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Custom tailors bangkok

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Universal Tailors is one of the top brands for tailor made suits in Bangkok for men. They have been in this business for more than 25 years and are ranked among the best tailors in Bangkok. The company is run by the owner himself and serves to millions of customers worldwide. The company is almost synonymous for custom made suits in Bangkok for men. The difference between this company and others is that it measures the dimensions of their clients in perfect lengths and stitches out the best quality suits for their clients. They have a huge team of experienced tailors, fabric creators and other professionals which allows them to create a world class product for their customers every time; and they do all this in the best of prices being offered to their clients.

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Custom tailors bangkok

  1. 1. UNIVERSAL TAILORUNIVERSAL TAILOR Go for the services of the best tailors in BangkokGo for the services of the best tailors in Bangkok
  2. 2. The first look creates the first  impression  and  the  same  is  applicable  for  dresses.  Attires  have always been like mirrors  to  your  personal  life.  They  reflect  your  tastes  and  personal  choices.  In  fact,  in  a  public  place,  full  of  strangers,  you will be assessed greatly by  your outfit. Your dress should  be  an  embodiment  of  your  dreams,  aspirations  and  your  personality.
  3. 3. Quality and Style
  4. 4. TestimonialsTestimonials
  5. 5. Contact Us Email: uniron@loxinfo.co.th Address: 252/2 Silom Road next to Soi 18 |  Bangrak, near Narai Hotel, Bangkok 10500,  Thailand Phone No.: + (66) 8­16112313 Fax No.:         + (66) 2­6354536 http://www.universaltailor.com