit in. My Tip: Bullet spraying the internet with job applications is not a proven method. Be choosy about where you apply. Ensure to read the job ad properly Conduct a web search or check career help sites and pay attention to the cultural info if it is on offer. such as Glassdoor to check for workplace transparency and cultural fit.
  13. 13. I know these 10 points may come across a bit harsh, but I speak from experience. Don’t waste your opportunity to make an impact on your prospects or any other professional who is in a position to hire you. Australia currently has the lowest unemployment at 4.9% since June 2011 and one of the healthiest job markets in the world. There are jobs for you out there, especially if you consider to work for a SME business. Give it a go and always remember to hunt wisely! For more on the topics of Smart Job Hunting, Career Change or Recruiting & Outplacement, including best practices to reduce bias in the evaluation of your applications, read his blogs at TheJobSearchCoach. Uli