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CIRCUS, Helen Keegan

Part of the “Social Media” Research, Innovation and Enterprise Exchange
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Thu 28 Feb, 2013
University of Salford


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CIRCUS, Helen Keegan

  1. 1. CreativityIdentityRemixCuriosityUnderstandingSpreadability
  2. 2. Professional online presenceIdentity, autonomy, ownership Identity, autonomy, ownership
  3. 3. S=(C+L) or spreadability = (current affairs + lolz) Father Ted Supercut - 29 Nov 2012 5,228 views http://bit.ly/UXqMc0 Father Ted Belfast Riots – 9 Dec 2012 24,176 views http://bit.ly/UXqMc0 Dubstep Eyebrows – 25 Dec 2012 350 views http://bit.ly/13D9yzW Parkour jump – 25 July 2007 66,946 views http://bit.ly/WjOLOLalysis http://robkellysound.wordpress.com/2013/01/10/spreadable-media-the-analysis/
  4. 4. Mobile Creativity “Travelling on trains gives me time to shape ideas” @ugfl – 2nd Year student
  5. 5. #ELVSS - Entertainment Lab for the Very Small ScreenNetworked Creativity: InternationalNetworked Creativity: InternationalCollaborationsCollaborations
  6. 6. Running a module as anAlternate Reality Game • curiosity • collecting ideas • connecting• getting your work out there
  7. 7. #PSVTAMBSc Professional Sound and Video TechnologyAdvanced Multimedia (n=30) - Digital identity - Remix culture - Copyright, licensing, ethics - Participatory media production - Mobile phone filmmaking - Transmedia storytelling - Critical media literacies
  8. 8. Go Beyond! Dig Deep!Question Everything!
  9. 9. Exchange Square/The Triangle
  10. 10. The Game How to get fromWeek TOPICWeek 1 Digital Identity/Online Presence HEREWeek 2 Remix Culture/Participatory CultureWeek 3 Copyright, licensing, ethicsWeek 4 Networks and OpennessWeek 5 Huey – Guest LectureWeek 6Week 7Week 8 Transmedia/digital storytelling Pocket Cinema Mobile Film Project 91211Week 9 Mobile Film ProjectWeek 10 Mobile Film ProjectWeek 11 THE REVEAL (BBC Big Screen)Week 12 BBC Big Screen (2nd showing) To HERE?
  11. 11. Solving puzzles, cracking codes
  12. 12. Inspired: Engaged: Creating
  13. 13. On the eve of the reveal…Live Q+A “Best TV programme I’ve watched in ages!” (James)
  14. 14. Surprise appearance… could it be?
  15. 15. 9th December 2011 (a.k.a. 91211)
  16. 16. REVEAL: Reactions
  17. 17. Experiences : Engagement “Just so pleased to have “Just so pleased to have been involved in this been involved in this ARG, Rufi will live ARG, Rufi will live “this is something I’ll “this is something I’ll forever!” forever!” never forget” never forget” “Today IIrealized just “Today realized just how amazing the small how amazing the small things in life can be. things in life can be. Yes, this is a massive Yes, this is a massive cliché but, yes, it is cliché but, yes, it is “It was incredible, we all “It was incredible, we all true!” true!” watched in the rain as watched in the rain as “This was a fantastic “This was a fantastic passers by watched the passers by watched the learning experience; The learning experience; The work we had created, work we had created, intrigue, the teamwork, intrigue, the teamwork, broadcast on a huge broadcast on a huge the puzzle solving; the puzzle solving; screen in one of the most screen in one of the most Everyone who has taken Everyone who has taken famous cities in the famous cities in the part in the process has part in the process has world. world. brought their own brought their own theories and ideas, theories and ideas, everyone has helped solve everyone has helped solve “I wanna do it again!” “I wanna do it again!” a little bit of the puzzle.” a little bit of the puzzle.”
  18. 18. Creating and Connecting Helen Keegan http://twitter.com/heloukee http://heloukee.wordpress.comnd Enterprise Exchange - The Egg, University of Salford, MediaCityUK